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Crude Oil 2

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Crude Oil 2

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Interracial

Director: Dawayne Dane

Cast: Sara Jay, Rico Strong, Mayara Rodrigues, Franco Roccaforte, Ketelin, Cuntre Loc, Krystal Jordan, Kid Jamaica, Brianna Love, Ju Pantera

Length: 140:41 minutes

Date of Production: 4/4/2006 to 4/27/2007

Extra's: The extras started off with a 12:21 minute long compilation of dance routines by the ladies as they oiled up to the beat of the admittedly weak music. Sara Jay began the show and fans of hers will find this footage invaluable for their personal pleasuring but the other ladies had some fun too. There was also a photogallery and a double sided DVD cover with slipcase, a cumshot loop from the scenes, and a short Behind the Scenes feature lasting 6:34 minutes. It was interesting seeing Chris Streams working as a second fiddle and the limited nudity and extra sex but it was fun while it lasted. For those who care, there were also trailers to shows like Face Invaders 1, Whack JobsBlow Me Sandwich 9, Ass Cleavage 8, Who's Your Daddy 9, Girlvana 2, Cum Hungry Leave Full 2, and Grand Theft Anal 9.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Crude Oil 2 was presented in the old school 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Dawayne Dane for Zero Tolerance. The lighting was very good, limiting the grain and video noise while providing accurate fleshtones on the cast. The picture wasn't always perfect but the composition of the shots was as solid as I remember Dawayne providing in the past, always trying to enhance the look of the ladies in their scenes substantially, if able. The fleshtones were accurate and in technical terms, some care was applied to the production. There were no compression artifacts observed and the overall visual quality was pretty good, as expected. The audio registered on my receiver as 2.0 Dolby Digital English at a 192 Kbps bitrate but the vocals varied a fair amount in terms of loudness and the music ended after the scenes truly began. I didn't notice anything that would give your home theatres a work out but the audio properties did not detract from the experience except when the background noise from some scenes was too loud (dogs, trucks, etc.). Fans of Spanish can listen to the secondary audio track in that language too; I found it to be an okay dub though only spot checked it.

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Body of Review: Zero Tolerance is best known as a gonzo production outfit that started when the owner split off from Metro Interactive to reap the benefits of his hard work (at least initially, the hard work of a particular director by the way). While the specifics of the company's initial mission statement were tossed aside years ago, they have evolved into a decent outfit that routinely offers up straightforward porn that lends a specific kink to each title. One of their usual production crew members is Dawayne Dane and on occasion, he directs for them too, usually focusing his effort in a subsidiary but typically providing some nice work. His latest release for the company is Crude Oil 2, the sequel to Crude Oil 1; where ladies of all types were given the formula of oiling up their bodies during tease before doing interracial with a number of black performing males. Interracial gonzo is popular enough to support decent sales and I have long appreciated oil used in porn (Elegant Angel making it one of their signature niches of late) so I can admit that I liked the premise and how it was handled here more than a little bit in the six scenes. The back cover said it like this: "Real crude oil is used to fuel cars, warm houses, and supply energy -- our Crude Oil just fuels these crazy bitches sex drives and keeps their snatches smoldering hot! These horny whores will do anything to get their pussies and asses pumped full of liquid black gold! With gas prices at an all-time high, get your supply of the oil that lubricates your pleasure rod instead of draining your wallet! Watch as oily whores get drilled and blanketed with slick black semen!" If this sounds interesting to you, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Sara Jay, a robust young lady with the curviest body I've ever seen in a Zero Tolerance movie, was up first in the shade of some trees outside, pouring oil over her thick curves I like so much. The camera had a tough time keeping her sweet body centered but she was having a grand old time gyrating and wiggling about as she poured baby oil on herself. The tiny blue bikini did not last very long as she massaged her body very seductively, the scene moving onto the living room carpet for Rico Strong to join her. I like gals built for comfort over speed so I found her appealing and a great gal to start off the movie with; Rico apparently agreeing with my assessment given the attention he gave the junk in her trunk. This led to her aggressively sucking off his cock, using her hand to gland combat style as a means of augmenting her mouth to get him rock hard. He gave her a titty fuck before drilling her pussy hard in numerous positions, Sara loving it as she impaled herself on his meaty pole. She looked at her best when on top of him (her fleshy ass cheeks rippling nicely while she ground her hips into him); eventually coaxing out his load of population pudding onto her ass. It was a solid opening scene with serious replay value.

Scene Two: Mayara Rodrigues, a skinny Latina wearing a red metallic bikini on the deck outside, was up next as she followed the formula handily. This differences between her body and Sara's were plentiful, almost as if the director was purposely trying to diversify the cast immediately, but her dark tan looked nice and if you like boyish bodies on a gal; she will appeal to you. The oiling up took center stage as she rubbed it all in during some solo work on the deck chair, peeling off her attire to provide Franco Roccaforte easier access to her frame. He went down on her and she responded well, reciprocating by slobbing his knob while standing (though the shadows were too much for the camera to effectively handle). They began boning on the deck when he picked her up and gave her a vaginal screw while standing, Mayara sitting him down to get some PTM and show how active she could be while on top. She moaned a lot and gyrated her hips on his cock, elevating a scene that started off slowly for me, the pair moving into anal where she kept up the pace. The scene seemed short to me as the facial came out of nowhere (technically, it came out of his cock but you know what I mean) but she proved to be a skilled performer after all.

Scene Three: Ketelin, a curvy gal with a splendid ass wearing a neon green piece of string, was up next at night on the deck by the pool as she oiled up her all natural body with gobs of baby oil. While built for speed, she had some sexy meat on her bones that really appealed to me, especially her sweet ass that ate the bathing suit easily while she danced around in the silent setting. The flexible gal made sure she was covered all over her slick frame when she beckoned Cuntre Loc over to her so she could suck him off. He continued to pour oil on her but she did not seem to notice as she focused all of her attention on working his pipe; the man spouting off in a foreign tongue to her as he gave her ass some extra oil while fingering her perfect pucker. This soon led to him porking the pucker and her doing ATM, the gal actively wiggling her meaty ass on his rod even when he stood there spanking it but not pumping himself inside of her. While I am not a fan of gapes, she proved to have an extended hang time in that regard, and took the anal well, bouncing on his shaft as she made sure to keep the lube flowing. It ended when he bust a nut into her open mouth, her eyes remaining open as seemed to debate swallowing it down (she did not).

Scene Four: Krystal Jordan, another gal with a lean but curvy body barely covered by a colorful bikini, was up next in the master bathroom as she applied the baby oil all over her ass and frame. Her strong legs and all natural breasts (really small ones at that) looked good oiled up as did her cookie when she yanked the suit up her crack to give a delightful camel toe display. She did not get as much a chance to tease or masturbate as the other gals did, Kid Jamaica unable to wait patiently to claim his prize for the day. He disrobed her and saw her drop to her knees to blow him; the lady focusing most of her efforts on the tip of his penis while spitting on it instead of some superior head as shown previously (especially by Sara). The oiled shaft being mechanically worked over by Krystal did little to make me hot, Kid feeling the need to micromanage her actions throughout the scene. He went right to screwing her pussy and she moaned a lot but remained otherwise passive for most of the scene, getting better when on top of him thankfully enough as her body glistened from the indoor lighting. They boned until he rubbed out a modest load onto her crotch and lower stomach, the gal having little of consequence to say as the camera faded out.

Scene Five: Brianna Love, the sexy young blond featured on the DVD cover in her pink outfit (on the cover it looked purple), was up next outside by the pool. In recent times, she has filled out really well, her ass getting thicker yet her face remaining very appealing as she has resisted getting implants that many of us hate. The scene was noisy because of the waterfall in the background but she was an old pro when it came to the oiling up and tease sequence outside. Except for the noise, the filtered lighting under the canopy of trees looked nice on her but she was next seen continuing her act in the living room with some camel toe work enhancing her cookie all the more. The tease led to Rico Strong taking over from her, snacking on her lovely crack before she aggressively blew him with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She focused too much on the tip as well but in her case, I had the impression that it was due to her need for seed and wanting him porking her pussy hard. He began doing so slowly as she rubbed her clitoris, increasing the tempo with time to make her squeal delightfully. This was not her most active ride but her ass cheeks rippled so nicely that I was fixated on their motion. She did better as the scene wore on though, pumping her ass up and down on his cock to go balls deep while their sweat replaced the oil. I expected her to do anal but wasn't bothered when she did not, the ending facial coating her mouth and the gal rubbing into her face rather than swallowing it.

Scene Six: Ju Pantera, a seductive Latina with a muscular ass and darkly tanned body was up next as she eyed the camera like it were a cock. She wasn't as good at oiling up as some of the others but aside from all the background noises (trucks backing up and road traffic mostly), she had my full attention in her sheer pink bikini outfit. The camel toe and wedgy she gave herself set the stage nicely for her tease but also for her work with Franco Roccaforte; the gal disrobing before dropping to her knees to please him orally. She was a natural with a cock in her mouth, oiling it up before tending to his balls. They might have lacked in the chemistry department but her performance skills were such that most people aren't going to notice, the gal rimming his ass to get him especially excited. If you like salad tossing, there are other flicks devoted to it though and she went back to jerking him off into her mouth during a longer blowjob before the pair started screwing. She was moderately active until on top of him, the gal just getting into the swing of things when they went to a much slower anal (the dogs barking in the background made me long for better sound too). It was not the best scene of the show but served to close things out well enough though as he busted a nut into her mouth but she did not swallow it for those who care.

Summary: Crude Oil 2 by director Dawayne Dane for Zero Tolerance had some excellent scenes and some that were merely good but they averaged out to a rating of Recommended thanks in large part to the selection of ladies, the heated performances some of them gave, the amount of strokability and replay value, and the overall levels of fuck for the buck. In short, Crude Oil 2 might not have been as consistently heated as Crude Oil 1 but it was well worth your time, money, and seed.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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