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Mami Culo Grande 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/31/07

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Mami Culo Grande 5: Special Extended Set

Evil Angel/Justin Slayer Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Justin Slayer

Cast: Delanie, Justin Slayer, Millian Blue, Deep Threat, Lana Sky, Nat Turnher, Kyanna Lee, Laurie Vargas, Ryder Cummings, Victoria Allure

Length: 196:26 minutes

Date of Production: 6/8/2007

Extra's: The best extra was easily the 59:10 minutes of bonus sex footage trimmed from the production. It starred Delanie, Joyce, Justin, and Nat but came across as a lot of loose footage tossed in to give fans more. I like more but some of this might have worked better if structured more coherently, my opinion still finding a lot of it strokable. There was a lot of sex and nudity so the lengthy BTS feature enhanced the DVD package for me. The other extras were light this time with two pop shot compilations from the scenes, filmographies for some of the ladies, a cast list, a photogallery, and 9 trailers to shows like Mami Culo Grande 4, Unleashed Vs. Freshly Slayed 2, Ass Everywhere, Big Booty Moms, Big Booty White Girls 1, Big Booty White Girls 2, Big Booty White Girls 3, Big Booty White Girls 4, Just Fuckin 1, Just Fuckin 2, Just Fuckin 3, Black Pipe Layers, Black Girls Get Nasty Too, and Big Booty White Moms.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mami Culo Grande 5 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel. The fleshtones looked of mixed quality thanks in large part to the lighting varying so much, which also caused some grain and video noise but wasn't always consistent. The composition of the camera angles wasn't always the best to enhance the look of the females, typically zooming in on blemishes or having the camera move around like someone was always losing their balance, usually when HJ was shooting from what I could tell (though it could have been the result of "film buddies" since Justin typically shoots better than what I observed). The fleshtones were off as well, making me think the camera was set for another kind of light (not corrected in terms of white balance) or that the lowered level of lighting was insufficient for the type of camera used. The overall visual look of the show was average compared to some of Justin's recent works but I thought more attention should've been paid to it than has been the case of late. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio (in 192 Kbps) was presented in the usual English with the levels being a bit varied but you could hear what was said so most fans won't mind the lack of dynamic range or lack of separation between the channels. The music was kind of droning and lame during some of the scene openings but it was less intrusive here than in most of Justin's movies of the last year so I was pleased at the improvement here.

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Body of Review: Justin Slayer has been distributing his works via Evil Angel for some time now, many of them earning praise from guys like me and more importantly, the fans that buy his stuff. Justin is perhaps best known as a man that likes the ladies, ladies of all body types too, so when I came across Mami Culo Grande 5: Special Extended Set, his sequel to Mami Culo Grande 4, I was interested as much by the premise of the show as the chunky ass featured on the cover. Let's face it, a curvy ass appeals to a lot of men, race not an issue, so Justin providing two discs worth of footage concentrating on shapely ass makes a lot of sense to a guy like me. If this sounds interesting to you, here is a quick look at the six scenes of depravity, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Delanie, a gal with an ample sample pouring out all over the place from her skimpy black thong, was up first as she teased the camera. If you like the front cover of the movie, you will adore this gal despite whatever minor bemishes and flaws she had to her physical appearance, director Justin Slayer showing a lot of love as he felt her up and got a tremendous amount of footage of her ass. She did some dancing here to showcase her curves and the entire apartment served as her stage until she ended up in the shower for some sudsy fun. Unable to hold out any longer, a naked Justin gave her his meat pipe to smoke; the gal showing a lot of love for cock as she sucked and stroked him off with gusto. The POV aspect of the scene was well done and she paid him a lot of attention orally before he used her ass cheeks to masturbate with. That led to him porking her pussy, the camera work bouncing around a bit (even showing a noticeable switch from one setting to another as it was caught by the cameraman on the wrong setting). She actively rode his cock and he pushed her to her limits, both of them clearly favoring doggy positions where she pushed back on his rod as if scratching an itch deep inside of her. I prefer my gals a touch leaner than her but she was a hot piece of tail and the way her cheeks bounced was a nice change of pace from the plastic gals I'm used to seeing in action. It ended on the couch with him rubbing out a wad of population pudding, the gal savoring the taste as she gave him some going away present oral.

Scene Two: Millian Blue, a brunette wearing a pink dress possessing a leaner figure than Delanie, was up next as she teased in the home gym for Deep Threat. While not exactly a totally hot beauty, the light skinned black gal was playful and energetic as she got him worked up before slobbing his ample knob. With the cautious tempo of a gal wanting to know exactly how deeply she could inhale a meat pipe, she took him on; even sitting on his face as she warmed up for the inevitable vaginal screwing. He did most of the work at first and while her little moans were bone inducing, I was happier when she got with the program to push back and give it her all but the chemistry between the pair was intermittent at best; leading to a large load on her ass but not as easily come by as it would have been had they been into one another.

Scene Three: Lana Sky, a homely redhead with an Amazonian body, was up next as she teased the camera in her mesh dress and black bikini. I don't want to bag on her too badly but this is the kind of gal even a porn reviewer could pick up at a local bar fairly easily, her chunky butt large due to weight more than genetic luck. I wanted to be fair so I gave her a chance to strut her stuff though and for her part, she did seem to provide a fairly good tease session outside on the sunny day before encountering Nat Turnher on the bed inside the house. She masturbated to get ready and he came up to begin drilling her, the contrast between his dark skin and her frog belly white glow a marked contrast to the previous scenes. I suppose I would have done her for pay or if I got to know her better but porn is all about fantasy and only someone out to sea for months on end would be able to consider her attractive. She was an aggressive rider of cock though and while that did not help her physical appeal in my eyes (technically, a lack of it), I give her credit for providing a better bumping of uglies session than many far better looking hotties out there in the Valley. The scene ended with a wad to her face for those who care.

Scene Four: Kyanna Lee, an Asian gal with more curves than you'd see this side of a pregnant Polynesian, was up next in the shower to finish off the first disc with Nat Turnher. Her ass was not nearly as full and rich as the previous gals so those of you expecting a lot of junk in the trunk might be disappointed but whatever blemishes she possessed she could at least say she wasn't fugly like the last gal. The camera then faded away to show her all made up and wearing trampy clothing that showed she cleaned up well, the camera spending ample time on her glossy lips during the second portion of tease. Her white stripper boots and plaid skirt/crop top ensemble worked for her nicely, the gal getting into the masturbation section of the scene a little too well. The camera took a lot of close up shots before Nat gave her something substantial to suck on, the gal engulfing his rod like it was made of chocolate given the look on her face and aggressive style. He was too large for her to comfortably handle vaginally so he ended up doing most of the work during the screwing portion of the scene; Nat diddling her clitoris as he porked her passive pussy to a great deal of wetness. She was a screamer and took the facial well enough but this was another scene lacking replay value for me, even if I'd be more willing to drop a load into her compared to Lana.

Scene Five: Laurie Vargas, a chunky but cute Latina with a lot of nasty pubic hair, and darker skinned Ryder Cummings, were up next as the first scene of the second disc. They were having some lesbian fun on the couch using a butterfly vibrator on Laurie, her nipples fully erect as she allowed her friend to completely satiate her on the couch. The action was just reaching a sweet spot for me it cut away to Laurie doing a sultry strip tease with her clothing on. This condition did not last long thankfully and her extra curves looked pretty decent for those of us not fixated on a handful of extra weight gracing a gal's body, her jeans filling out so very appealingly to me in the hallway. Justin Slayer joined Laurie in the bedroom to have his dick sucked by the expert fellatrix, her abilities with a meat pipe impressive compared to several of the other ladies in the movie as she gave a messy hummer. I was half expecting Ryder to jump in at any moment but after a lengthy bout of boning, I knew it was not going to happen, Laurie showing enough aptitude for both of them but still leaving me wanting her friend to come back for a short time at least. The moderately active vaginal screw took place in several positions and he blew his load mostly on her face and chest; ending the scene as expected in this moderately chemistry filled scene.

Scene Six: Victoria Allure, a redhead with a nice ass and substantial curves that you could say was built for comfort over speed, was up last as she prepared for her scene with Justin Slayer in the bathroom after some nice tease. There was some outdoor tease too but it focused largely on her looking at a porn magazine and enjoying the poses the mostly thin crowd were engaged in. Her stretch pants were boring outside but the short black muff buffer dress was much more appealing as her ass cheeks were not covered up by it or her thong as she walked around. Her glossy lipstick and ample sample were fitting for the movie even if I think a few less blemishes on her ass would have improved her appeal to me. The tease was the best part of the scene for me though given the mechanical manner in which she blew Justin on the bed; her oral potential never reached this time even if she did show the world her willingness to give it a try. The screwing was a similar effort with Justin doing most of the work while Victoria hung on for him to satiate her orally too. The oiled up ass trick could have been longer as well but in her favor, once she started bouncing on cock, she did not let up so the slow start was largely made up for; just in time for her to accept the facial in the mouth (no swallowing though).

Summary: Mami Culo Grande 5 by director Justin Slayer for distribution by Evil Angel was far from his best work in my opinion but your mileage will vary substantially depending on how phat you like those asses. I like large shapely asses on gals but not just large and out of shape flabby asses so a few of the gals were not my type to say the least. In other cases, a few of the gals were about as passionate as a gal at the checkout counter pinching pennies so I wasn't as enthusiastic about Mami Culo Grande 5: Special Extended Set as some of Justin's better works of late. I rated it as a Rent It and like Mami Culo Grande 4 before it, I found the total package of action to be decent but not up to par for the most part; limiting the appeal of the sex scenes based less on the technical flaws than on the casting.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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