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Kink Factory, The

Studio: Intense » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 8/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Kinky/Fetish Feature
Director: Unknown
Cast:: Dionne, Jessica Moore, Melissa Black, Patricia, Sabrina, Tera Joy
Length: 125 mins
Production Date: 2006


In a Nutshell - Glamorous and Groin Grabbing
Presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen image (and a cover art claim that the title is "shot in HD", whatever that means), The Kink Factory looks very good on the DVD format. The colors are bright, the skintones correct, and the overall attention to detail very focused. In general, this is a very professional and polished transfer.

In a Nutshell - Uninspired
Representing a troubling new trend in digital packaging, the added content provided here is almost nonexistent. We are treated to a photo gallery, a cumshot 'parade", and that's it. No trailers. No bonus scene. No cast interviews, behind the scenes featurette, or individual filmographies. While many of the items a XXX title feels are quality extras (website info, phone sex ads) are missing, the lack of real context is disconcerting.


First Impressions:
What, exactly, is kink? Especially in today's taboo-busting dynamic where individuals will try almost anything for some manner of sexual satisfaction. For the makers of this rather effective erotica, the answer is simple - get an actress, dress her up in rubber/vinyl/some type of uniform, and let her fuck. Ta-da! Instant perversion, right? Well, not quite. The Kink Factory is set up as a flagrant fetish title, but then ends up skimping on the kind of niche naughtiness that defines the genre. Instead, we get photo shoot posing acting as fake freakiness, and the standard suck and fuck we've come to anticipate from such a situation. Sure, there are a few eccentric moments here and there - an old man paired up with a young gun, a pair of real oversized tits flapping in the fornication breeze - but overall, anyone hoping to see true kinky carnality exposed and explored will be deeply dissatisfied. The label is all a gimmick, a stunt to substitute safe sex for the more adventurous amore.

The Sex Scenes:
If there is a single saving grace to The Kink Factory's otherwise flim flam filmmaking, it's the level of porn proficiency among its cast. All six ladies here are lovely, with a couple arguing for their status as future XXX superstars. The level of loving is aggressive without being brutal, and a real connection can be felt between each corporeal coupling. Sure, the sizzle tends to die down toward the end, but in general, we really do feel the heat being generated by these pros. Gonzo can have their 'you are there' pro-am moments, and features can thumb through the industry's dossiers to find the hottest hardcore names. But careful casting can make or break a XXX title. The passion present in The Kink Factory is a testament to such copulation considerations.

Scene 1:Sabrina
Acts Performed:Rubber Outfit Action, Cabaret, Masturbation, Tit Fucking, Blowjob, Rough Fingering, Rubber Boot Fu, Face Fucking, Reverse Cowgirl, V to M, 69, Face Sitting, Cowgirl, Pile Driver, Vaginal Gaping, Spoon, $hot to Mouth
Score:3 out of 5

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Looking fetching as Hell in her glossy outfit, Sabrina works her slick suit in a perfect exhibition of come hither cabaret. By the time her middle aged man meat shows up to join in the gyrations, we're ready to rock and roll. Thankfully, this pair is up to the task, and they treat us to an effective slice of smut. You know you're in the capable hands of trained porn professionals when even the odder moments (man fucks boot???) and usual conventions (attempted vaginal gaping) get you good and engorged.

Scene 2:Melissa Black
Acts Performed:Oil Cabaret, Doggy, Anal Spoon, Toe Sucking, Mish, Vaginal Gaping, Anal Mish, Foot Fucking, Anal Pile Driver, V to A to M, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Doggy, $hot inside Mouth
Score:2.5 out of 5
First off, nothing says steamy sexuality better than a well oiled body. Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the Big Wet Asses line of lewdness. Yummy. Here, Ms. Black bastes herself well, and then waits for her paramour to pile on the pump. Unfortunately, the minute her Mister shows up, he heads straight for the shitter. Indeed, the entire sequence is nothing but anal, anal, and more anal. Now, far be it for the Dirge to complain about a wealth of backdoor action, but there's no real lead-in to the sudden butt banging. The scene is still smoking, but a little pre-pooper foreplay would have been nice.

Scene 3:Dionne
Acts Performed:Uniform Cabaret, Cunnilingus, Salad Tossing, Tongue Fucking, Squirting, Rough Play, Face Slapping, Choking, Hair Pulling, Face Fucking, Pile Driver, Domination, A to V to M, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Scissors, Anal Spoon, Gaping, $hot to Mouth
Score:2.5 out of 5
This is a very disconcerting scene, made all the worse by how fiery the fucking is. You see, Dionne is doing the nurse bit, and for a while, we allow her partner to get more than a little aggressive with her. But then he slaps her face. And then he does it again. Before long, he is manhandling this honey in the worst way possible. Between the choking and gagging, the hair pulling and the overall sense of domination, we are stuck watching a domestic disturbance play out right before our eyes. And yet the actual fornication is un-fucking-forgettable. It's a really sad state of affairs. So take it from Double D - guys, it's not groovy beating up on babes while you ball them. It just isn't.

Scene 4:Jessica Moore
Acts Performed:Rubber Suit Action, Cabaret, Masturbation, Face Fucking, Blowjob, Tit Fucking, Anal Pile Driver, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Spoon, Rubber Sucking, $hot to Mouth
Score:2.5 out of 5
In a near duplication of Scene 1, Jessica puts on a light blue rubber outfit and prances around like a horny toady. Then her paid partner shows up and they proceed to 'get it on'. After a bunch of standard sex, he lets loose with the wiener water and it's all over. Nothing too fancy or fun - just XXX entertainment at its most uniform and uninvolving. The only plus side? Ms. Moore's luscious natural tits. These whoppers waltz around with a mind of their own, which is such an old school treat, especially when compared to those jugs that are jerryrigged right onto a torso, immobile and unable to achieve their erogenous purpose.

Scene 5:Tera Joy
Acts Performed:Oil Cabaret, Cowgirl, Anal Mish, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, A to M, Anal Doggy, $hot to Mouth
Score:1.5 out of 5
She's the cover art gal. She gets a "starring" credit on the front of the box as well. So why does Ms. Joy's scene suck so hard - and not in a good way? Well, it could be the direction. There is an overreliance on editing and camera fanciness that really fouls things up. Then there is the true lack of ardor between the actors. Ms. Joy is giving it all she can, but her screw stud is just dick on a doorknob. He's merely making do, going through the motions to get the job done. Not the best way to achieve hardcore happiness in your customer.

Scene 6:Patricia
Acts Performed:Anal Doggy, A to M, Blowjob, Ball Sucking, Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Spoon, Anal Tongue Fucking, Tit Fucking, Anal Pile Driver, $hot to Chest
Score:2 out of 5
The final sequence is hard to define. The kink is unclear (another uniform? The oddly out of place syringe?), and the direct jump into anal is a tad abrupt. But Patricia and her paramour bring it all together toward the end and deliver a very arousing sex scene. Granted, it's still not as hot as other pairings presented, but we'll take the increase in erotica after Tera's terrible tool time.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating:2.5 out of 5 (Recommended)
Cohabitation Certification:Granted
Using a cost/benefit form of analysis, what we wind up with here are four good scenes, one troublesome sequence, and a real flop of a finale. Still, a 66% return on your ribaldry isn't too bad, considering the unfocused format being forwarded. Though it's about as perverted as a puppy, The Kink Factory still delivers some decent diddling. Therefore, it easily earns a Recommended rating. Couples will enjoy the level of erotica offered. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is clearly mandated. The next time DVD distributor Intense wants to take on the weird, wicked, and wanton, they need to bone up on the bizarre. There are plenty of XXX titles far freakier than this.


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