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College Amateur Tour #2: Midwest

Studio: Hot House » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 7/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jack Venice
CAST: Jack Venice, Rachel Lyn, Mona, Yolanda, Alyse MacMillan, Tiffany, Renee
PRODUCTION DATES: 1/9/06, 2/28-3/6/06, 5/12-5/13/07

The Main Event
Jack Venice is on a mission. That mission? Fuck girls on film. He's got eight days to travel the Midwest of America in an RV and bang as much tail as possible. This is truly a man who loves his job. He's also the rare porn star that seems like a down-to-earth guy, one you'd actually want to hang out with, and wouldn't be jealous of. Perpetually laid back and mellow beyond belief, he could probably fuck your girlfriend and you wouldn't mind. Hell you might actually ask for his autograph.

Part of what makes this disc so entertaining is that it is moderately real. You see Jack strike out, you see him goof around and you see him being himself. Of course, that's a lot easier when you're ripped and packing a missile in your pants, but you can't hold that against him, especially since he shares the experience with you. You'd like to believe that the whole thing is as real as him, but that's questionable, as you're about to find out.

I SOOOOOOO want to believe that Carbondale's Alyse is not a porn star, and just another college whore. From the milky white skin to the chubby figure to the unpretentious personality to the unrefined technique, everything just screams small-town slut. Even her pink pussy, which is nice and hairy, and her puffy nips seem to say, "I just like to have sex." That she's able to fuck Jack in a room full of frat boys (who try to not watch, but can't help themselves) is the only real warning sign. This scene would have been much hotter if they were alone, which is proven when they move to a different room to finish the fun. Jack gets her cute, bouncy tits rocking and shows why he's a pro as he gets her moaning with some hard fucking. If you like real girls, and aren't Alyse's dad, this is a fantastic scene. God, I want to fuck this girl.

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[Alyse MacMillan, Jack Venice | Fingering (Vaginal), Vaginal | Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Entry, Doggy, Reverse Frog, Spoon | Condoms: Yes | ]

The first chink in the amateur armor. Latin mamis Mona and Yolanda are way to hot to be living in the artic wasteland of the Midwest, and they are way too quick to transition from "We'll only kiss on film," to full-out three-way fucking in the RV. There's also the matter of their awful, AWFUL acting. Then again, if Yolanda is a pro, one wonders why her ass is covered in acne. But if you're willing to ignore the chance that these sweet things aren't innocents, you can enjoy a pretty hot scene. Short-haired Mona is much cuter and has much better tits, though many would consider A-cup Yolanda to be the hotter one. Either way, they fuck and suck Jack like cum-crazed veterans, with Yolanda taking a bit of a backseat after a while, as Mona and her bubble butt show just how it's done. Take Yolanda and her pimpled ass and razor-burned pussy out of the picture and this could be one for the ages.
[Jack Venice, Mona, Yolanda | Oral (M/F), Fingering (Vaginal), Vaginal, Rimming (F) | Missionary, Doggy, Three-way, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Entry | Condoms: Yes | ]

After the latin lovers leave, there's a short scene in which the guys pick up a girl and drive her home that doesn't have any sex, but which makes you wonder what the hell people are thinking when they get in an RV with a bunch of strangers.

It's pretty obvious that Tiffany, whom Jack finds in a strip club following a particularly dry spell, is not an amateur and not in college. She's also a butterface, something Jack even says. Her body is hot enough to get Jack hard, despite somewhat pancake-y boobs, and an ass and thighs that has some noticeable cellulite. Jack's a trooper tough, and rather desperate, so he hits it anyway. He's a braver man than me. Sure, I've fucked fat chicks, but they've always been cute fat chicks. This one is just not attractive. It may just be the way she looks that's affecting my opinion, but the sex here just doesn't feel as hot as the previous scenes. In fact, it seems like there are moments where Tiffany might fall asleep. If you're not, make sure you look away when Tiffany climbs on top, as the effect of gravity doesn't treat her well. On the plus side, Jack gets to knock on the back door for the only time on the disc.
[Jack Venice, Tiffany | Fingering (Vaginal/Anal), Vaginal, Oral (M), Anal | Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoons | Condoms: Yes | ]

Stopping by a frat house in Tennessee, Jack is introduced to Renee, an attractive girl with long brown hair and some decent tits with pierced nippies. Much like Alyse, there's a sense that this young lady just seems to want to have a good time and a stiff dick, as she chews her gum and lets Jack fondle her breasts. Back in the hotel room, Jack samples the taste of her puss before stripping her down and feeding her some sausage in a 69. It's not the best dick-sucking I've seen, but it will do. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, Jack fucks the shit out of her, delivering the hardest thrusts yet. It's obvious her vocal reactions are getting him off, and he hammers her slot in appreciation. It's surprising she isn't split in two. He's not done though, as he flips her over and drives home his cock again and again. No girl in this video enjoys Jack the way this girl does. I would put money down that he could have fucked her in the ass.
[Renee, Jack Venice | Oral (F/M), Fingering, Vaginal, Rimming (F) | 69, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoons | ]

The mission over, Jack returns to L.A., but he's short a scene, so he hunts down Rachel Lyn, who is more porntastic than all the other girls combined. Supposedly a Hooters waitress, she certainly seems comfortable fucking on camera (despite some pathetic requests for the camera to leave. All the ingredients of a starlet are here, including the dark tan, the tramp stamp, the face make-up and the fake boobs, along with some obvious experience in swallowing cock. I would be stunned if Rachel Lyn isn't in quite a few films by now, as she fucks like a pro, and has her gasping moans down cold. Jack gives her a proper boning, which unfortunately doesn't do anything to her solid tits, reducing the hotness a bit. The missing mystique that Renee and Alyse brought but which is absent here doesn't help, though Jack, as usual, gives it his all. If you want a straight-forward Valley porno scene, this is as close as this movie gets, complete with a swallowed, then spit pop shot.
[Rachel Lyn, Jack Venice | Oral (M), Fingering, Vaginal | Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoons | ]


The image on this disc is clear and nicely detailed, and the camerawork keeps you in the action most of the time, though it doesn't shy away from sitting back and letting you take everything in. On the downside, there are some annoying shadows when the camera gets in close. The audio is excellent, capturing every lick, suck, slap an grunt, putting you right in the action.


Things start with 32 minutes of cut footage, most of which isn't even sex. In fact, the only sex is more footage of the stripper. This is actually pretty entertaining to watch as Jack chats with various girls and mostly strikes out. If you like Jack, you'll like this stuff. An automatic photo gallery follows, with plenty of hot pictures of the action in the film. The extras wrap with

Concluding Words

If some smart cable network out there is looking for a hit show, they should get Jack Venice in for a meeting. His roaming good-time party, without the hardcore material, would make for a fun documentary series. But for now, what we have here will have to do, and it will do nicely, thanks to a couple of solid scenes and an overall fun atmosphere. Add in one heck of a porno extra and solid quality, and you have the kind of disc you'll get plenty of spins out of (even if you never get past the first scene.)

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