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Mommy Fucks Best 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

"If it ain't Red, it Ain't Real," boasts a small circular window that eerily resembles a glory hole on the back of the "Mommy Fucks Best 2" box. This is some sort of seal of approval that if the back of your porno disc is red, then it surely is a Platinum X official release. Trust me, Platinum X, when people are shopping for porn, no one really cares if it's an official release or not, they just want porn. They'll get it out of the back of a blue jeep from a five foot Mexican named Pablo if they have to.

You have to appreciate Platinum X's willingness to prove that their product is one of a kind, though, as "Mommy Fucks Best 2" is probably one of the better Milf porno movies I've seen in a while at almost three hours long! With that ambitious run time, you'd better serve me one hell of a good porn, and Francesca doesn't let me down.

Hot for Teacher

Demi Delia has the front cover for this DVD release, and it's for a damn good reason. The woman is stacked, packed, and really takes a vicious pounding that makes her segment a worthy opener. This busty teacher finds herself with an admirer who graces her with flowers, and like every boy's fantasy, she repays him with a flirt, a wink, and a royal fucking in class after school. Demi Delia is a pure goddess, who looks utterly fantastic in her teacher garb, and is just a treat to watch from beginning to end. She's dressed in a very tight white sweater held together by two buttons, a short black skirt, and stocking that reach all the way to heaven. Her segment is pretty much straight forward and ends on a rather interesting note involving her foot that was awfully intriguing, and shockingly arousing. Demi's segment stands as my favorite of the bunch.

Plucked by poolside

Alisandra is another gorgeous woman in the series of segments who doesn't particularly begin her moment with a scenario. She's really just stripping for the camera and writhing her fantastic body, and proceeds to fuck herself with a dildo. That is until she begins the heavy fucking and blowjobs with her mate, and the segment heats up. She's fucked poolside and really goes all out, pulling her own air, contorting along the red chair, and really stands out among the others. Alisandra has an utterly fantastic body, with a killer set of breasts that are helped by her pretty face, and commitment to riding the cock with heavy moans and screams that make this a competitor for favorite... almost.

Couch Kitten

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It's not just that Kayla Synz starts out sitting on a long couch in fantastic lingerie that did it for me in the end, but it's also that our director, Francesca asks a series of alluring questions that will almost make the viewer think these two are about to get it on, and it was steamy. Kayla is a fantastic looking woman, who straddles the couch in beads and white lingerie and really will entice the viewer into her scenario. Let me insist yet again, Kayla is gorgeous, I mean she just burns a hole through the screen, and her moments with her mate make her segment yet another competitor for favorite of the bunch. She's beautiful, and man does she look good taking a pounding. It does however get slightly repetitive when we're on the same angle of Kayla with her back turned riding her mate for about five minutes, but they thankfully switch it up before the fast forward button cam in to play, and I enjoyed what Synz had to offer in spite of her segments problems.

Palm Tree Pussy

Victoria Valentino returns once again from the last film I saw her in: "Big Titty Milfs 4," and as her segment began, I hoped that this time I'd actually have something worth writing to you about, instead of her prior appearance where she received most of the coverage, and interacted in an awfully lackluster and brief closer to a rather good movie. This time around Valentino engages once again in a great strip tease with her sultry gaze, and utterly beautiful body, but it got pretty old pretty quickly, and I forwarded once again. Sitting by a group of palms, Victoria relaxes in the shade fucking herself with a neon green dildo, and once again the woman just looks bored. Here we have a group of women who convinced me that the passion was there, and Victoria doesn't really seem to be trying. Once her mate enters the scene, I wasn't too entertained. There was just something about the overall segment that was lackluster, and Valentino never really shows she has a beast, even if her mate eggs her on a great deal.

Fun with Tour Guides

De' Bella is a pretty entertaining woman to watch. Though she's not as drop dead gorgeous as the other women in this anthology, that's helped by the fact that she's charismatic, willing, and just all out inviting to those who seek the fantasy to go further in this release. De' Bella begins by guiding us into her house, and masturbating with a golden vibrator of all things, and helps us understand that there is hard fucking to come, and she's more than happy to oblige her mates. Further helping the tour along, she proceeds to flirt with the camera, and puts the moves on two young men who grab a few blows from the woman and engage in a rough and vicious threesome that was rather entertaining to say the least. There's a reason this woman was left for last, because her segment is raucous and fun, and she's a prime Milf for this movie. She's fucked from both holes simultaneously, deep throats, and engages in the whole kit and caboodle, and she closes out an otherwise interesting segment with sex appeal.

DVD Specs


The video for "Mommy Fucks Best 2" is rather crisp, with some stark but vibrant colors and comes to DVD in a full screen format. Though the picture can look a little dull at times, the direction quality provides a sharp and vibrant video that's watchable.


The sound, though not entirely perfect, is well enough that it allows you an awfully close listen to the sounds on screen. This means that you can hear the pounding, the moaning, the discussions, the slapping, and most importantly, you can hear the heavy fucking when things get heated. The screams never become muffled or distorted, and thankfully the microphone is kept at enough of a distance where we can hear the action, but not to where it becomes deafening.


As for the extras, we don't receive a great deal of insider documentaries, as well as good tidbits for a DVD release that boasts of a seal of approval to prove it's an official Platinum X release. Aside from Scene Selection, we receive a cumshot recap that's entertaining enough, as its fun to see the women reacting to the shooting. There's also the Behind the Scenes which is almost a half hour, and features interviews with the actresses and dabbles into their own hilarious commentary, and the director goofing around with the cast and resembles home videos instead of an inside glimpse at the shooting. We get to talk to Demi Delia who babbles on about school, and her lap dancing, and how her husband feels about her career, along with Alisandra, who prefers to keep the illusion and flirt with the director rather than be interviewed... not that I'm complaining. We also have interviews with De' Bella who cops to having a lot of sexual experience, which will inspire a few "Duh" reactions from the viewer, and Victoria Valentino who is a lot more charismatic during her interview than her segment. Of course, my favorite interview is with Kayla, who is charming and sexy without the lingerie, and shows a great deal of personality. Even though the title "Behind the Scenes" is misleading, it's an entertaining short, nonetheless. There's also access links to Platinum X which is really something I've gone over a few times, and doesn't entirely count as an extra.

Final Thoughts:

Though there are some moments where the movie can tend to be repetitive, along with Victoria Valentino's pretty lack luster segment, "Mommy Fucks Best 2" has plenty of replay value with some excellent segments of gorgeous older women engaging in vicious fucking, and I had a blast. There are some interesting extras, great picture, and of course the memories of watching the beautiful Kayla Synz.

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