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Cream Pie P.O.V. 8

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/2/07

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Genre: Straight-Creampies


Cast: Sarah Blue, Rosses, Christina Lee, Morgan Moon, Lucky

Length: 2 hrs

Production Date: Devil's Films, 2007

Scene Selection: Without Act Access
Music on/off Option: Trailers:
Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film seems to be in standard 2.0 stereo. I wasn't able to detect any enhancement. There is the much appreciated music on/off toggle option. The Video, however, is shot in HD Widescreen and since wifey thinks an HD isn't in our budget, the movie looked just fine on my standard boob tube.

Body of Review: Devil's Film soars through the numeric system with volume 8 of Cream Pie POV. It's your typical 5 scene flick, geared toward those who want to feel a part of the action with intimate point of view shots. Each scene guarantees a creampie in the pink or the stink and for those with HD teleys, you're in for a special treat.

Scene 1: Sarah Blue
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Vaginal Creampie
First on this POV flick is Sarah Blue. Sarah is a highly attractive blond, with small, perky tits and great toned legs. She has a thing for making funny faces to the camera in between rubbing her globe-like ass and the moist tissue beneath her landing strip. Sarah is the ideal woman. The first POV scene is up close to her vag and ass, as the camera man fingers her twat and lets her taste her pussy. Sarah performs a sexy bj, taking her time to get all surfaces before we take the roll of the cameraman's dong and plough at her coochie. Up close we can see all the nasty details and when Sarah gets into cowgirl, the vid does it's job and makes us feel like we're right there. Sarah's chunky ass is exciting and she will jump off her rod to lick it clean. The action is on par with your usual and Sarah continues to grimace and make funny/cute faces which mixes things a tad. I did feel that the camera was far too jerky. And while I understand the attempt to create POV, one's pov isn't typically like that of a bobble-head figure. Some of the shots felt distanced too, even though they were likely taken at arm's length. POV to means point of view, not the view of others. A fair rating for some fair fucking. The creampie at the end is messy and sexy, but unremarkable.

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Scene 2: Rosses
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, ATP, Anal Creampie
Rosses is a gothish red head wearing an all-body net outfit. Her pink nipples poke through the holes nicely and this crotchless outfit displays her pencil thin bush and salmon-colored pussy lips. A decent looking startlet, Rosses has some uber-hot features, like her slim vag and plump red lips that look amazing glossing over cock. Taking on a thick dick is second hand nature to Rosses and she likes it when her throat is stuffed to the max. The faceless penis tears through her vag and slips down to her asshole, which happily opens and accepts. Most of the anal boning is missionary style, so the opening balloon knot is a tad hard to see. Finally Rosses gets on her knees and homeboy plows her pussy then her ass, leading to minor gapes and sexy ATMs and ATPs. A long cornholing results in the guy losing his load. Rosses pushes it out of her ass in nice segmented cords and the guy gives it to her to eat. A satisfying scene, but the POV thing seems inconsistent. Coupled with a fair screw, there's room for improvement.

Scene 3: Christina Lee
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Vaginal Creampie
Next up is Christina Lee, an actress I'm not familiar with. Christina is probably much younger than she looks, but her tan ages her skin and that haircut is either a wig or the worse hack job in history. The only thing this reviewer is steamed about is a pair of natural and very jiggly cute breasts and her meaty thighs, which are dreamy in black stockings. Christine gives the on screen hardon the old nice rub, stroking the shaft and slobbing mainly on the tip. It doesn't look like a bag of chips, but her tongue stud I'm sure feels nice. He poles her shaft, first in missionary and then in a much better cowgirl POV, followed by a super nice ass-in-your-face reverse cowgirl. Christina isn't much to watch on more than one level, but the camera shots are hot enough to enjoy and make you appreciate that fast-forward button. There is a vaginal creampie, but it takes much fingering to bring out of the dark.

Scene 4: Morgan Moon
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATP, ATM, Anal Creampie
Wow, except for those stupid braids in her hair, Morgan Moon is an absolute doll. Adorable, sharp featured face. soft eyes, and a pair of cans that are so perfectly gropable they'll have you fondling your television. Add to all this a firm ass that doesn't mind a fingering and a vag with a small patch of hair, Morgan is easily one of the sexiest stars to grace my eyes. She begins with a slow blowjob. It looks like she really wants to enjoy his cock, as she takes her time. Morgan doesn't look that young, but there's a pristine innocence about her that paints her as a first timer. (of course I doubt this, but I think it's worth peeking at her catalog). Morgan accepts a fairly tame drilling that isn't rushed and then slips into an anal jacking. Sadly, most of her scene she is on her back or on her side, and she does little more than play with those angelic tits. Reverse Cowgirl reveals the bright red balloon knot nestled between her plump butt cheeks. The fucking is becoming monotonous scene to scene and we're left again with a fairly lousy creampie, although it is a tad messier than the one before. Not exactly what I'd expect from a creampie series.

Scene 5: Lucky
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal Creampie
Lucky has the dilemma of the Miss America vibe. She looks like a replica of a thousand other girls. But that doesn't mean she isn't hot. Her sweet face is studded with a nose ring and her long stems could make her a leg model. Perfectly featured all around, she really is the type you've seen before. Don't let this stop you from enjoying her soft lips around a cock, sliding it around in her mouth with her eyes set on the camera. Lucky has a greater role than the other gals. She takes the lead a few times and does the fucking for herself. This provides some hot POV shots because the camera is allowed to sit still and focus. A knockout cowgirl gets her pussy real creamy and she makes sure to yum this up in a ptm. Lucky's scene isn't much different in terms of positions or acts, but it is better in all other markets. An anal creampie is mediocre and leaves her pussy looking like a blown tire.

Concluding Words: I've not seen many POV flicks, so I'll be the first to admit, I'm not terribly familiar with styles, techniques, etc. As a curious consumer however, I can fairly assume that a point of view flick is going to make me feel a part of the action. I didn't feel that here. At times, I felt that it was the viewer and the girl, but too often the camera pulled away (even if it was at arm's length of the filmer) and I found myself thinking, "This isn't my POV, this is my son of a bitch perverted brother on the couch." The moments that were true POV, were satisfying. The action is close, well shot (although at times a bit shaky) and generally pleasing. But there was very little time in which the women did the fucking, so as the guy is busy banging, he's also filming--how anyone can so much as remember to breathe while banging is beyond me. So there's a lot on the guy's plate. When the gals took the helm, the camera is able to relax and focus on true POV shots. This is when the flick is at its best, but sadly, it's not often. There are some hot talents here, names unfamiliar to me, but ones definitely worthy a look--particularly Morgan and Lucky. Despite all the hoopla of being shot in HD and POV there's much room for improvement here, beginning with a different title, as the POV is fair and the creampies lousy. Rent It


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