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Sex City: The Trilogy

Studio: Private » Review by kobiata k » Review Date: 7/25/07

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Sex City Trilogy by Pierre Woodman

This is Pierre Woodman's best Trilogy yet not because of the great sex, but because of the multi-layered plot.

Running Length: Sex City 1: 3 hrs 01 min; Sex City 2: 3 hrs 00 min; Sex City 3: 2 hrs 59 min

The Story/Sex:

Although I haven't seen Robert Rodriguez's "Sin City," I cannot help to make the comparisons as seen by his trailers of Rosario Dawson using cinema noir technique, where the director uses color conservatively under a black and white setting. Pierre Woodman uses this technique liberally throughout the trilogy giving the viewers a very unique experience.

There are too many characters too mention, but I will mention the main characters. The two male protagonists are polar opposites . . . one's a criminal who has just been released from prison and a by-the-book detective fighting the hopeless cause of fighting crime in their lawless city where cops can be bought by influential families. The two female protagonists are played by Sonia Carter who does double duty performing as twin sisters while Xenia Lova plays the stripper who is caught in this web of intrigue.

After being released from prison, the "Clive Owen" character spends his first night of freedom at his favorite joint, a strip club in a seedy portion of the city where he saves a damsel in distress played by Sonia Carter. After he saves her, they have a drink at the strip club where she works before heading back to a hotel for some hard sex. Unbeknownst to them, a mutant character with cat-like claws kills Sonia Carter while the two snooze after a long night of fucking. When he awakens, the bed is covered with blood and obviously someone has set him up. He hears police sirens ringing and since he already has a criminal record flees the scene. He's out to find who killed Sonia Carter and along the way, he shags many good-looking women throughout the three DVDs.

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The other main plot involves the wounded detective retelling his account of what happened to him earlier. As mentioned earlier, he was one of the only "clean" cops who wanted to put a stop to the crime and violence. He got word that a well-known son of a politician had a penchant of sexually assaulting women and disfiguring them with acid without getting charged. This time, he wanted to put an end to it so he calls his partner for back-up, but to his surprise his partner is a "dirty" cop and so he's left by himself to do the right thing. He raids the place by himself and puts the lovely stripper Xenia Lova out of harms way and pours acid on his face. Unfortunately, he doesn't get out unscathed as his wounds suggest.

By the third DVD, the two protagonist's paths converge as the two unravel the questions that have been opened up. Apparently, the common thread between the two protagonists is how their lives were both influenced by the politician, his intermediaries, or his thug-relatives. In the end, both are there to rescue Xenia Lova from the clutches of the disfigured politician's son. However, this time the politician's son actually gets a piece of Xenia Lova's ass even cumming on it before meeting his demise. Sadly, the detective protagonist gets killed in the process leaving Xenia Lova and the "Clive Owen" character to ride off into the sunset so to speak.

As with most Woodman movies, there's a great variety of sex spanning three DVDs. Sometimes there are a whole lot of sex going on and sometimes he splices two separate scenes into one, which results in a lot of back-and-forth between scenes. Some viewers may think that switching from scene-to-scene disrupts the continuity of the sex, but I didn't have this problem watching "Sex City."

Pierre Woodman has assembled a great-looking cast headed by the lovely Xenia Lova and supported by the likes of Vanessa May, Mya Diamond, Diana Gold, and many others. What makes this trilogy worthy is the two Xenia Lova scenes! The first scene located in Disc 1 is a double-penetration flashback starring the "Clive Owen" character and Alain Deloin who's no stranger at buttfucking PRIVATE beauties! The steamy scene ends with great facials, which in fact she deserves! The other scene with Xenia Lova is actually the last scene in the trilogy where she has anal sex with the deformed politician's son. She displays her sexual talents including some hot fellatio and hot anal resulting in a cumshot on her firm butt cheeks!

Other scenes worth mentioning is Vanessa May's three-on-one scene that takes place on a pick-up truck near a pond. Another scene worth mentioning is Mya Diamond's scene, which I had discussed in my review of "Private Life of Mya Diamond." Furthermore, there are so many sex scenes . . . too many to discuss in detail.

The bottom line is that this Trilogy is worth every penny . . . from the sex to the plot!

Audio/Visual: The audio/visual quality definitely tops most PRIVATE releases out there. It's even more apparent if you have a very good 1080p upscaling DVD player and a Sony Widescreen HDTV! Like most of his movies, Pierre Woodman prefers dubbing the talents' voices.

Extras: The Trilogy DVDs by themselves have very little extras like cast profile while the Extras-only DVD is loaded with tons of extras such as the following: the making of, behind the scenes, Pierre Woodman Interview, Blooper's Reel, Featurette, and Music Clip. But, in all honesty, the interview was the real treat where Pierre Woodman acknowledges how difficult it was to make the movie . . . from the long shooting days to the endless hours in post-production adding the special effects through the use of the green-screen. After watching the interview, I cannot help myself of comparing Pierre Woodman with mainstream pioneering director James Cameron.

Final Thoughts: Let me say that I have watched a great deal of Woodman videos starting from his early days at PRIVATE, to his stay at Hustler, to his return to PRIVATE, and to the current status as head of his own production company. Hands down . . . the Sex City Trilogy is Woodman's best work-to-date! This is not based on the sex alone because arguably all his movies whether it's a gangbang, lesbian, threesome, or simple one-on-one action are HOT, but it's based on the multilayered plot that actually is pleasing to watch! Furthermore, even the voice dubbing isn't much of a distraction. For me, it doesn't matter if he took his inspiration from Robert Rodriguez's movie "Sin City" because the trilogy is just amazing! I have no qualms giving this Trilogy DVDTalk's highest honor DVD TALK COLLECTOR SERIES status!

~Ich mache mich jetzt auf die Socken!

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