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Lez Cuties 1

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/5/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I've been told by a few friends that lesbian porn in the end is really not as fulfilling as watching a man and a woman fuck, for the simple fact that it's really not as involving. I personally tend to disagree. I'm one who rather enjoys watching two beautiful women completely go wild on one another in the throws of passion and lust, and that's why I was more than willing to approach "Lez Cuties 1" with optimism. If you can believe it, "Lez Cuties 1" has optional voice tracks that are both unusual, and yet very accessible ideas in the end. Available in English, Mexican/Spanish and Canadian/French, you have the option of hearing moans and groans in three different languages. Now that's what I call accessibility. Once you wade through the three utterly entertaining previews, we finally get to a rather entertaining lesbian porno that I intend to view again, and most likely again... even if it's void of any cum shots.

Bedtime Stories: Devora, Ruby

Devora and Ruby are two gorgeous girls who are playing around in their skivvies and listening to bed time stories, when Devora suddenly gets frisky and decides to flirt with her sleepover mate. The two engage in passionate kissing and heavy petting, and are entwined in passion, and the two fuck rather lovingly. They fuck one another with dildos and also put some large beads to use, and the two gorgeous women really make the opener worth remembering in the long run. Two women just completely commit to the scene and make out, and it's a shame we don't see any cumming from either girl, which I can easily forgive since they're both hot enough to warrant a surefire thumbs up from me.

Winner Takes All: Foxy, Priscilla, Sunny

The three beautiful friends, again in their skivvies and on a large bed, pass the time with a game of cards that, of course, transforms into a bonafide threesome involving very handy uses of lollipops that turn into sex toys that any man would enjoy grabbing ahold of, and playful petting that's also rather steamy in the end. The threesome gets really into the casual foreplay, as they finger one another, dabble with fisting, and even make good use of a double sided silver dildo that really takes the cake. All the while, it's another segment void of a cum shot, but still very entertaining.

Bathroom Plays: Aubrie, Eileen

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The set up for this is much less gradual than the others. This is one of the few in the bunch that doesn't really seem to want to pretend it's positing a set up. It just involves two very good looking women who sneak into a bathroom and begin making out rather intensely, and drift into the bathroom sink where we're thrown into a pretty lovely session where the two make out, eat one another out, and exercise a pink dildo that's really a highlight for this segment. The two seem really into one another, and keep it moving as they end up on the bathroom floor just writhing atop one another and selling a rather steamy portion... without any cum shots.

Sexy Snacks: Eileen, Gerda, Olive

Three friends having a time of drinks and snacks suddenly find themselves atop one another along a long black couch, and I wonder why parties I attend don't end that way. Maybe I'm just being invited to the wrong gatherings. Either way, a slight mishap with whipped cream prompts the three girls to begin lightly kissing at one another, and then transforms into a full on hardcore threesome. A few of the three fake reluctance well, watching in innocence and then deciding to join along, and suddenly the jeans come off and the trio are embroiled in heavy fingers, deep kissing, and yet another great segment in this grouping. Once the whip cream comes out, it gets much steamier.

Kitchen Fun: Lis, Wendy

Glancing at the bananas at the top of a counter in a kitchen setting is obviously a device that will be flaunted to its full extent, and was deserving of a standing ovation. What's lacking in the phallic department is compensated with bananas that our two gorgeous women use on one another slightly nibbling at the tips and then setting them aside to kiss with gusto. Lis and Wendy are once again gorgeous mates who nibble at one another's tits, make out passionately, and eventually drift to the kitchen table... and again, just no cum shot.

Seventh Heaven: Foxy, Yvonne

Writhing and masturbating in bed, Foxy is awoken to her friend Yvonne who appears with none other than bananas. Grasping the bananas in her hand, she watches her friend fingering herself, and joins in by rubbing the group of bananas along her body, and turns the unpeeled fruit into creative sex toys for her friend. As with Lis and Wendy, bananas play a key role here, almost like a jab at the fact that men are conspicuously missing from the equation, and it's a fun segment to say the least. Bananas will never look the same to me again, after seeing Foxy be fucked by her mate with a banana. The second half of the segment includes heavy anal play with a light blue dildo that is also rather entertaining considering Foxy looks on in sheer bliss propped on a pillow as she's fucked mercilessly. It's a worthy closer, all around.



The video for this is presented in full screen, and in a vibrant picture that really gives the movie a bubble gum feel. The entire cast are dressed in bright colors, the scenery is colorful, and the photography accentuates the set pieces well.


The sound for this one is pretty crisp and extremely audible. Sometimes I had to turn my television down because every moan, every kiss, and every suck is amplified a great deal leading to a rather involving experience. There's no dialogue which is odd when you consider the different language tracks, but there's plenty of moans and groans to be had that makes this a steamy porno.


We're pretty much ripped off in terms of extras. There aren't any behind the scenes footage, no bloopers, just previews to more 21 Sextury releases, directions on how to connect to the studio through your mobile, and information on the 21 Sextury website that's rather redundant. All in all, it's a bust.

After Thought:

Where are the cum shots? It's a shame that a movie that boasts gorgeous women who are just committed to their lesbian sex scenes would be void of any squirting to completely verify that they're genuinely into one another. Nonetheless, I had fun with "Lez Cuties 1" and loved most of the sex scenes which were packed with young sex kittens writhing and moaning with pure gusto. I just wish we had more in the way of extras and behind the scenes glimpses.

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