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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 37

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/2/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Matt Clouse

The Movie:

On their last night in Hawaii, the dudes throw down with plenty of booze and naughty hijinx leading to some very hot man-on-man action the next morning.

Hula Dudes:

The guy's forth day in Hawaii starts with a vivid colorful rainbow in the sunny/misty sky. Caleb (good-looking with brown hair, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body), Paul (good-looking with dark buzz cut, hairy/husky body), Brett (cute with red buzz cut, toned/smooth body), and Duke (cute with buzz cut, toned/smooth body) are hanging out on the deck wearing grass skirts and slammin' down the beers 'n cocktails under Chinese lanterns. Always the show-off, Caleb performs an exotic hula dance while Brett sprays him with bug repellant. The guys line up and get down to some "traditional" Hawaiian dances with Paul cracking the other's up: husky dude performing a delicate dance complete with hand motions. Brett's the dude with the cool/deadpan sense of humor and it's in full swing when he fake cries racing off screaming "I hate all of you". He does a great drama queen impersonation. All the while the dudes are tippin' back the ice-cold beers, smoking cigarettes, and flashing their cut cocks through the skimpy strands of their hula skirts. Paul constantly shows his full dark pubes, plump hangy nuts, and fat dong. Hot dude!

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As the day turns into night, the dudes are completely liquored up and guards are let down. Paul places a strawberry between his butt cheeks and Caleb eats it. Director/Camera-Op Matt can be heard saying, "Where's the booze? We need more booze!" Paul rubs his big ol' nuts and cock on Caleb's face and Caleb kisses the large purple knob. Dean (handsome muscle-bound with brown hair and smooth body) and Sonny (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) return to the cabin bring "party favors" that includes a blonde blow-up doll named "Betsy" who has a vacant expression on her face with heavy blue eye shadow and a permanently open mouth. Drunk out of their minds, the dudes take turns fucking Betsy's "pussy" and "rosebud". Dean ends up working his generous foreskin and squirting a large thick load on her face while Caleb shouts "Do her up! Do her up!" Brett jacks his plump cut cock busting his thick nut on a plate that has a face drawn on it as Caleb shoots off on his closely trimmed/almost shaved pubes.

Field Sex:

Cleaned up from a night of boozy debauchery, the dudes make their way through some tall grass and find a nice shady area to get down to business. They remove their shorts and start stroking their dicks to hardness. This is the last time on the trip for the guys to earn some extra money so they are more than willing to be frisky. Paul grabs Brett's cock as Brett wraps his fist around Paul's dong and the dudes' stroke each other's tools. Caleb jacks Dean's uncut cock working the foreskin up 'n over that moist purple knob. Hot! Brett must be extra horny as he's the first to pop a nice thick load that belches out of his flared purple cock head. Hot!

Dean and Caleb get down to some heavy make-out sucking each other's tongues as Paul and Sonny stroke each other's rigid members. Dean sucks Sonny's nuts as Caleb has his face buried between Sonny's sexy butt cheeks. Dean yanks on Sonny's big hard dick while Sonny reaches over and jacks Duke's cock. Duke sucks Caleb's balls and jacks Caleb's stiff wang. Paul plays with Sonny's nuts and there's a very nice camera shot from behind of Sonny's tight hairy bunghole.

Brett beats Caleb's large hard cock as Paul feeds Caleb his hairy 'n hangy nuts leading Caleb to suck those big fuckers. Dean licks Sonny's hairy asshole as Duke sucks Sonny's balls. Paul is the next to cut loose with a thick load onto the grass. Dean chows down on Caleb's tube steak sliding his mouth up 'n down for a short time. Sonny gets down on Dean's unclipped prick sliding it down his throat while Duke licks Sonny's balls and Brett licks/sucks Caleb's nuts. Hot! Sonny rubs Dean's tight hairy touchhole and Duke's sexy very hairy butt is on display showing off that pucker.

Caleb strokes off shooting a wet load on the side of Duke's face and his chin. Fucking hot! Sonny jacks off quickly sliding his tight right fist up 'n down the hard shaft shooting a large thick load of jizz on the side of Duke's face while playing with his own butt hole. Dean frantically beats his cock working the ample and tasty foreskin squirting a huge wet load all over Caleb as he lays in the grass. Last but certainly not least, Duke pulls his pud dumping a very thick load on the grass. Hot scene!



"SCM Volume 37" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. Matt's hand-held videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups and excellent cum shots. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear the dudes crack jokes, tease each other, yell for more booze, and generally get loud 'n rowdy as they become increasingly liquored up. Paul is hilarious slurring his words in that sexy thick Boston accent and babbling incoherently about someone named "Jack". Matt laughingly points out that there isn't anyone named Jack here (none of the dudes' unknown real names are Jack).


The disc includes an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for: "Joey" (very cute dude with short brown hair, the beginnings of a goatee, toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, and cut cock), "Duke", and "Paul & Dean" The extra CD ROM features previews for: Paul, Dean, and Ryan", "Paul and Dean", "Davis", Brett and Trevor", "Log Cabin Weekend: Day 2", "Damon and Lucca", "Bill", "Jesse", and "Hugh". Also included is a full-color catalogue of all the SCM titles.

Final Thoughts:

Ha! SCM Volume 37 is a wonderfully entertaining installment and a perfect way to end the dudes' Hawaiian vacation. These dudes really let their hair down once the beer and cocktails course through their bloodstreams leading to some hilarious moments such as Paul's hula dance, Brett's fake drama queen meltdown, and the guys having their way with trashy blow-up slut "Betsy". The next day once the booze has worn off, the dudes get down to some sexy action with tongue kissing, cock sucking, balls sucking, eating assholes, and plenty of nut busting. Matt's hand-held camera doesn't miss anything as he's busy making sure he gets complete coverage of all the action. I dig all of these dudes but have a special favorite with Brett. He has a cool offbeat sense of humor that I find hilarious. I recommend for fans of the series as well as those who may not be familiar with these wild dudes. Fun times!

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