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Lesbian Collection, The

Studio: Private » Review by Robin LaCruz » Review Date: 7/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Scene 1: Sandra, Jane, and Tina
Taken from Snowsluts, this scene features Sandra Mark, Jane Darling, Tina Wagner, and as the title suggests, this group of ladies prefer their sport back at the lodge rather than on the slopes. Shot in Chamonix, I would say that the French Alps never looked so good, except for the fact that all our ladies are Czech. Getting it on in a beautifully wood-paneled spa. The girls are all moist and glistening, and the sun sneaks in making their bodies glow golden. First Jane and Tina grind and make-out on the floor, while Sandra masturbates on the side. We see all different angles of the girls licking, grabbing, and sucking, in different permutations. The dildo comes out and in short order the girls are friggin' one another off!

Scene 2: Sabina and Julie
"Dominatrix lesbian bitches like it hard" says the female narrator who introduces this scene from Trust No One. Directed by Susi Medusa Gottardi and shot in Rome, the setting features Sabina Black and Julie Silver in riding/S&M gear; a combination of riding-crop, crotchless breeches, and vinyl gloves (Julie rubs her pussy with the crop while sucking three gloved fingers). Julie puts on a strap-on and makes Sabina get on her knees and suck it-off. She then bends Sabina over and says in that wonderful accent; "Oh, yes baby, now I fuck you in the ass." And that's exactly what she does. Julie does a good job making Sabina her little bitch.

Scene 3: Jesse, and Teanna
Taken from Desert Foxxx, the setting is obviously the desert, but you're lucky it's not just a set with sand, but the actual Californian desert; which should make American ladies Jesse V and Teanna Kai feel right at home. It looks like the girls were tanning on a leopard skin blanket, and there is no time wasted in getting to the nitty gritty. Teanna's hot slim Asian body looks good against Jesse's more fare skin. The girls spend a lot of time diddling away with their fingers and toes. Eventually Jesse brings out a blue strap-on and they take it up a notch. Eventually she gets worked on by two of Zora's vibrators, both holes getting special treatment.

Scene 4: Zora, and Jasmin
In this scene from Secret Delights of Baroness Kinky Zora Banx treats Jasmin like a little slave slut. It looks like they're in some castle or mansion, with the two girls getting it on atop an antique couch. Although Jasmin plays scared, she manages to thrust her toes between Zora's pussy, and doesn't need to beg too much to get her own licked as well.

Scene 5: Michelle, Black, and Claudia
Taken from the Devil Deep Inside, we're back in Budapest, Hungary for this occult-inspired scene. Kovi Black Diamond directs Michelle Wild and Claudia Ferrari (girls whose hair is as dark as the arts they practice), and we enter the scene just as the latter is about to take a glass dildo from behind. The scene ends in a decent 69 session.

Scene 6: Sandy and Sunny
If the two neon-dressed Sandy Style and Sunny didn't come crashing through the door, you'd almost think you were watching the Shining, because the camera roams around an empty ballroom. This scene is from Theatre of Lust and it was shot in the old city of Prague. Sandy's the one with the blonde hair in the pink number, and Sunny has the darker hair and skin, and both of these girls are amazing. There's some pussy licking, and then Sunny puts on a strap-on (she puts a condom on the strap-on) and gives it her friend in the snatch, but eventually the ass.

Scene 7: Andrea, Katalin, Judith, and Melinda
Shot in a luxurious pool in exotic Portugal, this exciting orgy was extracted from Friends In Sex. Andrea, Katalin, Judith and Melinda are doing what girls love to do together, shaving twats by the pool. There's an assortment of dildos and vibrators to go around, and each girl seems to have her fun.

Scene 8: Barbara, Jennifer, and Vivienne
The narration that opens up this one has to go down as one of the funniest you'll hear in a long time: "Ladies who golf are also ladies who lunch. . . on each other's juicy cunts!" Yowza. This is a scene from From Hole In One, though I didn't know they play much gold in Budapest. It features Barbara, Jennifer; too bad one more couldn't make it, "FOUR!" The scene barley starts and the girls pull out a huge double-headed dildo.

Scene 9: Katalin, Cindy, Maria, and Sylvie
From Private XXX 13 this scene takes place in the dining room of an old house where our girls are hanging out by the table. Cindy takes out one of those Private porno magazines and Katalin can't help but peak over. Soon the other girls want to look too, and of course, they all want to emulate what they see in on the pages. It turns into a lick fest, with Katalin looking like a zombie when she gets into it. Maria's pouty lips and Sylvie's healthy breasts make this scene even better to look at. Soon enough various dildo's come out and the girls go to work.

Scene 10: Sarah and Liliane
In this Eyes Wide Shut-like scenario, Sarah Blue and Liliane are beside the indoor pool in this huge house. It's a fantastic location, and as the girls start to get it on we see they are being watched. This scene first appeared in House of the She-Wolves, and opens up with the ladies sucking on each other's toes. Liliane lifts Sarah's legs back and gives her some great oral, and the reflection off the pool adds a good mood. Sarah's not looking the greatest in this scene, but she's still sexy.

Scene 11: Monique, Charlie, and Melissa
We're back in the good ol' USA with this one. With Monique Demone is a woman who ordered a massage from Melissa Hill, and Charlie is the hired help. It first appeared in, Private Video Stories 23, and it's not a bad scene. Charlie can't help but get in the mix so Melissa ends up doing both of them with her fleshy (with ball-sack) dildo. If we're going to have dildos on the screen, I'd prefer it if they weren't gross looking. Oddly enough, the colored jelly ones are far less offensive, even for ladies watching.

Video: Most of the scenes are pretty recent so they're shot in HD and look crisp and clear, but a few of them are more vintage and require a little more forgiveness. The exterior stuff all looks fabulous, with skin-tones and scenery glistening in the light, but some of the interior stuff was poorly set up, and the result is a less flattering photograph at times.

Sound: The soundtrack is pulled from their respective movies, but the overall menu soundtrack is really lame; hotel music lame. You feel old and creepy listening to it. The location sound is spot on for the most part, and when they do sneak in a cool sounding song, it doesn't get in the way of the sex noise.

Extras:Plenty of stuff here. You've got bios of all the girls, and details on every scene (how do you think I found out all this stuff?). There are some more Private trailers, and you can pick from a host of languages to watch or read this in. There's also a trailer for Private the company (showing you their web, and business world presence).

Disc 2:
Lesbian Games

The Movie:
Scene 1: Sandra, Lora, and May
Sandra Shine and May are walking the city streets after just buying a toy and decide to sit down on a bench for a while. We see the traffic continue behind them, but that doesn't stop Sandra from putting her fingers on her friend's pussy. The two girls make-out on the bench, they are playing in public now, but this scene from Reality 13 will continue in a more "Private" (uh, pardon) way in their wealthy friend's backyard. That's where Lora gets into the picture, and it's also when that toy (a huge, studded, pink dildo) comes into the scene. The location is inviting, and these ladies are exciting, to say the least.

Scene 2: Cassandra and Monique
Monique Covet is on a nostalgia trip and decides to catch up with past lover Cassandra Wild to see if they can make sparks fly again. This is a retro-scene from today's perspective as it was shot in 1999, but it's still shot with style, and even better, an intimate feel. It's good to see that bush didn't look that much different in 1999, because then I would really feel old. The two take their time on one another, licking, nibbling, sucking, and fingering, until the yellow vibrator comes out. Once that happens, there are literally no "holes" barred, as Monique gets her long lost friend's ass ready for the vibrator. A second vibrator comes out, and we get some exciting double action, as Cassandra returns the favor working by working both vibrators in and out of both holes.

Scene 3: Betty Love and Patricia Diamond

-- sponsored by --

This guy David comes home to find that his wife has found a playmate in the neighbor while he was away at work. He peaks in to see Betty Love in bed with Patricia getting more than frisky. Patricia's got her legs spread open and Betty's licking her pussy. In a nice edit, we then see Patricia licking Betty's pussy in the same way, except she's sticking her own butt and pussy up in the air for us to get a great rear view. This is a hot scene because it's not disturbed by the artificiality of a huge dildo; rather the girls themselves are the work and the reward. The scene first appeared in Sticky Shot from 2001.

Scene 4: Sophie Evans, Mandy Bright, Jazmin, and Mia Stone Stone
The sex just pops out of this widescreen scene where Sophie has a posse of girls just waiting for orders. It's got more of a fetish look, right off the bat; licking of black vinyl heels, cat o' nine, etc. The girls get ass-to-ass and enjoy a double-sided dildo; Sophie also puts a big black strap-on to use. This scene first appeared in Faust: The Power of Sex.

Scene 5: Jenna Haze, Tanya Danielle, and Sindee Coxx
This scenario features an all American cast, starring Jenna Haze as a locked up chick who is seeing erotic apparitions. In captivity, she's left to her own devices so her imaginary playmates come out. The scene is from American Sin, and being shot in L.A. also gives it a different feel from some of the other Private stuff. It's cut in a more music video style that more akin to something Michael Ninn or Andrew Blake may do. Because of that, the moaning is either silent or almost completely drowned out by music.

Scene 6: Ursula Moore and Dorothy Lake
Pulling this one from Cuntry Club, Ursula and Dorothy are in a gym working out on their terrifically toned bodies. Ursula has a little more experience so she comes over to help Dorothy out with her dumbbells, but apparently the scent of a perspiring woman gets her too turned on to do anything else but clutch her breast and French kiss. In no time we get to even more physical exertion, even the use of a squirting dildo, which is really dumb looking.

Scene 7: Jodie Moore, Claudia Claire, and Bobbi Eden

From Reality 12 and shot in Zaragoza, Spain, we've got Australian girl, Jodie, playing the straight laced college girl who just wants to study only her two other friends just want to get naughty. Bobbie (who is Dutch) and Claudia are restless and want to show Jodie the ways of the girlies-on-girlies, so they blindfold her and start to win her over. The girls who started out in regular lounging-sweats are in porno-star sex gear all of a sudden, and it's kind of stupid looking. The sex however is still pleasing the eye. Though.

Scene 8:Sugar Babe and Sophie Evans
Sugar is lying in bed, when Sophie sneaks in to teach her about the joys lesbianism. It's supposed to be more of an "age of discovery" scene, so the music is a little cheesy, but it still works. It's just the two girls playing on polka-dotted sheets, and Sugar is a fast learner. It's like she was waiting for this moment for a long time, letting her panties whisk away. This scene originally appeared in Private Café.

Scene 9:Jodie Moore & Cleare
Shot in Santo Domingo, the exotic location features two exotic women in Australian, Jodie, and Ukrainian, Cleare. The two girls share some wine and then go out to the pool where they can really get wet. The techno music goes in and as their dresses go right off. Jodie's blonde is a great contrast to Cleare's black hair, and they seem to have nice chemistry. This one's from The Other Face of Pleasure

Scene 10: Sandra Shine, Jennyfer, and Sandy
In this scene from Reality 9 Jennyfer and Sandy are in no way ready to end a house-party just because it's starting to wind down, not when "their batteries are still fully charged." And who is Sandra Shine to tell these girls when the party's over, so she doesn't. Instead she joins them for their own "afterparty." Two blondes and a brunette means trio anyone can believe in, especially with these girls' bodies. Sandra brings out her toys and the girls play into the night. The lighting is nice for the most part, only that fake moonlight is a little awful.

Scene 11: Monique Covet and Bettina
Taken from Tanya Hyde's: London Calling from 1999, this one looks a little like a product of the 90's fetish explosion. The setting is like a fetish installation/exhibit/sex-show, where Bettina is strapped up and floating in a harness. It's supposed to look dark and underground, but through the grain you can see Monique fondle and tease the restrained girl. Monique is in a skintight rubber catsuit and the music is also ominous, but doesn't drown out the moaning, which gets amped up at the end.

Scene 12: Sidonie, Erika Bella, and Kathy Kash
In this supernaturally charged scene from Virgin Treasures was shot on the U.S. Virgin Islands back in 1994; maybe that can account for the retarded looking Stars & Stripes that our three girls sport. The girls get it going on an outside deck, before bringing the celebration back on the living room's tropical couch. While the girls are attractive, Sidonie's "hood" gets pulled open and she's got way too much hairy overhang, even if the cuffs match the tie. The video on this one seems dated compared to the rest of the scenes on this DVD.

Scene 13: Sheen Pearl and Kyra
Here we have another exotic location, except put to better use: shot in Guadalupe, Sheen and Kyra star in this one from Tropical Heat; which was hot for the summer of 2002. Here a photo shoot gets out of control, where the two subjects decide that they were to turned-on to pose for a camera. The platinum blonde's look perfect together on a rocking yacht. With the wind flowing hard, and the tough surface looking undoubtedly uncomfortable, the girls do their best to have a good time and keep it sexy for the cameraman anyway.

Scene 14: Jesse V and Laurie Wallace
Two girls who like to party with helicopter pilots decide to get inside one to take a ride of their own (while never leaving the ground). In a DVD filled with mostly Czech and Hungarian girls, Jesse and Laurie are a familiar taste of American apple pie, even if they aren't to wholesome. Taken from Moto XXX, the scene was originally part of a larger sequence, so the intercutting to events we know nothing about (and not even sex) does get annoying, but it's manageable. The girls start sans toys and work their way through a purple vibrator and then a huge blue dildo.

Video: Being a compilation, the scenes vary in format and aspect ratios, etc. Overall the picture is good, while the later stuff usually in digital an in widescreen. Some of the earlier stuff contains some noise and artifacts around the girl's skin, which isn't so appealing, but the scenes that are hi-tech won't disappoint.

Sound:As with the image, this compilation offers the exquisitely recorded sound to the rumble-in-the-jungle kind of field recording. In the end it's all mixed together in a digital stereo, and you don't have any options.

Extras: The DVD menu functions are easy to navigate and there's some excellent features, even though we don't get any behind-the-scenes stuff.
Trailers: We get the trailer for this and other Private titles like Deep Obsessions, Castings X 24, The Private Life of Jodie Moore, Reality 19, and More Than She Expected.

Languages: Like a lot of them, for audio and subtitles.

Scene Descriptions: You get the full scoop on each scene: who shot it, where it was shot, whose getting shot, and where they like to take the money shot.

Girl Profiles You get the full line-up on all the lovely ladies in this feature.

Disc 3:
Lesbian Sex
The Movie:

Scene 1:Yasmine and Sunny Blue
Shot in far-away Seychelles on the Indian Ocean, the location is only matched by the beauty of its two players, Yasmine and Sunny Blue. Both girls have small and natural breasts, a stark difference from the artificial creations we've grown so used to. They start their session by a waterfall, and it leads to licks on the rocks. It's a classy scene taken from Exotic Illusions.

Scene 2: Cassandra Wild, Stephani Steel, and Sophie Evans
We've seen another scene from Tanya Hyde's: Twisted Dreams in another part of this comp, so you'll be familiar with the more "underground" and fetish-inspired look for this one. We get three mysterious girls in Rob Halford gear and a vintage car; so how could you go wrong? The look goes from black and white to that cross-processed feel, but the scene definitely plays out like a photo-shoot more than a "scene." The soundtrack is funny because it uses a sample of the "Dolby Digital" intro; so every time it comes in, it kind of highlights that sexual moment.

Scene 3: Barbarella and Syndee
This scene from China Box features Barbarella and Syndee in a very shi shi spa/pool/gym. Both girls look young and delicious, and the way they open the scene up, just sensuously touching, was a great contrast to other more aggressive scenes.

Scene 4: Michelle Wild and Maria
Extracted from Brides & Bitches the ladies, Michelle and Maria, are really cute, and there seems to be real chemistry between them. It looks like they're in a hotel room, and there isn't any real attempt to add any ambience or anything with the lighting. It pretty much looks like amateur photos on the net, only are moving. The girls work on one another with two dildos, and that includes the back door. Apparently the idea here is that two brides-to-be want to have a crazy experience before they take the plunge. You'll love how Maria brings her legs over her head to expose both of her holes for Michelle.

Scene 5: Samantha and Petra Short
Set in an open backyard, with plush green grass and views of the other backyards and even the sea behind them, this is a lovely setting for these frisky ladies. They've got no problem kissing and getting it started in broad daylight, and we get to feel like their naughty neighbors. The scene is taken from Intrigue & Pleasure, and both these blonde ladies are spectacular to behold. The girls spend a fair amount of time on some oral sex, but it's was still somewhat jarring when a huge blue strap-on came out. Not really needed.

Scene 6: Lea Martini and Katyana
This scene looks like it takes place at a museum, or someone's mansion, or something. The grandeur of the location is only matched by the ooh la la you'll feel when you get a look at Kat, a gorgeous number from France. The scene was taken from Private XXX 11 and originally appeared in 1999. There's a jazz soundtrack to underscore the beauty and allusiveness of these two women. Going from black and white to color and back, the girls play with nothing but their hands, but then move on to a purple prick to share.

Scene 7: Judith Grant and Clioe
This scene from Women On Top is almost retro now, from 1997. Looking very much like a Penthouse Shoot of the day, the girls fondle one another in various positions, with the camera occasionally going into slow-mo. The girls are getting it on by the pool, and Ciloe (from the UK), eventually goes down on Judith Grant (who incidentally isn't the prettiest of the ladies here).

Scene 8: Anais and Gina Blondee
It's dark, with only the moonlight (OK, a fake blue light) to show us who's who. Anais and Gina are exploring one another's bodies in bed and we feel like we're right under the covers with them. The scene comes from Anal Psycho-Analysis, so you'd best believe there's some ass insertion here.

Video: Basically the same opinion as the last disc: with this comp we go from the best of digital to the worst of digital, and the aspect ratio and image quality will change from scene to scene. One scene will make you thank the lord you live in the modern age; another will make you wonder how we got through some of those years with our porn stars looking like THAT.

Sound: As with the image, this compilation offers the exquisitely recorded sound to the rumble-in-the-jungle kind of field recording. In the end it's all mixed together in a digital stereo, and you don't have any options. Also, since this is a comp, some scenes have better, funkier music.


Language Selection for subtitles and audio, you get to choose.

Extra Scene 1: Dru Berrymore and Caroline
In this futuristic scene (from that party from 1999) from <Sex Sliders there is this big brother type of voice that is reprogramming (or something like that) our leading ladies as punishment for all their crimes. Their punishment is our reward, as Dru Berrymore and Caroline make conformity orgasmic. They call this vignette, "Sapphic Dream."
Sapphic Dream,

Extra Scene 2: Broke, Lana, Kimi, Lennox, Missy, Nastasy
On the DVD you'll find this bonus scene under "Waterfall Nymphs," even though it's extracted from the movie, Hawaiian Ecstasy from 1997. Two girls go down to the waterfalls to discover that the place is a lesbian watering hole, nothing like Ocho Rios at all!

Trailers: for 3X1: Three Girls on One Guy, Reality 6, Private Life Of Wanda Curtis, Castings 8, Love Is in the Web.

Photo Book: You get to scroll through various stills from the set.
Production Notes: find out all you need to know about these ladies and each scene.

Disc 4:
Sampler 10
The Movie:
If three discs of lesbos got you wanting to see these fabulous ladies take some real cock for a change, than the fourth disc will be an exciting change of pace.

Scene 1: Eve, Ginger, Nikita Rush, Nick Lang
In this scene from Reality 19, Nick Lang gets to play with three amazing ladies. He starts out with two of them on the same antique couch (same one from a previously reviewed scene), and then when his luck couldn't get any better another girl walks in. The scene has some ATM play.

Scene 2:Bettina, Jessica May, Julia Taylor, Julie Silver, Sandra Russo, David Perry, and Gabriel Montoya
This is another Eyes Wide Shut inspired scene from Fallen Angel The scene was shot in 2002 and features great orgy of ladies and a few guys. The scene is well shot, but not seeing the girls faces when they come can get annoying.

Scene 3: Katsumi, Benjamin Bratt, Chris Charming
This one was shot in Los Angeles, and with a change of location we also get a nice variety of ethnicity with the Asian Katsumi. From Ass Game, it delivers what it promises; two guys filling up three holes. Katsumi takes every inch, and looks like she loves all of it.

Scene 4: Jennifer Dark, Lucy Lee, and Philippe Dean
We're going back to the beaches of Seychelles in this scene from Coconut Holiday. One guy and two demanding girls that want some fun in the sand, makes for an excellent fantasy, and the way they lick up his coconut milk? You'd only wish you could get stranded like that.

Scene 5: Claudia Ferrari, Cindy Lords, and Philippe Dean
To be young and rich: how much fun would that be? Check out how the cigar smoking Philippe Dean uses his power and influence to get these smoking ladies to smoke his pole. A classic three-way, except it's at night, and by the pool. The scene is originally from Millionaire 20.

Scene 6: Dora Venter and Nick Lang
Another scene by a waterfall, and another scene that looks like hell for the ladies' knees, but what the hell, it's exotic and that's what we like. Dora starts blowing Nick out on the rocks, and god-forbid she slips; he's going to have to do some whitewater rafting to save her. As it is, she may need a life preserver to save her from all that sperm he drops on her face. The scene first appeared in Sex Secrets of the Paparazzi.

Scene 7: Suzy Carina, and George Uhl
Suzy Carina may be one of the most incredible looking girl on the whole DVD, and Goerge Uhl gives her the special treatment in the pool. First appearing in Cum On My Face, he fucks her in a few positions and then does just that.

Scene 8: Alissa, Sylvi and Frank Gun
Back to the Secret Delights of Baroness Kinky, and shot in Scotland, the scene combines plaid and pain. Well nothing too painful, but there is that fetish look going on here again, and that gas mask Frank is wearing must suffocate like a bitch. He's in garters too, but we'll let that go, because Alissa and Sylvi look so damned good in plaid.

Same as othersVideo:  

Sound:Same as others


Hall of Fame: this is where they present some of their favorite DVD's to you. You can see a trailer for Private Château, Scottish Loveknot, Millionaire, Perfect, and Gladiator
Private Awards: this is where they list all the awards they got, from AVN to Venus, to the Adam Film Award, etc.
Production Notes info on every scene from who's in it to the director and the location. Where do you think I found out all this stuff?
Final Thoughts:
This is an exciting collection because you get the Private all-stars. I mean these are some of the most spectacular woman in the world, so to have them all in one package makes it easier to get your Private-girl fix on. As far as it being a "lesbian" DVD, however, I don't see many lesbians buying it at all. Too many scene function on whipping out a huge dildo and stuffing some holes; not a very easy way to get your bi-sexual girlfriend turned on. While the DVD is hot, Private needs to put out another comp where the ladies are doing it for the ladies, so we don't feel like it's a bullshit lesbian fantasy. We want to feel like this is how the girls may really do this shit, and my girlfriend definitely isn't buying it. There were a couple of scenes where the ladies got to explore one another in a more realistic way, and those are the scenes where you felt like the cherries lined up.

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