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Oral Consumption #9

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/14/07

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Genre: Oral-Fetish

Director: Ken Dark & Dick Palmer

Cast: Jaylynn, Gia Paloma, Sindee Jennings, Kaycee Dean, Audrey Hollander, Starla Sterling, Allura Bond, Cherry Lane, & Naudia Marie

Length: 2hrs 45 min

Production Date: Annabolic, 2007

Chapter Selection:Without Act Access
Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 as expected, but is completely satisfying. All scenes are indoors and free of most background sounds. The Video of the flick is Full Frame Color and just above your standard adult flick. Direction was strong and the overall look pleasing.

Body of Review: One of the biggest names in the industry continues to push the limits with volume 9 of Oral Consumption. Not for the queezy, this title caters to the minority of viewers who prefer girls that go that extra mile, ones that aren't shy about what they put in their mouth. Foot, ass, cum, it all goes in. These girls can handle it; can you?

Scene 1: Jaylynn
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Cum swallow
Jaylynn is an adorable, raven-haired gal with a perfect, thin body. It's obvious that if she's on this movie, she's a little wild, but to start things right off, she pulls her pants down on a sidewalk to show her pierced, sans-hair pussy. Jaylynn's intention seems to be to tell her life story. She starts sucking one guy's thick rod in a sweet, ridiculously hot blowjob. But then she starts to take breaks, and in between tells little anecdotes about her life or sex interests. The director prods her on. And even though she's amazingly cute and giggly, it's just not interesting. And it becomes a distraction from the action. She sucks and licks his balls and shaft a good deal of time and then the scene turns where it's expected for this series. Jaylynn crawls across the carpet and puts her face in the guy's ass, rimming his hole like it was ice cream. Generally viewers are on one side of the track or the other on this act. Personally, I don't care, I find it funny in a way, and maybe a little exciting to see how far some girls will go. And Jaylynn munches it good, yet won't shut up. This is a total turnoff and loses me. Mild deep throating follows and the guy cums into a spoon, which Jaylynn playfully yums down. Another guy comes from nowhere, pops onto the wood floor and Jaylynn slurps it up. A hot gal with some decent acts, ruined by the silly direction it took.

Scene 2: Gia Paloma
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Rimming, F-M Footplay, Cum swallow
Busty Gia Paloma is a vet in the business. But she's managed to keep up her body over the years. Her breasts heave softly in her confining bra and fishnets never looked sexier on a woman's legs. Gia jumps straight into action. She takes a guy's foot and crams it into her mouth, slobbering on the toes and pushing in into her throat. She falls victim to hardcore deep throating, but she's a pro in that department so there's little gaging or drool. And as before, the F-M salad tossing is a lentghy session of Gia stuffing her tongue into this guy's anus. The shots aren't very good, it's a little difficult to get the male stinkhole on camera I suppose. But Gia makes the best of her job, licking around, in, under the balls and along the taint. No part of the backdoor goes unpainted. Gia returns to sucking the guy's feet, this time stuffing both feet in her mouth and stretching her cheeks. She licks his toes and along his soles. Later Gia rides in reverse cowgirl, pumping him hard until she takes a load in the mouth. Decent action mixed with some acts of aggression. If you dig women sucking on a guy's nasty foot, you'll prolly like this scene more than I did. The toesucking doesn't bother me; it's that the film tries to have some shock value, but its merely a static charge.

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Scene 3: Sindee Jennings
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, F-M Footplay, Cum eating
Sindee is a cute, petite gal with the girl-next-door look. She looks like she'd be the captain of the women's high school swim team. She's well built, thin, fresh looking. But she must be a nightmare to work with. She really seems to have a stick up her ass, thinking she's hot shit. And I say this because Sindee talks the talk, but doesn't really walk the walk. She sounds nasty, wants this and that, and when the guy's try to push her a little, she withdraws. And the expression on her face is one of complete discontent. This pulled me away as a viewer, and so I never got excited about her scene. Too bad too because this cute gal takes on three guys, does a fair amount of anal rimming and foot eating--each time pausing to answer the director's dumb questions or say how much she loves ass. Get on with it. The guys eventually comes on some candy and Sindee eats it. Whatever.

Scene 4: Kaycee Dean
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, F-MFootplay, Cum Slurping/Swallowing/Sauteing
Sweet-faced Kaycee has beautiful almond-shaped eyes and cute baby cheeks. She's not a runway model, but has that average girl hotness that is so much sexier. After a thorough discussion on the cum-holding qualities of certain receptacles, Kaycee gets to shaft shining and taint tickles. She gives his backyard a thorough and lengthy lick, breaking every few moments to chit chat. Again, the chit chatting is distracting, and Kaycee doesn't give a rat's ass about eating ass so the scene is a pretty level field. Kaycee has an amazing body and such a sweet face, and she talks with a throaty drawl that is strangely sexy. More time is spent sucking his dick and then this scene is over. He pops a wimpy load on her pretty foot and she licks it spotless. She follows the same routine with two other guys, this time holding a silver funnel to catch their squirt. Funnels never work, haven't we realized this, so Kaycee licks and fingers most of the jizz out. In a grand finale, she heats butter in a pan, has two guys jerk into it. The cum sizzles and browns, and when it's done to her liking, Kaycee eats it with a spoon. I suppose this is supposed to be shocking, but it looks like she's eating burnt butter and her reaction is nonchalant, so it's hard to care. Funny in a way--although I'm sure this stunt has been done to some capacity, somewhere--but nothing beyond entertaining.

Scene 5: Audrey Hollander
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, F-MFootplay, Facial
Audrey Hollander could play the lead role of Stephen King's "Carrie". Her serpentine red hair and ghostly skin are rather frightening. Her soft face and enthusiasm aid her image and she becomes tolerable to watch. Within the first five minutes, Audrey has sucked dick, licked taint, and stuck this guy's feet into her mouth. She returns to licking ass and the guy's shaved nut sack rest nicely on her nose. Audrey spends most her time sucking the guy's pole--which goes in and out of hardness--breaking to suck his man toes or toss salad. A clean, simple scene that does the minimum. He unloads a white mess on her face, but she's proud of her new makeup.

Scene 6: Starla Sterling
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Tiffucking, Cum swallow
With hardly an introduction, Starla pounces on the pecker, slurping it, yumming it, and allowing the guy to bob her head up and down. Starla has a nice image that some might find dated. She's middle aged looking and is the kind of hot woman you'd see as a bartender or waitress in a club. Her eyes are hypnotic as she gazes into the camera, a thick man meat gliding across her plump lips. When Starla gives her rimming performance, it must feel better than normal. She has a stud in her tongue that offers a little rough terrain for the anus. The nice thing about Starla and her scene is that despite taking some rough cock to the face and having your nose stuck in man ass, she never looses her looks. She could've come from church for all we know. Her rim jobs are more sensual (if that's possible) than scenes before, so they don't aim for a shock effect. Starla allows the guy to pump his dick between her gorgeous breasts before jerking into her mouth. She plays with his cum on the end of her tongue and swallows. Another scene that was simple and gave us the minimum, but I found Starla's cool energy to be an added element of the erotic.

Scene 7: Allura Bond
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Vag, Cum swallow
Petite and fragile Allura Bond is no supermodel, but she's a sweet faced brunette that has the guts to take on two dicks for her scene. The guys immediately wail into her, stuffing her face, giving her the ol' mushroom stamps across the cheek, and one guy even drills her ear with the tip of his cock. Allura is the first on the disc to handle true deep throating and so drool drips to her small breasts and her face grows scarlet. She has no worries though, and hardly gags at all. She takes it from behind, nice and hard and sucks the other guy's feet as her head grinds against the couch. A beastly man foot finds its way into her snatch and she happily sucks it clean. A super hot cowgirl ride and simultaneous dick sucking bring the scene to a close. The action is more heated here, the guys are a little rough and do clench her throat sometimes, but it never gets out of hand. Most viewers will be used to this. Allura takes each guy's load in turn and gargles before swallowing.

Scene 8: Cherry Lane
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Facial
Cherry Lane looks a bit like Kaycee from scene 4. A sweet faced brunette, with dollish, plump cheeks. Cherry is no innocent girl either. She parades the landing strip she has and frees her bra of a pair of firm breasts. This girl has a itty-bitty mouth, as she only takes the tip of Tony's penis, occasionally trying a little further. Cherry works it at her best I guess, but she soon becomes a bore. Most of her time she just spits drool and slobs the head. Tony tries to push her at times, but it just doesn't happen. Cherry does a fine job of licking taint, however, so her resume is worth something. She laps his shaved balls and rims his ring, but none of it's done with true enthusiasm. And that's all we get really; Cherry spitting and sucking the tip. She takes a nice, thick load in her mouth and--this shouldn't be a surprise--spits it out onto her chest. WTF? Last I checked this wasn't "Oral Rejection". Doesn't this defeat the theme of the entire disc? How did she make it in this movie? What a disappointment. Shame, shame.

Scene 9: Naudia Marie
Acts Included: Oral, Rimming, Cum swallow
Sadly, Naudia is shadowed by the muck of the scene before her. But this sweet faced brunette may stand a chance. Naudia is adorably peppy, with a nice figure and a pair of breasts that are about to spill out of her bra. Olive skinned and tight-assed, someone's parents' never threw in for braces. Naudia has a mouth like a meat grinder, and it's sad because she's a really cute gal. But orthodontics aside, Naudia gives decent head. When it's turn for her rim scene, the guy bends over and Naudia is nestled in his crack for about ten minutes as the director interrupts every five seconds to chit chat. To make it worse, the guy has a gauze bandage on his ass. Gross. Next, she gets comfy on the floor for more rimming and then good time foot licking. She's bombarded by two other guys and it becomes a weiner fest. When they're done playing each guy drops his load into a bowl and Naudia slurps it up with a straw. She spits it back in the bowl and sucks it up again. Just as it's getting nasty, Naudia swallows and shivers and makes some wild faces. The poor girl then has to eat what's left. Not a happy ending for poor Naudia, but in my book she's a real trooper.

Concluding Words: Maybe I had my hopes too high for this disc. First it's Annabolic, which is nearly synonymous with edgy sex. Next, it's not your typical blowjob picture--this title is meant to push your buttons. Yet I shoulda known. The reviews of the earlier flicks weren't great: Volume 6, Volume 7, Voulume 8.

There's a great deal of atypical or oral here. The girls do everything from tossing salad to cooking cum in a skillet (no shit). But there's a number of things lacking. The girls are indifferent, so the edge of the acts are severely blunted. Some of the acts, which should or could work, fail. This could be that the girl doesn't really rim (she's hesitant and keeps in the taint area). Or, that the straw she's using to slurp up cum is too small to really do the job. And worst of all, the movie doesn't live up to its title--scene 8 shatters the theme when Cherry spits the cum out of her mouth. Add into this the cameraman/directors interrupting the acts with their boring interrogations and it falls flat on its face. This might seem technical, or nitpicking, but movies of this type are filmed for a purpose and they're filmed for a certain audience. Now whether or not you belong to the audience (or whether or not I do) doesn't matter. If you're picking up this title (or laying down 25$ for it), you want the acts to work. Strangely, Gia Paloma stands out in this mess. I'm not a big fan of her, but her energy and action is rock star. And cover girl Jaylynn begins the disc on a strong foot with her amazing looks and dirty talent. I'm tempted to recommend that viewers skip this, but I think these two girls are worthy of a rental fee. But no late charges. Rent It


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