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Asses of Face Destruction Vol. 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Face Sitting -Woman Dominant

Director: Roman Video

Cast: Mia Bango, Gianna, Savannah Stern, Dayha Milan, Tory Lane

Length: 3hrs, Evil Angel

Production Date: Evil Angel, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Cast Index:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is on par with your typical adult film. It comes in as 2.0, sounds clean with only a few discrepancies. The Video is Full Frame Color, clean, clear, and well lit. Interior shots are mostly hotel rooms, so there's a drabness to the picture.

Body of Review: Who do you go to for ass to face video? Buttman would be my first guess. It's like the medieval days, when you went to someone named Shoemaker for shoes or Blacksmith for horseshoes, anvils, and, well, whatever ever else a blacksmith does. Listed as a "Buttman Magazine Choice" Asses of Face Destruction 2 promises to deliver pure face to crotch pandemonium. And since the box says these were hand picked by Buttman himself, I've got no choice but to go on his recommendation.

Scene 1: Mia Bango
Acts Included: Face Sitting
Mia looks damn fine wearing a gold top and panties. Her Latina looks and junky trunk go well together and she has a mousy face that is more adorable than hot. As she walks into the room, she leads some schmuck my a leash. While he sits on the floor, Mia kneels on a couch and wastes no time grinding her thick ass into his face. It's when she takes off those pesky panties that the action livens and Mia really gets to milling the corn. She smothers this dude until his face is red, placing her asshole and pussy right on his face and then rubbing up and down along his nose and lips. This payback of sorts, as Mia kneels doggy style and users her hands to shove his face between her fat cheeks. She quickly returns to sitting on his face as that's really the best position. Her enthusiasm to rub her pussy and ass across his mug is incredible and it's hot to see a starlet in deep, heated control. Although nothing peaks sexually, and there is no cumshot--barely even a dick smack--this scene is all about Mia getting face. And man she gets it.

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Scene 2: Gianna
Acts Included: Face Sitting
Gianna calls her man to her bed. She climbs on top and plants her pussy directly on his face. Gianna's thing is to cut off his oxygen which she does by pinching his nose with her fingers while her vag lips touch his. She's certainly got the goods to suffocate somebody. A decent looking talent, Gianna has thunder thighs and a bit of cottage in her ass. She has a cute face but her hair is pulled back in tight, unflattering braids. She rides him with less gusto than Mia, but it's still nice to see a woman in control. Some of the vag to face contact gets obscured by the guy's moppy hair and so the absolute best position for this seems for the girl to ride cowgirl on his chin because she can go up and down and lean back for asshole exposure. Gianna's floppy tits hang out of her shirt the entire time and look like two good contenders for some additional smothering. But they remain untouched.

Scene 3: Savannah Stern
Acts Included: Face Sitting
Holy smoking Jesus. Savannah is hot. Tall, leggy, a nice bronzed hue with long dark hair a tight body and even tighter ass. This gal has a look that should be in the upper crust of the industry, demanding the big dollars. But then who knows? Maybe planting her moist, hairless pussy on some dude's face is a passion of hers, a hobby of sorts. To each her own, I guess. As she is bent in doggy, the guy nestles his head into her crack and rims her sexy balloon knot. Savannah has good energy, but it really is her looks that sell the scene. It's nice to see her long legs and bare feet when she stretches out and often she will sit on his face and move hear ass like she has sand in her pants. This scene is the best so far too, because Savannah moves all over the house to get in different positions and angles, making good use of the stairs.

Scene 4: Dayha Milan
Acts Included: Face Sitting
Dayha should rethink that lipstick. Dark red on a girl as white as flour just doesn't look right. And I know we aren't supposed to tease redheads, but c'mon, try a little. Dayha looks like death, trailer park death. And it's easy to see right from the start that she's going to be less thrilling. She sits on a guy who's wearing only a cock harness and she stays there until he thrashes for breath. She lets him breathe a little and then plops back down, picking up a magazine to abide her time. I had a hard time getting into this scene. Dayha's look is just so dated and she does little more than sit on the guy. And compared with the previous scenes, this is the time in the movie when you go to the kitchen to make a sandwich or fix a drink.

Scene 5: Tory Lane
Acts Included: Face Sitting
This is how it should be: Tory Lane, clad in little white panties and bra, barefoot, with her reading glasses on and her hair pulled up. She's sitting on some faceless actor while reading a book, softly grinding to her own desire. Tory is by far the hottest gal on the disc, and why she isn't front cover is a fucking mistaken. Tory grinds an ass that has a tribal tattoo just above her crack and cheeks so perfect they should be cast in bronze. Back and forth she slides her cooch and slick, tight asshole along the guy's face, making this viewer envious for the first time during the movie. She offers a rough ride, pumping his face against the bed. Tory gets the most use out of this guy with nonstop plunging, even being sure that he gets that tongue into her colon. The footage is best here, mainly because they stay in cowgirl and although the scene is lengthy it's the above all else on the disc. Great energy, hot talent, and good shots.

Concluding Words: I'll admit, this is the first full-length face sitting flick I've seen. It's not a genre that's ever stumbled my way, so accept my words as a newbie to the act. But from the start it's obvious that the key to a successful, or at least a good, ass to face flick, is that the girl has to be deeply enthusiastic. If they just sit like a frog on a log, that's something I can see in a Tom Green movie. So the girls have to really work their asses off, literally and the more into it they are, the better the footage. I did enjoy that the men had no control or say about what happened. This isn't really a dominance flick, in the since that the men are told to do certain things--although they are directed occasionally. This is really just, "lie there buddy and I'm going to fuck your face." It's that simple. There is no ejaculation, no typical 'sex' but occasional a dick is smacked or given a quick lick. Some scenes were far stronger than others, and for the reasons I noted above. Mia and Tory are the discs stellar bookends, with Tory shining at the end in a jealousy-inducing performance.

I'd have to say I'm not wild about the face sitting fetish, I enjoy it but I find it's more amusing than titillating. What is great is to see the women in complete control and basically doing what they want. But I think I'd be more interested in girl to girl face sitting. Same energy and passivity, just between women. I wonder if that movie exists? Hey, if it doesn't, I want credit when it's finally made. Ehh, but it's porn, every thing's been done. You just have to know which mossy rocks to look under. Recommended


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