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Freshly Fucked #4

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/6/07

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Freshly Fucked 4

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Maestro Claudio Meloni

Cast: Paige Taylor, John Strong, Kylee Reese, Mark Wood, Chastity Essence, Jaye, Barbie Love, Sascha

Length: 143:48 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/9/2007, 4/10/2007, 4/16/2007, 4/18/2007, 4/20/2007

Extra's: The only decent extra this time was the 27:36 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Kristie Love. It consisted largely of a series of interviews and clips from the scenes; all of it adding some extra stroke value for me (though the inclusion of the photoshoot material was questionable at times). There was also a cumshot recap and a photogallery with some additional covers on the second side of the DVD case for those who care as well as a promotional paper insert in the DVD case that gives you five days on a website for the company.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Freshly Fucked 4 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Claudio "Maestro" Meloni for Platinum X Pictures. The lighting was good and that helped keep the grain, video noise, and other flaws to a minimum. The fleshtones were accurate and the camera work was generally good with the composition of the shots enhancing the ladies' looks most of the time. There were no compression artifacts or significant shadows to contend with so I found the picture appealing (as will most people that like solid, flat, lighting as RLD is generally known for providing) and acknowledge Claudio for doing a decent job. The audio was nothing special although encoded in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (the bitrate clocking in at 192 Kbps). The processing done in post production aside, the vocals were seemingly recorded in monaural and the music not a big factor so it wasn't a problem but it wasn't anything worth extra points either. I'm glad the technical aspects were handled so well since Claudio is still relatively inexperienced helming an entire project (even if he has reportedly worked on many projects in an uncredited status).

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Body of Review: Claudio "Maestro" Meloni is a porn director for Platinum X Pictures that seems to be on the rise as some of his peers bail from the company. His works are not consistently heated but he often does a fine job with what he is given to work with, elevating the status of the scenes more than a little bit as he takes performers with limited experience and coaxes the best out of them when they hit it off with their scene partners. His latest title in my hands was Freshly Fucked 4, the sequel to Freshly Fucked 2 that I had seen awhile back as directed by John Strong. The basic idea of the series is to showcase newcomer women to porn, hoping to gain the attention of those of you that enjoy seeing gals of limited experience having sex on camera. My experience is that such women tend to be less skilled at milking a nut but the opportunity of seeing what could be the next big "name: in porn makes such titles worth looking into, even if most of them fall far short and disappear quickly after their debut. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were worn:

Scene One: Paige Taylor, a young brunette with an all natural body, was up first as she stripped during a tease session in the poorly lit (as in too much light) dining room in her black and red outfit. Looking more like a girl next door type than a seasoned porn veteran (except for the tramp stamps), she retired to the bedroom and spread her legs for studly John Strong to begin nailing her without any oral stimulation at all. She moaned and was largely passive, letting him do all the work as she verbally coaxed him in a mechanical, pornish manner on the bed. That led to her doing some PTM on his cock, showing a lack of experience there too but a willingness to try harder that wasn't bad at all. They continued to vaginally screw in numerous positions, the gal passive even when on top of him until well into the scene (and even then playing off her looks too much). It was a generic scene for the most part though I'd honestly like to see her with someone she likes at the helm. The scene ended with him rubbing out a facial of population pudding but it was unclear whether or not she swallowed before the camera faded out.

Scene Two: Kylee Reese, a pale blond newcomer (started in the beginning of December 2006) with pierced titties, was up next in a dream sequence where she dreamt of cock and getting off, resulting in the next best thing as Mark Wood came up to the masturbating chick on the couch. There were some interesting visuals catering to the couples crowd at first but the scene itself was strictly grounded in the gonzo dynamic as she went to work orally on his dick using her mouth. While she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth, she lacked the spontaneity I like to see in my performers, though her shapely body was another worth keeping track of (especially her sweet ass) as she used the couch to her best advantage. She rode his cock much more enthusiastically than Paige had done and that improved her status in my mind a lot; the need for oral training something I'd be willing to offer her for a small fee (perhaps even waiving it if she was nice to me...joking!). The audio seemed to lose synch at one point for a bit but she shook her money maker nicely as she impaled herself vaginally on Mark's member, the taste testing coming late here but the ride the strongest part of the action. They bumped uglies in various positions before he rubbed out his load to her face, little of it going into the mouth as her pretty eyes stared at the camera.

Scene Three: Chastity Essence, a sexy newcomer in her second week (fourth scene) reminding me of a heavily made up Jennifer Jason Leigh (during her "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" days) was up next as she smiled at the camera in various poses wearing a white two piece outfit that looked good on her. Lacking any dance ability, I thought she was extremely cute, even the light coating of hair on her body showing up due to the strength of the lighting and resolution of the cameras. Her tease ended with her placing the cock of John Strong in her mouth in the living room, bobbing her head up and down as she worked the tip while looking at the camera. I got the impression that she was a new stripper turned to porn given her inexperience but John loves them fresh so I could see why he stoked up on her despite her limitations sexually. When she was on top of his cock, she performed fairly actively; her ass cheeks rippling as she bounced, but this was a limited occurrence so your mileage may vary even though she was truly giving off a newcomer vibe. John whipped out his wiener to rub out the load to her face at the end of the scene, holding her head as she clamped down to prevent any semen from getting into her eyes or mouth from the look of it.

Scene Four: Leah Jaye, the sexy brunette cover girl that has shown to be a force for pleasure wherever she shoots her scenes, was up next in the back yard on a sunny day to tease the camera in slow motion. Her tiny black thong showed she had a bit of junk in her trunk but a seductively appealing routine to rely on as she stripped like a champion. Once finished, she ended up walking into the bedroom to suck off Mark Wood; employing some dirty talk as she licked his balls and proved her worthiness to being called oral princess. The hummer was messy and he fucked her face but she used her hand to gland abilities as she readied him for some cookie busting action on the bed. She was loud and active as a fuck buddy, shaking her money maker as her ass cheeks rippled delightfully while on top of his rod. This continued with all the trimmings until she took the inevitable facial; proving herself to be the most consistently appealing performer of the show by far.

Scene Five: Barbie Love, a great looking blond with a fleshy body built for comfort more than speed, was up next as she teased inside on a couch in a moderately lit room. Her all natural body and bedroom eyes were appealing as was her sweet looking cookie, her finger wearing a fuzzy toy from the 2007 AEE Show as she masturbated. The slow motion and amount of close ups weakened the tease but showed she had some serious potential before she ended up under the Wal-Mart lighting of the living room sucking off Sascha. She gave pretty good head as she touched herself, using no hands at times while working his shaft endearingly into her mouth. She was a largely passive vaginal ride though and that took the edge off the heat for me, despite her occasional dirty talk and good looks bolstering up her potential. If any of you have seen her in a better scene, feel free to email me about it as I'd really like to see her do a better job. It ended with a mouth pop as she stared at the camera, swallowing it down easily before the credits rolled.

Summary: Freshly Fucked 4 by director Claudio "Maestro" Meloni for Platinum X Pictures fell short of what I was hoping to see considering the buzz I had heard online but unlike some people, I'm not a slavering fanboy to the flavor of the month type like some seem to be. For me to truly appreciate a gal in porn, she has to show some spark that sets her apart from the endless sea of faces gracing the industry, typically requiring them to be active participants in their scenes rather than lazy fucks reminiscent of contract gals from years gone by. A few of the ladies were clearly better than the others and all of them were attractive enough but my take on Freshly Fucked 4 was that it lacked too much to warrant more than a Rent It, making it a largely weaker effort than Freshly Fucked 2 proved to be last year. If you like the cast, by all means check it out but don't fuss at me if you find the gals less than you had hoped for going into it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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