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Cum Coat My Throat #2

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/17/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight-Cumswallowing

Director: John Strong

Cast: Kaylee Love Cox, Sakura Scott, Adrianna Nicole, & Isabella

Length: 2hrs 35min

Production Date: Red Light District, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes:
Runs 30 minutes and includes some nice one-on-one time with the ladies
Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is standard 2.0 and is about average. Vocals are hollow and distant at times, but the action comes through well. The sounds and voices of the action during scenes can be easily heard with no problems. The Video of the film is standard--Full Frame Color. The image is on par with most films.

Body of Review: Red Light's sophomore effort in their throat coating series brings together 4 of the industry's most lovely ladies and offers them the chance to cram as much cum into their mouths as possible. Will 4 or 5 guys make them happy? Nah, these lasses want double digits. And that's what they get.

Scene 1: Kaylee Love Cox
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, 11 Cumswallows
Kaylee Love Cox is a pretty faced girl of Latin or maybe of a mixed race. She has nice eyes and long brown hair. She dances for the camera, teasing us with her big booty bursting from of pair of turquoise panties. Kaylee is for viewers who don't want their women like birds. She's not overweight at all, but has a nice thickness to her body that is very sensual. Her breasts could use a lift, as they sag like grandma's. Kaylee handles cock with excitement and intensity. She sucks off two guys and they are sure to poke her throat until her eyes turn red. Kaylee's mouth can take it though, and so there's little spit or gag. On a nearby couch, she rides in reverse cowgirl, planting her feet on the guy's thighs while orally pleasing the other guy. They switch to doggy, then cowgirl and it seems we spend just the right amount of time in each position. Kaylee enjoys the taste of her own vagina. The guys swap positions often and pull out for PTMs. Pulling back her thick butt cheeks we see Kaylee's tight asshole and hope it gets some action. Just as you start to think that two guys pumping their load isn't exactly 'cum coating' a series of faceless men cycle through Kaylee's pussy nearing the finale. Kaylee sits back and one by one, nine men step up and drop cum into her mouth until it is nearly full. Without a moment to think she gulps it with no problems. Two stragglers come up to a cum drenched Kaylee and pop their late loads. She swallows quickly for a total of 11 men in little under 4 minutes. Impressive.

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Scene 2: Sakura Scott
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, 13 Cumswallows
Sakura Scott is a sultry, olive-skinned babe with thick, black hair. Perfectly built, there's not an inch of this girl that isn't soft love. Immediately, Sakura gets on her knees and sucks a white man's dick as she looks into the camera. He stretches her cheek with his cock and she dips down to tongue his dangling jewels. Sakura's oral is clean and she mainly hits the tip, but occasionally goes for a deep throat. Like the first scene, it's really when the fucking starts that the action picks up. Lying on her back, it's hot watching Sakura's tight body banged and a sweet reverse cowgirl puts her sexy legs in the air where they tremble like a tree in a storm. PTMs and a few fingers in Sakura's mouth solidify the scene. It's not the variety that works, but the continuing, solid pounding. And Sakura's amazing body. Plus, all this is just the coffee before the cake. Sakura's cute stinkhole comes out of it's cave, but never gets put to work. Thirteen is the lucky number. Sakura enjoys 13 loads in her mouth and face. She doesn't let their loads build up the way Kaylee did. Instead, Sakura swallows after about two guys, but she still gets a blasting.


Scene 3: Adrianna Nicole
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, 14 Cumswallows
Adrianna is a familiar star in the business. There must be a type she caters to, as her image is really scattered. Pasty, fake blond, some junk in the trunk and a massive tattoo sprawling across her right thigh. It's almost trailer trash, but she has a pretty face that counters this (although I suppose there can be cute trailer trash girls--living in the south all my life, I never came across one). Adrianna lies on her back fondling her pussy and plunging her ass. She's pretty hardcore if I remember correctly, and sure enough, before long her white ass is doing anal gapes and ATMs. Both guys tag team her for a DP and even though Adrianna smiles and gets into the action, she just doesn't hold my attention. She swallows their loads and then accepts the line of jerking men. About ten pop in her mouth before she swallows with no difficulty and then another four stragglers finish the scene. Equally strong action, although with the induction of the DP things were clumsy at times and there were a few noticeable cuts made that jarred the flow of the scene.


Scene 4: Isabella
Acts Included: Oral, PTM, Anal, ATM, DP, Rimming, 12 Cumswallows
Isabella (Cover photo) is a small girl and one wonders how she's going to handle so much cock. Drop dead sexy, Isabella's petite body is lightly tanned and paired with tits that look as though they just came out of a training bra. Don't let this sultry starlet fool you; she takes head like no one else on this disc, falling victim to cheek tents, deep throats, and dick smacks. Isabella has no gag reflex and she proves this by licking the guys' balls when their rod is deep down her esophagus. She rims both men for about five minutes, working her tongue in deep and constantly looking into the camera as if to say "this is what you want, isn't it?" Isabella is another misplaced soul; stunning and obviously a hard worker, she should be posing for Revlon or some shit; those eyes are sinful. She endures the lot, moving into anal, coupled with ATPs and an occasional gape--Isabella's tight frame doesn't make her much of a gaper and so she seals up pretty quickly. A hard banging doggy position has Isabella's face on the wood floor with the guy's foot planted on her head for stability. Plenty of hot, intense poking lead to an ultimate cum coating. Isabella accepts her two co-actors and they ten other guys to creating a heap of white slop in her mouth. She tries to swallow it all and there is so much some spills out onto the floor, but she dutifully licks it spotless.


Concluding Words: Red Light's motto should be "Ask and ye shall receive" (or maybe "Ask and it's fucking yours" for modern times) because this studio does nothing but deliver the goods. Again, their latest movie
Cum Coat My Throat #2 is exactly as the title suggests. Scenes begin with bodacious babes drilled and filled every way to Sunday. Then just as the money shot comes and you're thinking 'two guys are gonna "coat" her throat', they send in the clowns. A team of men are off camera jerking to the clock and once the stars unload, here they come, one after the other. The girls let them build a heavy deposit (with the exception of Sakura who swallows every two men--but still does a nice job) before putting it all into savings.

For the most part, the action was solid, some scenes better than others, but it was consistent with plenty of variety. The only slight drawback was that because of the length of the scenes, it seemed forever until we got to the root of the flick. But the pounding is pleasing enough to overlook this slight problem. This flick isn't quite as strong as my last Red Light review, Overflowing Assholes 4, but it delivers the goods and sure as hell doesn't mislead consumers. I like that. Recommended



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