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Mexicunts 5

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/4/07

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Genre: Straight-Latina

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Felony, Christina Agave, Eva Angelina, Elena Heiress, Emma Cummings, Ava Lauren

Length: 2hrs 5 min

Production Date: Mayhem, 2007

Chapter Selection:With Act Access
Behind the Scenes: Runs 15 minutes and is good footage of the stars in between scene, being themselves.
Popshot Recap
Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 as expected, but is completely satisfying. Scenes are a combination of indoors and out, but we are mostly free of background sounds. The Video of the flick is Full Frame Color and although it claims to be shot in HD, it really looks crappy. The first scenes are decent, and include some unbelievable closeups. But everything fell apart in the end.

Body of Review: Mexicunts 5 sounds a bit degrading, but these Latina lushes don't mind the name calling. They know who they are and what they've got. Mayhem pictures generally does a good job of producing solid action with some hardcore edge. Throw in a little Mexican spice and you've just ordered one fucking hot dish.

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Scene 1: Felony
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, PTM, ATM, DP, Facial
You can't have a Mexican without a backyard party, which is exactly how this movie opens. All the lovely women and some goofily dressed hombres are salsaing around the backyard, where, conveniently, there happens to be a large, plush couch. Felony is a decent looking Latina, with all the features one wants. Thick ass, big boobs, a bit heavy but hot. Things begin on a clumsy foot, as she tries to undress two guys and whip out their schlongs. She sets to work on their hard dicks, sucking and blowing making a ton of spit drip from her mouth. Deep throat banging with a little Corona poured on his dick makes a messy fiesta. Felony growls as she gobbles their cocks allowing deep probing which causes her to puke up what looks like beer. This sort of beery vomit just adds more lube and Felony is able to truck on. The guys twist her like a pretzel so that each is getting a piece of the action. An innocent threesome triangle leads to a hardcore dp that stretches her asshole until it looks like it's going to rip. Felony screams like a banshee and gets a break only to suck their cocks. They fuck her in a good variety of fresh positions leading into an anal piledriver that gives good footage of Mexicunt gaping. The boning is standard, but there are times when it stands out. Such as the piledriver, the Corona vomit, and a number of close up shots of dick in her ass. Both guys unload into her mouth, and while it's not the best ejaculate, she works with what she's got.

Scene 2: Christina Agave
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial
Christina doesn't look that much Mexican, but we all come in various shapes and colors. Whatever she is, Christina is a cutie. Mid 20s perhaps with great thighs and a small chest. She glosses through her blowjob and takes his cock for a ride, first in the pus and then quickly into the ass. ATMs are no thing for Christina. She leaps from his cock and happily gobbles any remnants of her colon. Her pussy is as red and wet as a slice of watermelon, but it's her asshole that gets most of the action. This flick has a great way of making all the details shine; her wet snatch glistens, her baloon knot is stretched and about as graphic as one could want. I wish the camera had given more footage of her face and that her tiny breasts could have seen some action, but all in all, this is good, boning--though it does lack the intensity of the first scene. A thick load makes its way into her hot, Latin mouth and she gives it some thought before swallowing.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
We all should know Eva by now. I think she's been in just about every genre or theme-driven film possible. But we could never grow tired of her smoking, full body and sweet as hell face. Eva and her partner begin 69ing, with her slobbing his knob and he licking the folds of her vag. Eva's asshole eyes the camera and puckers out while he chews. Vaginal fucking is only a tease for upcoming anal because the entire time, her balloon knot is front and center. So I was saddened when all we got was pussy pounding and the back door remained shut (although it looks like it's seen action, I can't remember of Eva allows rear deliveries). Nonetheless, that's why you should never hope kids. Eva makes up for all the ass tease when she endures a thick wad of cum to her cute face. Plastered like a Pollock, Eva can do little more than smile.

Scene 4: Elena Heiress
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Cumshot
Poolside, Latina babe Elena is lounging, enjoying a cocktail when her waiter decides to give her special attention. He begins by eating her pussy which looks like a strip of black licorice wrapped around a cherry. The scene goes completely old school here; the lighting is poor, the film grainy, it all looks like a clip from the 80s. I'm not sure what happened to the clean image, but the time warp threw me off. And Elena isn't really that remarkable. A decent, dark skinned gal with the typical thick ass and little pooch. This scene is purely vaginal, and no matter how you slice or dice it, it just ain't gonna cook. The picture is just too poor.

Scene 5: Emma Cummings & Ava Lauren
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, Facial
The last scene on the disc is off to a bad start. The picture quality is low grade and has some hazing blue and red tones. Add to this the duo of less than exciting starlets Emma and Ava, and we've established that this flick just decided to give up halfway through. The triple action provides fair PTM and girl on girl 69 action. And although there still remains the glistening pussy juices and spread snatch, the image is so damn poor I want to hang myself. A dual action facial is always a crowd pleaser, but by this point there's no reason to bother.

Concluding Words: The disc started with a fair amount of promise. It quickly established itself as a lower end fuck flick, but took the action and production seriously. Scenes 1-3 are strong, include some spicy Latinas that would send us all running for the border, but then it's like the immigration service pulled the plug. The last two acts seemed to be tacked on the end for the sake of needed footage and their quality was way below standard. I enjoyed the first part, although it wasn't anything to write mom about. And Felony's scene, which includes some liquidy upchucking, is far more edgy than the rest of the pic. So there was a mish-mash of talent and sex, none of it really fitting under the same sombrero. Unless you hold a green card, you'll probably not care for this one. Skip It


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