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StraightCollegeMen.com Auditions Vol. 10

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/21/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

Strapped for cash or simply exhibitionists, these straight dudes have no problem stripping down and jacking off while watching straight smut and being videotaped.


Rusty is a good-looking Marine MP with a dark buzz cut. Originally from Virginia, he has a slight accent, considers himself a "regular guy", and has been in San Diego for two years. Although easy going, Rusty admits to getting into a couple of bar fights from time to time. He strips down in the dressing room revealing his toned/smooth chest with plenty of very cool tattoos including one on his chest that reads "Must Kill" and a mean looking scorpion. I wouldn't want to piss this dude off. Rusty fiddles around with his keys and checks messages on his cell phone. He pulls his pants and boxers shorts down revealing shaved pubes and a cut cock. Back on the sofa with legs spread wide apart, Rusty plays with his tool using his left hand to jack to full hardness. Straight porn is playing on the television. Rusty's prick is pierced and he has wonderful large hangy nuts. Switching back and forth between his left and right fists, Rusty pleasures himself into shooting a thick load of spunk all over his chest and stomach. Hot dude and load!


Cute dude Mel is twenty-five years old with short black hair and a cool lil' goatee. He grew up in New Orleans and moved to Australia around age ten. Mel's accent is a cool mix of Aussie and long Louisiana drawl. This easy-going dude is friendly and has no problems carrying on a conversation with interviewer/camera-op Dean (hot muscle hunk) about playing basketball down under. Once in the dressing room, Mel strips down revealing his toned/lightly hairy body, full dark bush, and clipped cock. Leafing though the latest issue of "Titty Twisters", he begins to toy with his dong. Moving back to the sofa, Mel sits with legs spread open watching straight porn and beats his hard meat. He cups those plump nuts while jacking off and working the full purple knob. Reaching climax, Mel squirts a large thick load of man-goo on his stomach and pubes. Hot fucking dude!


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Brock is a very cute dude with short dark hair, lil' goatee, and cool long sideburns. He has lived in Dean's old stomping grounds of Philadelphia and has been in San Diego for three months. A full-time college student, Brock talks about how he and his now ex girlfriend made a sex video tape that he edited and transferred to DVD. His ex was not pleased and legal issues ensued. Brock undresses in the "privacy" of the dressing room revealing his hot toned/smooth body, broad shoulders, shaved pubes, and clipped dick. After glancing at a copy of "Big Udders", Brock makes his way to the sofa to watch some straight smut. Slouching with legs spread on the couch, he switches back and forth between his right and left hands pulling his hard pork and rubbing those mouth-watering plump balls. Brock works himself to the point of release and shoots a thick load of cock snot out of his flared purple knob landing on his fist and stomach. Very cute dude!


Manny is a good-looking nineteen year-old guy with short light brown hair and tall/slender build. He claims to know strippers who have made sex tapes and is now auditioning simply for the money. He and his girlfriend have a kid and they need the extra scratch. He's a full-time college student and an Information Tech for the U.S. Navy. Born and raised in San Diego, Manny has never been across the border to Tijuana for booze and gals who can pick quarters up with their "snapper" parts. It's dressing room time and Manny yanks off his clothes showing off his toned/smooth body, dark trimmed pubes, hot huge 'n hangy nuts, and big clipped dong. Sitting on the couch with legs spread wide, Manny strokes his big dick using his right fist with over-handed techniques. Manny uses plenty of lube and beats his meat with both fists which leads to pulling on his hot nut sack and rubbing those big beauties. He busts his nut with cum peppering down on his pubes and stomach.


Khalil is a good-looking dude with brown hair from Colorado who enjoys snow boarding. Now in San Diego, he spends most of his free time at the beach enjoying surfing and the ocean. He's played soccer and traveled to Canada, Europe, and various cities in the United States. It's off to the dressing room for our new pal as he strips down and reveals a toned/smooth body, closely trimmed pubes, plump balls, and cut dick. Sitting on the sofa with legs spread wide, Khalil lubes up and jacks that hard cock using his right fist to glide up 'n down. Getting into the straight porn and pork pulling, Khalil shoots a huge thick load of jizz on his chest and stomach. Hot dude and load!


This cute dude has a short military buzz cut, grew up in San Diego, and lived in Washington State for a while. He loves to head over to Anaheim for the dance clubs and picking up hot chicks. He's currently taking some college classes and needs some extra dough. Once in the dressing room, Rhett removes his clothes revealing his sexy husky/toned/hairy body with loads of cool tattoos, trimmed pubes, and clipped prick. Rhett's cock head is pierced with a Prince Albert. Legs spread wide while slouching on the couch watching straight smut, Rhett slaps his dong against his hairy stomach, jacks off using his right fist, and plays with his hot big floppy nuts. He dumps a thick load of man-pudding on his fist. Hot dude!


Mitchell's a nice-looking dude with brown hair that has been trying to get into porn for three years. He's made the rounds to the local strip clubs talking to various dancers and bouncers trying to find a lead. Mitchell claims to be "voyeuristic" and digs having people watch him and his girlfriend go at it. Perhaps someone should tell him that he's an exhibitionist and not a voyeur. In the dressing room Mitchell strips down revealing his toned 'n hairy body, full dark pubes, and clipped wang. He lubes up while looking though a new issue of "Peppermint Pussy" and plays with his weenie. Mitchell makes himself at home on the sofa while watching straight porn with legs spread wide. He rubs his plump hangy nuts, toys with his tool, and even humps the couch. Unfortunately, Mitchell can never get a boner and doesn't get a nut. Sadly, his three years of trying to break into porn have been a waste.


Cute with short black hair and a friendly personality, Francisco is a freshman at San Diego State University studying computer science. After graduation, he would like to get into computer programming. Mitchell is originally from Orange County California and broke up with his girlfriend before heading for college. Francisco strips off in the dressing room showing off his sexy toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, and uncut cock. Back on the couch watching straight porn, he spreads his legs, rubs those hot hairy plump nuts, and strokes that stiff unclipped meat. Francisco gets into beating his meat switching back and forth between his left and right fists to work his pole. His cock knob becomes a deep purple red and shoots a large thick load covering his chest, stomach, and fist. Hot load!



SCM Auditions Volume 10 is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The footage from the dressing room is in black and white using a "hidden" stationary camera. Camera Operator/Interviewer Dean shoots the sofa action in color with full coverage of the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear as Dean shoots the breeze with each dude. The slick sounds of lubed meat beating and heavy breathing can easily be heard along with the lusty simpers of some unseen chick gets porked while twirling two fire batons to the Battle Hymn of the Republic (just joking).


The disc includes an interactive menu, dude selection, chapter stops, and previews for: "Dean & Damon". The additional CD ROM contains previews for: "Andy & Sonny", "Broderick", "The Island Day 4", "Hawaii Day 2", "Sonny", "Reif", "Paul, Dean, & Ryan", "Mike", and "Jimmy". Also included is a full color catalog of all the SCM releases.

Final Thoughts:

Straight College Men Auditions # 10 is a fun 'n entertaining solo movie. All the dudes are appealing in their own way and it's a big turn on to see them jack their hard cocks knowing that no other dude has seen them like this until now. This is no-frills amateur filmmaking with stationary and hand-held camera by SCM muscle dude Dean. There are plenty of close-ups as the guys pull their pork and bust their nuts. The direction and editing are sufficient providing scenes that are never too long and move along at a descent pace. All the dudes are cool but my favorites are: Brock, Manny, Rhett, Francisco, and Mel. I recommend to fans of amateur straight guys yanking their cocks and shooting wads for cash.

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