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Three Muffkateers, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 7/12/07

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GENRE: Lesbian Compilation
LENGTH: 4:10
CAST: See below.
PRODUCTION: Originally November 30, 1992, May 7, 1993, May 16, 1997, April 28, June 12, 1998, April 29, July 29, 1999, October 4, 2000, June 2, August 27, 2001, March 12, May 18, July 31, 2002, December 5, 2003, February 3, September 22, 2005, June 28 & July 28, 2006 but this compilation was put together on January 18, 2007

the Audio & Video

Since this was a compilation video, there were various aspect ratios and the picture quality varied too. However, it was all pretty sharp and I had no drastic quality issues | Audio was clear and presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo

the Special Features

Behind the Scenes [20m 5s] | Photo Gallery | Cast Bios | Trailers for "No Man's Land Latin Edition 5" and "No Man's Land Latin Edition 6" | More Adult Fun [a 5m 31s ad for phone sex] | the Web [a brief 2m 13s featurette about Video Team's website]

the Fucking

After taunting her captives, Gia opens the door to Julia's cage and starts licking and fondling her lovely breasts. She then walks over to a bound and gagged Roxy and plays with her a bit, before untying her and letting her straddle the cage while Julia reaches up to lick Roxy's pussy. Roxy's untied (and ungagged), and the ladies strip down Julia to start fucking her with a pink vibrator. They also give Jules a brief workout with a thicker, purple vibrator, until she takes a reverse cowgirl ride on Roxy's purple strap-on. Next, Julia hops on the table and bends over to let Roxy slide the strap-on in her ass and, though I was disappointed we didn't see too many reaction shots from Julia, just the fact that her ass was getting worked over - and the fact that Roxy was the one working it over! - was sexy enough for me. In fact, the scene gets even hotter when Gia slaps on a strap-on and joins Roxy in stuffing both of Julia's holes until the scene ends.

This was a very, very hot scene, and all three ladies were extremely sexy.

[ Gia Paloma, Julia Ann & Roxy DeVille from "Julia Ann: Hardcore" | Oral (F), Toy Play | ]

Charlie and the girls spend some time out by the pool licking, fingering and sucking each other's pussies. Eventually, some clear dildos join the festivities, as both Charlie and Devinn get worked over. Shortly afterwards, the girls gang up on Renee and stuff the dildos in both holes until the scene fades abruptly.

-- sponsored by --

Charlie's one of my favorites, so watching her in action is always a treat.

[ Charlie, Devinn Lane & Renee La Rue from "Beautiful Nasty" | Oral (F), Toy Play | ]

Wearing some late 80's-early 90's strappy leather and chain outfits, the girls take turns licking pussy. After PJ spends some time licking Alexis' ass, she gets double teamed by Serenity and Alexis, who take turns licking PJ's pussy. The scene continues with other variations of the girls eatting pussy, until the scene ends.

First and formost, these ladies looked like they were having FUN. It didn't hurt that Alexis is one of my all time favorites from the 90's and I enjoyed this blast from the past.

[ Alexis De Vell, PJ Sparxx & Serenity from "Jennifer Ate" | Oral (F) | ]

Reprinted from my review of David Stanley's Recommended flick Happy?: "Six months later, Randy, sporting a fu manchu moustache, hears Justine and Kimberly frolicking in the hotel room next door. It starts with Justine sticking four fucking fingers in Kim's pussy, before Kim gives Justine's pussy a working over. Out of nowhere, Exotica shows up naked and wedged between the two and proceeds to lick and rub Kim's pussy. Next, Kim eats Exotica while Justine takes a quick ride on Exotica's face. The ladies form a train as Justine buries her face in Kim's ass and Kim is licking Exotica. This continues in different configurations, until the real Exotica shows up in Randy's room.

I wasn't that enthused by this scene. It heated up slightly once Exotica showed up, but I thought it was a weak way to end the disc."

[ Exotica, Justine Joli & Kimberly Kane from "Happy?" | Oral (F) | ]

Our three lovely band members decide to put down their flutes and start playing each other to begin this scene. There's some licking, fingering and double vibrator action (both in the pussy and the ass), before this short scene ends.

I have no idea who was who, but this was a pretty short, sexy scene.

[ April, Devinn Lane & Tanya Danielle from "Women In Uniform" | Oral (F), Toy Play | ]

In what looks like a combination Chinese restaurant/spa room, Keri is quickly stripped by Lexi and Malibu, and then Lexi gives Keri's pussy a workout with her finger and tongue. Keri returns the favor by shoving a purple vibrator in Lexi's pussy, while Malibu brings up the rear by stuffing a long red vibrator in Keri's pussy. There's more munching, licking and stuffing (Keri's ass gets a working over too!), until the scene finally fades.

Sure, there was moaning, but I really didn't feel any heat during this scene and found myself wishing I could skip it.

[ Keri Sable, Lexi Lamour & Malibu from "Blue Collar Fantasies" | Oral (F), Toys | ]

After taking a shower together, the girls retire to a bed and begin licking the spots that might've been missed earlier with their tongues. Krystal and Jenna double-team Kaylynn and giving her pussy a thorough licking, before Jenna switches places and lets Kaylynn lick her labia. As this is happening, Evan Stone shows up for moral support (and to help out with a finger or two), while Kaylynn continues to lick until the scene ends.

Brrrrr. Man, is it getting cold in here. That was a truly frigid scene. In fact, I was thinking about typing out (in as many words as possible) how frigid it was...and that would only be to keep my fingers from being frostbitten.

[ Jenna Haze, Kaylynn & Krystal Steal from "Morgan Sex Project 5" | Oral (F) | ]

Right off the bat, I feel my body temperature rising thanks to two of my 'ol school faves - Celeste and Shayla. The action immediately kicks off with Shayla burying her face between Serenity's legs, while Celeste licks in-between Shayla's tanlined asscheeks. Next, Shayla straddles Serenity's face to get her pussy licked, while Celeste munches on Serenity. This continues until Celeste finally takes off that damn white bra and spreads her legs wide enough for Serenity and Shayla to take turns licking her pussy. The girls form a pussy train, with Shayla riding up front, as Serenity licks her pussy and Celeste bringing up the rear while licking Serenity's pussy, before the girls kiss and the scene fades.

Hot! I realize it's nostalgia, but dammit this is my review. All three ladies looked very sexy (particularly Shayla's tight body and those tanlines!) and watching them in action heated up those parts of me that the previous scene put on ice.

[ Celeste, Serenity & Shayla La Veaux from "the Look" | Oral (F) | ]

This scene begins with Jenna and Nikki making out, as Sydnee watches while chained to a wall. Nikki puts her paws all over Jenna's leather-clad body, before the two head over to Sydnee to unchain her and strip her down. They give her pussy a licking and a fingering, until Jenna takes Syd's face for a ride and Nikki licks Syd's pussy. Next, Nikki bends over to let Sydnee and Jenna alternate between licking, fingering and stuffing a black vibrator in her pussy. In fact, at one point, Jenna slides three fingers inside Nikki. During the final bit of action, Jenna holds the vibrator in her mouth as Nikki is bent over and grinding on it. While this is going on, Syd is on her knees and licking Jenna's pussy. If that wasn't hot enough, there's a quick flash and we see Nikki wearing a strap-on and fucking Jenna from behind, as Jenna slides a very long dildo in Sydnee's pussy. After that, Syd shows her asshole some attention by stuffing a vibrator inside of it, while Jenna and Nikki fuck themselves with a long, double headed dildo until the scene ends.

The picture is grainy and alternates between black & white and color. This was a very hot scene.

[ Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler & Sydnee Steele from "Hell On Heels" | Oral (F) | ]

We begin the scene with our three ladies dressed in black and taking turns sucking on each other's tits, before Serenity spreads her legs to let Nina lick her pussy as Lauryl's pussy gets fingered by Serenity. While Lauryl is licking Nina's pussy and ass, Serenity is piercing Lauryl's pussy with a pretty long dildo. Nina and Serenity's pussies get worked over by some toys, until the scene ends with them stuffing Lauryl's ass with an anal intruder until she cums.

While it didn't catch my attention at first, Nina's legendary ass and Lauryl's anal action at the end made this a slightly warm scene.

[ Lauryl Canyon, Nina Hartley & Serenity from "Wickedgirl.com" | Oral (F) | ]

For some reason, this scene begins with Haley and Kimberly dressed like "Tank Girl" with electrical tape on their titties. Once it comes off, the girls start licking and fingering some pussy. It's Haley's pussy that sees the most action (as well it should), but the scene heats up exponentially when we cut to Kimberly, strapped and letting Devinn take a cowgirl ride (regular and reverse). However, things took a turn for the worse once Devinn started stuffing Kim's ass with a dildo while Kim spread her pussy open to let Haley rub and lick her clit. I just flat out didn't enjoy it. Devinn continues to fuck Kim with the dildo until the scene fades.

While I always like seeing Haley in action, and she looked pretty sexy with the electrical tape on her tits, the remainder of the scene didn't do much for me.

[ Devinn Lane, Haley Paige & Kimberly Kane from "Beautiful Nasty 3" | Oral (F) | ]

As DJ Miko is spinning some tunes, Felecia and Serenity, looking sexy as ever, rip off their tops to compare pastys. It's not long before Serenity pulls off Felecia's pants and licks her sexy pussy. Miko rips off her top and reveals her own set of pastys, before abandoning her wheels of steel to get in on the action and eat some pussy with the girls. A turquoise dildo makes an appearance and gets poked into Felecia's pussy, until the scene ends with the girls licking the wet dildo clean.

Very sexy scene, but I kept hoping the girls would take off those fucking pastys! What could've been a four star scene, only gets three thanks to no nipple action.

[ Felecia, Miko Lee & Serenity from "Flash" | Oral (F) | ]

These country gals strip down and eat each other out, spend some time using their fingers and a silver vibrator. In fact, two girls get poked in the ass with the vibrators, making sure they put on one helluva show for the horses nearby.

Like the majority of these scenes, there wasn't much to this one. It's true that Kelsey and Shay looked cute, and, yes, I liked seeing them work each other over, but i'm slowly getting desensitized and the girls are starting to look alike - particularly the ones i've never seen in action.

[ Kelsey Heart, Missy & Shay Sweet from "the Good, the Bad & the Wicked" | Oral (F) | ]

We begin as Fujiko is sitting on Alexis' face and Avy is stuffing two fingers inside of Alexis' pussy as she rubs. This scene has a train also, with Fujiko in front, while Avy licks her pussy and Alexis pours oil on Avy's ass and jams some fingers in her pussy. All of the action winds down with Fujiko licking and fingering Avy's pussy as Alexis straddles her face

While I'm a fan of Alexis' body (Avy and Fujiko's didn't look too bad either), as this point i'm getting terribly bored by watching the same thing over and over and over again.

[ Alexis Amore, Avy & Fujiko Kano from "Second Chance" | Oral (F) | ]

Two aliens begin "examining" Devinn on a steel table, before removing their masks and revealing their cute faces. For the majority of the scene, the ladies spend time "probing" each other with a varitey of vibrators before Devinn decides to turn the tables on her abductors when she probes each of their pussies with a vibrator. We also see some more licking, before the scene fades - rather abruptly.

With the exceptions of Devinn, I had no idea who the other two girls were. However, they were both pretty cute and it's a shame that the scene fades so abruptly.

[ Ann Marie, April & Devinn Lane from "After Hours" | Oral (F) | ]

Avalon and Missy lift up Jenna's shirt and do what any intelligent person would - they start fondling Jenna's tits. Then, Avalon licks Missy's pussy as Jenna straddles her face, until the girls change positions and Missy and Jenna spend some time 69'ing. While they're munching, Avalon admires Jenna's pussy and asshole before sliding some fingers between Ms. Jameson's legs. There's a cut, and we see Jenna with a dildo in her mouth, as she's shoving it in Avalon's pussy. Once the camera pulls back, we see that Missy is jamming a vibrator in Jenna's pussy until the scene ends.

Not much to see here. It might be nice to see Jenna in the good 'ol days, but this action didn't do much for me. At all.

[ Avalon, Jenna Jameson & Missy from "Paradise" | Oral (F), Toys | ]

So, this scene starts with Shy and Penny deciding to make a meal out of the lovely Kaylani after stripping off her panties. They take turns licking her pussy, before Kaylani and Shy give Penny some attention by licking and fingering her pussy. Shy is finally shown some love when Penny gives her pussy a licking. Next, Shy licks Kay's pussy while Penny straddles her face, until the scene ends with Penny and Shy kissing.

I enjoyed looking at all three ladies but, at this point, i'm very bored and wondering how much longer it'll be until this disc ends.

[ Kaylani Lei, Penny Flame & Shy Love from "Couples" | Oral (F) | ]

My girl Charlie is back again - and this time she's brought sultry looking Azlea and Petra with her. Don't ask me who's who, because i'll be damned if I know. But I can tell you that it really doesn't matter because all three girls are smokin' hot. They spend the scene taking turns licking, fingering, etc, etc, each other - only this time I thought it was very, very sexy..

As I stated above, all three girls were very hot and the action was pretty sexy. Still, i'm ready for this disc to end.

[ Azlea Antistia, Charlie & Petra from "Wicked Covergirls" | Oral (F) | ]

After spending some time kissing for the camera, Myaluanna and Sofia take off Kaylani's clothes and finger her pussy. Sofia munches on Kay's pussy and Mya plays with Kay's titties, until they switch positions and now Mya is licking Sofia's big clit and Kaylani is sucking on Sofia's nipples. The scene ends after Myaluanna sees some action.

At this point, I just wanted to say "the girls eat some pussy" and leave it at that. But, that would be irresponsible of me. So let me just say that all three girls looked good, Sofia has a HUMONGOUS clit and i'm glad this disc is over.

[ Kaylani Lei, Myaluanna & Sofia Sandobar from "Beautiful Nasty 3" | Oral (F) | ]

the Final Word

Well, when I originally selected this disc, I later realized that I made a big mistake and this is not what I was expecting. As i've stated in past reviews, I can stand one or two scenes with girls gettin' down with each other, but after awhile it becomes pretty tedious. Two hours into it, the boredom started setting in. At three hours, I was about ready to beat myself senseless (no pun intended whatsoever). However, there were a smattering of scenes that were mildly entertaining, you'd just have to skip around to find 'em. If you plan on watching this flick from beginning to end, i'd have to recommend you Skip It - but if you jump around (or watch only one scene at a time), you'll find there are a few gems on this disc that would earn it a Rent It recommendation instead. The low price doesn't hurt either.

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