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Love At 1st Fuck

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight

Director: John Strong

Cast: Chelsie Rae, Nikki Dominick, Christine Alexis, Tommie Ryden, Tiffany Brookes, Mark Wood, Steve French, & John Strong

Length: 2hrs 50 min

Production Date: Red Light, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes: Runs 30 minutes and includes some entertaining interviews of the girls post scene with cum still stuck to their face.
Cumshot Recap:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is standard 2.0 and is about average. Vocals and action during scenes can be easily heard with no problems. The Video of the film is standard--Full Frame Color. The image is on par with most films.

Body of Review: Love at First Fuck may be the start of one of Red Light's ongoing series. There's no theme here, besides boning, so it shouldn't be difficult to throw together some follow-ups (by December we'll likely be at Vol. 34). There's the normal 5 scenes here, but they span nearly 3 hours, so expect slow starts and long acts. But Red Light hasn't struck-out at bat just yet; they continue to deliver some of the best action in the biz. Hopefully this disc does the same.

Scene 1: Chelsie Rae
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial
The always sexy Chelsie Rae (See This and This) has no reservations. This babe takes on every act. Looking good with her California girl image--short denim skirt, tan, long blond hair-- Chelsie is as fresh as ever. She looks like she left one set and walked right over to the next. She seduces Mark Wood with a super quick BJ and climbs atop his throbbing cock to plop her plump ass on. Chelsie is a full bodied gal and healthy looking with great skin and features. Not like so many other pencil thin, pasty actors. Chelsie looks like your high school classmate. Using their fingers, they prep Chelsie's asshole and move into anal, a super-hot reverse cowgirl that is easily visible thanks to Chelsie's hairless crotch. Mark pulls out to let her ass gape it's red ring and Chelsie indulges herself on the taste of her anus. A pile driver offers hot, clean shots of her ass reamed without gentleness and in the end Mark pulls his meat from her corn hole and unleashes his fury across her face and mouth. But Chelsie doesn't let us down, she scoops up every drop that didn't make it to her tongue and gulps it for the camera. Always enjoyable, Chelsie is a babe with a killer body for porn. Her openness makes her scenes all the better.

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Scene 2: Nicki Domonic
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Nicki has a luscious ass tucked into a skimpy thong. She rubs her big booty and brown sugar skin, touches her slick cooch and small breasts. Nicki's gorgeous and when she sets to work sucking John's thick, white rod, she stays on all fours with her ass in the background raised like a pair of hot air balloons. As in scene 1, F-M oral moves by rather quickly, which doesn't bother me, but is worth noting. The couple bone like missionaries and then cuddle up for spoon porking. Viewers get what they want when Nicki hops into Cowgirl and spreads her globular buttcheeks where we can see her vag slammed and her sexy balloon knot just above. Nicki rides like John Wayne, sitting up and rocking the cock, bouncing against his thighs and slapping her ass until it is red. Toward the end Nicki began to look tired and lost her energy as though just waiting for him to reach his peak. She kept through it however. I was a little bummed that after so much screen time with Nicki's asshole, that nothing moved to any degree of anal play. Maybe next time. Nicki gets a measly facial, that finalizes a good, but not great, scene.

Scene 3: Christine Alexis
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Christine Alexis is a bombshell. Beautiful, long, thin legs, a cute face--despite the layers of makeup--and pair of nipple rings in her almost nonexistent breasts. Christine is smoking, but she looks like the drop dead babe in a club that wouldn't give you the time of day. Christine spends more time giving head, but it's not terribly exciting. She stays pretty shallow, but does get her cheeks stretched and the stud in her tongue makes it look like it must feel good. The couple take to a couch and spoon for a long time, and so we get a nice, clear view of Christine's smooth snatch at work. She holds her thin legs up and her feet quiver with each of John's thrusts. Much of their time is spent spooning on the couch, but they do change into doggy and cowgirl, the latter of which gives us the asshole shot that's running through the disc so far. John unloads across Christine's lovely face and she does little more than rub it around. Some of the boning was stiff and the scene might have benefited if Christine had taken more control. All in all, a satisfying 30 minutes of bone.

Scene 4: Tommie Ryden
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Next is this pretty redhead with slender thighs and little anthill breasts. Tommie's got some chub around her tummy, one that's rather cute, but definitely there. She teases by fondling her breasts and pulling her green and pink panties to the side so we can see a perfectly shaved, tight snatch. She sucks Steven French's thick dong for a few minutes in a less than stellar blowjob. Most scenes move quickly to the sex and this one is no different. Tommie takes it lying down with her knees pulled up to her ears. This offers a great pov and there are a few times when Steve pulls out that Tommie's hole stays open a brief second before shutting closed. At first site, Tommie doesn't look like a big-reared gal, but when she begins fucking in cowgirl, her thick ass jiggles like Wiggles. She turns around and points her hot pussy to the camera, this time bouncing her firm tatas. Initially, I wasn't excited about Tommie, but she's much better to watch in action. There's nothing out of the ordinary here but good, clean, fucking and Tommie's well rounded body makes the action pleasantly plush. Steve drops his manhood into Tommie's open mouth and without thinking she swallows it with a big grin on her face. Again, consistent, solid action. Nothing more.

Scene 5: Tiffany Brookes
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
The starlets keep getting thinner and thinner. Tiffany Brookes is on the edge of healthy and downright bony. Thankfully she's on the more appealing side and her slender, long legs and tight tummy give her the body of a swimsuit model. This gal has a smoking hot figure, even though there is nothing individual about her; she looks like so many others in the biz. But still, she delivers the goods in her own, unique way. John starts her off with his white meat down her throat. He pumps her lips slowly and tries to play tennis with her tonsils, but it's' apparent that Tiffany can't handle it. She does give his balls a nice lapping, licking them sloppy until her lips and cheeks are messy wet. For added compensation she does her impression of a chipmunk and pops both of John's testicles into her mouth. Tiffany is another gal who is more fun to watch than to look at enjoy. John pounds her vag hard, but not with ridiculous force. The couple go through a number of positions the best being doggy where we see Tiffany's untouched balloon knot and reverse cowgirl where she holds her luscious legs in the air and her bare feet flap like flags in the wind. Tiffany wrinkles her brow as John pops into her mouth, but she has no difficulty swallowing his load. A satisfying ending for a strong disc.

Concluding Words: Love at First Fuck is a clean, solid, unassuming bone flick. The action is evenly paced, the girls--and guys--pleasant to watch. This is one of Red Light's tamer films and perhaps that's what the "love" in the title is meant to insinuate, awww. That said, this would be a good couple flick as there is none of the edgier acts that are rapidly filling the porn films of today. Chelsie Rae's scene is the only one to involve anal, and at times there is some gaping, but nothing rough.

Overall, this film is much lighter than other Red Light films. And I think that's a good thing; it shows they're not stuck in a rut and that they are trying to reach different audiences. To me that's a sign that Red Light isn't simply pumping out footage, but that they're taking the time to do it well and do it right. But hell, I could be wrong, they might be shooting out their art the way Warhol did in the '60s. None of that matters though, because the final product is great (and Warhol's stuff sells for millions today). For those seeking a clean bone movie I'd highly recommend this one. But since you are in the minority, and most of us want a little more oomph in our porn, this one is a grade below. The production and actors are terrific, but there's little that is fresh. And fresh goes a long ways. Recommended


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