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Face Invaders 2

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Face Invaders 2

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Courtney Cummz

Cast: Allison Pierce, Faye Runaway, Jenna Haze, Lorena Sanchez, McKenzee Miles, Maya Hills, Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, Courtney Cummz, Jessica Valentino, Max Mikita, Roxy DeVille, Delotta Brown, Whitney Stevens, Scotty Lyons, D. Swasher, Chris Cannon, Pike Nelson, Alex Gonz, Brad Hardy, Justice Young, CJ Ryder, Seth Dickens, Tony Eveready, Chris Charming

Length: 157:54 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/9/2007 to 4/23/2007

Extra's: The 17:04 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by an uncredited guy (possibly Nate Liquor) was also a lot of fun with Coutney directing the fun times as gals like Jenna mugged for the camera. There were interviews, some nudity and sex, and a majority of the material focusing on the photoshoots. One of the good things about the feature was that it proved Courtney took an active role in the production (unlike others at the company and in the business who take the credit for the work of others). There was also a photogallery, pop shot recap, trailers to shows like Face Invaders 1, Whack JobsBlow Me Sandwich 9, Ass Cleavage 8, Who's Your Daddy 9, Girlvana 2, Cum Hungry Leave Full 2, and Grand Theft Anal 9; with a true double sided DVD cover and cardboard slipcase as well.
Note: The back cover advertised a "cream pie loop" which showed someone dropping the ball as this was not a penetrative movie and a Strip Tease extra that was not present.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Face Invaders 2 was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color presentation as shot by hotty director Courtney Cummz for Zero Tolerance. The lighting was very good, limiting the grain and video noise while providing accurate fleshtones on the cast. The picture wasn't always perfect but the composition of the shots always enhanced the look of the ladies in their scenes substantially and Courtney's camerawork showing a lot of promise too as it has improved over time. The fleshtones were accurate and in technical terms, some significant care was applied to the production in all but the fact that the two cameras used did not have the same settings; making any edits between them a bit too noticeable for anyone that pays attention. There were few compression artifacts observed and the overall visual quality was good, as expected, but the bitrate hovered around the under 3 Mbps mark so I got the impression it could have been better. The audio registered on my receiver as 2.0 Dolby Digital with a 192 Kbps bitrate but the vocals varied a fair amount in terms of loudness and there wasn't any music getting in the way of most scenes this time. I didn't notice anything that would give your home theatres a work out but the audio properties did not detract from the experience. Fans of Spanish can listen to the secondary audio track in that language too; I found it to be an okay dub though only spot checked it to make sure it existed.

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Body of Review: Courtney Cummz has been one of those porn performers that I've grown quite fond of over the last year, her performances showing a lot of skill, her personality propelling her ever upward in her scenes, and her looks combining with her charm to make her something special. Now that she is directing for Zero Tolerance, she adds a new dynamic to the mix and my limited dealings with her at the 2007 AEE Show proved my suspicions that she was not simply another figurehead director to be true (she works the camera, tells the cast and crew what to do, and knows enough to hire the best in the business to make her projects as best they can be as she learns her craft). Her latest release is Face Invaders 2, the sequel to Face Invaders 1 where a dozen blowjobs are given in as many scenes; no other sex taking place. If you like blowjob only movies, this is a good place to start looking given the type of gals slobbing the knobs for your viewing pleasure. Courtney does not always join in for the fun as I would have liked her to do but she does get the cast to convey a bit of her personal energy as demonstrated in the BTS that I found well worth watching. The cover said it like this: "It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's massive cock! Come down to invade the faces of hot young sluts eager to get their face fucked fast and hard. Watch them get throat massaged and ball slapped before they get a face full of steamin' semen! Courtney Cummz is in charge, and she'll make sure these dirty whore's get it up, get it hard and gobble it down. Prepare for a new edition of Face Invaders." While the humorous advertising hype sounds straight out of a conversation I had with Mike Quasar once, the fact remained that the show was really appealing given the differences between how the gals sucked the life out of the mostly anonymous male members so here is a very brief look at the scenes, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Allison Pierce, a blond with "big fucking titties" as Courtney put it, was up first on the couch as the director felt her up and hovered around her while talking playfully about sex. The tease footage enhanced her appeal and it wasn't long before she started licking the tip of a modest member in POV style (Courtney shooting from over his left shoulder). She was verbal and playful in the knob slobbing, alternating between using hands and going hands free, using titty fucking and a handjob to finish him off. The population pudding went to her open mouth, sealing the deal with appeal as she swallowed the load down as most iin the movie appeared to do. The two cameras used to shoot the scene had different settings (one was too washed out by a bit) but it set the stage well. Yum!

Scene Two: Faye Runaway, a cute gal with mixed hair that "loved sucking cock" was up next as she followed the same basic formula with Courtney in charge. Her body was too lean for my tastes and Courtney was a bit too loose with the camera (making the reviewer seasick is a bad plan) but Faye also employed a friendly demeanor for her act after some solo and tease footage. The guy she worked with had a smaller than average cock, possibly belonging to Scotty Lyons given his chicken legs and frog belly white skin tone, and she wasn't as enthusiastic as Allison but did a decent job of working his wad up with Courtney in her face by the end of the scene.

Scene Three: Jenna Haze, the cover cutie that has a substantial following of fans these days that relish her return from lesbian only contract work, was up next in her sexy little black outfit. She was one of the most aggressive hotties of the show when it came to sucking her partner off, keeping eye contact with the camera and allowing Courtney to assist her a bit. It was also a shorter than average scene by virtue of her own skills at inhaling cock but you can see what I mean for yourselves. Whew!

Scene Four: Lorena Sanchez, a curvy Latina doing her best Eva Angelina impression with her eye glasses, was up next as she followed the formula so very well. She seemed more into the solo aspect of the tease and the hallway some of the material was shot from managed to display just how close Courtney was to her (what I call "smelling distance"). Her bra and panties did little to hide her assets and the use of her native tongue to speak Spanish was interesting (check out the dub to see what I mean) as the gal got down to business with a flair second only to Jenna and a few others in the movie. Yum!

Scene Five: McKenzee Miles, another very lean blond with an appealing face, was up next on the living room couch in her pink top, matching shows, and plaid muff buffer of a skirt. The tease was slightly mechanical as though she wasn't yet ready for the industry but Courtney guided her through it all nicely and that made all the difference in the world. Unless she's an Amazon, the cock she sucked on was small but her rough edges gave the scene some unexpected heat even as the lame male had wood issues that forced her to work ever harder. It was not in the top ten scenes overall but she showed potential.

Scene Six: Maya Hills, a personal favorite of mine lately for her exotic looks and ability to really turn up the juice, was up next with lean Justice Young. Her make up was way too heavy but her fetish outfit enhanced her look a lot. The tease was extra fun and the way she worked his cock showed a dedication to getting men off that should be emulated all across the land. I'll admit that the harsh lights made it look like she had already done a scene or two earlier in the day or simply lacked sleep but that could have simply been the effect of the make up as well. In any case, she worked shaft and balls like a champion, sucking the tip as well as doing the cheek pop trick with her hand to gland combat style effectively increasing the friction. Good job!

Scene Seven: Kelly "Fuckin" Wells, is one of the industry extreme queens and her lean figure was covered in some pink slutware that her fans will find typical of the lass as Courtney Cummz interviewed her about the largest cock she ever sucked. The feeling up came early and Courtney actually joined in this time as Kelly was presented with a double dose of dick (admittedly, even together the men did not measure up to the 14" cock she spoke of earlier in the scene but she cranked up the energy levels enough that the wood issues surprised me a little). The throatfucking she took was indicative of her demand that they "feed my greedy mug" and since she wasn't a size queen, she treated them to a sloppy slobber of a hummer to remember. Courtney wasn't at her best since it was Kelly's chance to shine but I appreciated the assist just the same.

Scene Eight: Jessica Valentino, a cute brunette that looked like a typical stripper in a mid level club, was up next as she followed the formula in the living room while wearing a bra and panties. Following Kelly is a bad break for anyone and while she was a capable oralist, there really wasn't anything special about the scene. I wouldn't have turned her down but she wouldn't have been my first pick either, perhaps why her partner seemed to be having difficulties too.

Scene Nine: Max Mikita, a butch looking gal trying to emulate Belladonna's harsher look of late, was up next wearing a pink outfit with "bad kitty" on the front and a black corset on top of it. She had some nice curves to her frame, the ass standing up nicely as Courtney praised, but the strength of the lady was clearly her nasty attitude for sucking cock. The gal knew what to do, how to do it, and showed no hint of reservation; elevating the scene beyond her limited physical appeal (in terms of her face). When the blowjob was going down, she was even better so be patient with this one if you find her look to be too bizarre since the payoff will be well worth your time and seed. Whoa!

Scene Ten: Roxy DeVille, a personal favorite of mine all dressed up in a neon green and black slutware, was up next and she looked glammed up in terms of her make up compared to her tough exterior that I've grown to appreciate. Courtney Cummz gave her some extra help though she really didn't need it as this was my favorite scene of the day in terms of energy, passion, and a driven attitude to going down on her gifted male partner. Courtney even cumswapped the load with her at the end, making it a great scene (too bad an alternative cover couldn't have been made for her). Sweet!

Scene Eleven: Delotta Brown, the sole black gal of the movie and the curviest lady of the bunch by far, was up next as she displayed her ample sample in nasty slutware consisting of black corset, skull print panties, and stripper shoes. Her booty clap was superior and she ended up taking care of both Seth Dickens and Tony Eveready with her titty fucking, mouth, and hands like she was trying out for a role in a major production. She might have had a bit more meat on her bones than I like in a performer on screen (nice in person though) but she put it to good use with a positive attitude that truly shined. Nice!

Scene Twelve: Whitney Stevens, a large breasted white gal that has been getting a lot of fans of late (at least according to the emails I get about her works), was up last in a tiny plaid skirt that did nothing to hide her great ass and black bikini as Courtney Cummz spent extra time playing with her on the staircase. Whitney is a gal that a bit of extra make up works well on, her girl next door looks just slutty enough to make her accessible as demonstrated during her solo tease sequence. Her male partner looked larger than the rest of the cast (forced perspective can do that) but she threw herself into the scene with gusto, making it her own as she aggressively slobbed his knob to bring home the bacon. That she titty fucked him and shared with a horny Courtney was just icing on the proverbial cake but it ended the movie on another high note and proved very appealing to me.

Summary: Face Invaders 2 by hotty director Courtney Cummz for Zero Tolerance was exactly what it advertised to be in the form of a blowjob movie extraordinaire. The levels of replay and stroke value boosted the suck for the buck ratio with a cast consisting of some great oral talents that knew how to work a meat pipe excellently, earning the DVD a rating of Highly Recommended in the process. I've seen longer blowjob movies and I've seen some with more kinks tossed in but this was one of the most consistently heated titles in the genre I've seen in a long time with only one scene really falling short of the mark. In short then, Face Invaders 2 proved that Courtney could excel even without assistance from guys like Mike Quasar and his technical skills, though I hope she spends some time covering the basics a bit better in the future since the raw energy might have proven even better had the show been shot with more care.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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