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In Thru The Back Door #3

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 7/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Anal

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Maya Gates, Desiree Diamond, Italia Christie, Ricki White, & Leah Jaye

Length: 2hrs 30 min

Production Date: Vouyer Media, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Deleted Scenes: A nicely loaded 45 minutes of behind the scenes footage of the girls prepping for scenes, taking showers, being 'normal'.
Bonus Scenes: 3 separate scenes including, Jade Jolie, Ricki White, and Italia Christie (who gives a 3 minute pure bj and handjob to some guy). Solid scenes, the more the merrier.

Audio/Video: The video of the film is shot in 16:9 Widescreen High Def. It looks pretty damn good on my standard tube, so I can only image the quality with the right equipment. The audio is equally pleasing, but didn't seem special.

Body of Review: Porn titles are becoming so self explanatory these days. In Thru The Back Door is, for you slower lads, an all anal fuck film from Vince Vouyer featuring 5 lovely ladies who claim to like their deliveries in the rear. Immaculately packaged in a textured, slipcase and shot in 16:9 and High Def, this flick means business. And with the lovely Maya bent over the cover, there's alot of promise here. Let's see.

Scene 1: Desiree Diamond
Acts Included: Dildo Play, Oral, Anal, ATM, ATP, Anal IC
Desiree is a lovely African American lady. She has long, slender legs and an ass every black girl wants. It's round and thick but doesn't stick out obtrusively like a car door. She shakes her chocolate booty for Vince and then finally, after ten minutes of questions from the guy behind the curtain, Desiree undresses and begins plunging a skinny dildo into her wet box. This is just to add some lube because she attacks the back door next. With jackhammer speed she slams her ass and begins blowing the newly arrived nude actor. As she sucks him off, he uses a dual headed dildo to take on both entries. Desiree stays on her back and the guy slips his willie inside and fucks her in moist, smooth strokes. A quick ATM to get the shit off his dick, and back to banging doggy style. Desiree is a beauty, her body is near perfect and she has probably the cleanest and tightest looking private parts on screen. Everything is in perfect symmetry and her chocolate pussy lips are pretty damn inviting. Occasionally a gape or two are squeezed in, but this is mostly clean anal action. Although the couple mix up their positions fairly well, there isn't much fresh or terribly exciting about this scene. It's pretty standard. A nice internal anal cumshot closes the scene with Desiree pushing his cum out of her body.

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Scene 2: Ricki White
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, DP, Facial
It looks as though Ricki could be a very attractive star. She has a good personality and cute voice, but her style is in the vein of Twisted Sister. Heavy makeup, leather boot heels, stringy hair. It's just not attractive. She has a decent figure, a booty that is round but not tight. And there's a good amount of stretch marks in the area. And so, again, after much Q&A Ricki shows us her floppy tits and that she can handle two cocks instead of one. She has mediocre dick sucking charm and while she blows one of the guys, the other is very slowly easing into her backdoor. Ricki has the kind of large ass that hides her balloon knot so it's hard to see penetration. Spooning on the carpet leads to a decent dp, but for some dumb reason Ricki has kept her underwear on and even pulled to the side it's an annoying distraction. Both guys pump her ass until they are ready to come and shoot their wad on her face. She gets a decent facial and quickly grows a cum beard that drips down to her flat tummy. Nothing above average, I was really hoping for more.

Scene 3: Italia Christie
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, Facial
Italia Christie is a smoking hot dame. Long succulent legs and a perfect, skinny frame, this Italian goddess is about 110 pounds of heaven. She whips out a pair of natural tities and bends over to show an ample sized behind and a stink eye that deserves its portrait over the mantle. This is one hot ass, and the lucky white dude in the scene starts check her oil with three fingers. He bangs her vag to get the momentum started and the gains access to the back door. Italia's hole is tight and gapes don't come easily. Her butt is amazing to watch although once again, some shots are obscured because she's so firm in the caboose. When she rides reverse cowgirl we get a better image and a first look at her fat, swollen pussy lips. She receives a nasty facial at the close which goes up her nose and in her eyes. But she endures.

Scene 4: Maya Gates
Acts Included: Dildo Play, Oral, Vag, Anal, Facial
Scene four features a busty European babe named Maya Gates (box cover). I like her look, she's very natural, nice golden tan, slim with an appropriately thick ass. Maya is already doggy style on the floor, her sweet face against the carpet. She fingers her asshole a little until her man comes to give a real test run. 2 in the pink 2 in the stink becomes 4 and 4, but with so much man knuckle it's a little hard to see this great feat. A double ended dong replaces his fingers, finds its way into her slick ass and vag. Maya isn't too thrilling to watch give head, but her cute face makes it worthwhile. The couple bone in a number of sexy positions and there's plenty of wet footage. Perhaps the hottest thing is that Maya smiles and laughs through much of her fuck session. This of course pulls away from the fantasy that she might actually be feeling the ram rod, but it's cute nonetheless. She takes a cumshot to the face, but is less than excited about.

Scene 5: Leah Jay
Acts Included: Dildo Play, Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial
Adorable Leah Jay speaks with a British accent and recalls her last scene which involved a four guy creampie. Leah is stunningly hot. With tight pink shorts, a black mesh shirt and black heels, she looks like she just came from a club and is ready to fuck some lucky son of a bitch. Skipping the introductions, which grows stale in 3 minutes, Leah's hot, gold, bubble butt is plugged and then sucked clean. At this point some hip-hop fan has joined her on the couch, and as he admires her ass, I realize 15 minutes have gone by. Can't we reserve this for "outtakes" or "additional footage" it's fun to watch, but not compelling enough to sit through when you're waiting on the goods. As I was falling asleep, Leah began to suck the black man's cock, stuffing his Paul Bunyan-sized erection between her pink lips. Finally, with a plug in her ass he bones her from behind and Leah looks into the camera with sexy satisfaction. The fucking run time is only about 15 minutes with the latter 5 being anal and pop. Really kinda disappointing considering how hot Leah is and the excitement she creates in watching her. Most of her time is in doggy, face buried in the couch. This is hot as hell, but seems restrained, and easily gets tiring. Leah helps her rating by taking a thick, cord of spooge to the tongue and swallowing it down. This scene had incredible potential, but fell into an unexciting lull. The camera may as well have been on a tripod.

Concluding Words: Well, first: scrap the packaging. This looks like a limited edition, special, super-duper guaranteed bonder-inducing flick. And while it does look like all of these things, it's really just a typical, modern porn in sheep's clothing. The action is good enough to enjoy and the talent averages across the board, Italia and Leah being the hottest babes. But scenes began at a snail's pace, didn't include much chemistry between the couples and often felt as though nobody on set really cared. The image was sweet. I guess if you have the right equipment, the video will blow your load. On my old school tube it looked just fine. But I don't see any reason for this to be shot in High Def, except as a gimmick. The shots are clean and for the most well captured. But there isn't much substenance to them. So we're just seeing standard stock in better quality. It's like putting "Say Anything" on Blue-Ray. It's a good movie, but is it really necessary? Regardless, the action is worth a look and there's some surprisingly strong extras (45 min bts and 3 extra scenes) that help the disc. But I still can't go above my rating. The film simply didn't stand out. Rent It


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