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Finger Licking Good 4

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/6/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I don't think I've ever seen bad girl on girl, and to be quite honest, I don't think I'll ever see bad girl on girl... unless we're aiming for butch lesbians, then you can make a case, but as far as "Finger Licking Good Volume 4" goes, it's convinced me that it's tough to find bad girl on girl in porn. Hell, even the opening theme song with brief introductions to our segments helped raise my awareness quite a bit, and it's very telling of a porn when the opening montage can induce quite a plump pickle in your pants. Director Quasar lights his film so well, and provides such stunning set pieces, it actually helps the fantasy elements present in the segments involving these women just passionately having sex.

Maya Hills, Riley Shy

My god the passion, my god the lust, my god how did these two women make out without the cameras suddenly bursting into flames? That was my basic line of questions upon glancing at Hills and Shy just completely deep kissing in front of a bed room window, which inevitably led to the actual bed room. But these two utterly beautiful women just making out and touching one another made for a fantastic opening and inspired some worthy optimism. These women were just so into this sequence of making out that I almost believed that these two were actually lovers off the set. This first segment is really hot, and the way Quasar sets the lighting, along with their passionate moaning and groaning, makes for a segment you have to see... and yet, we have no cum shots.

Andie Valentino, Karlie Montana

Valentino and Montana only continue the lovely pacing set by our aforementioned sex mates, by starting their sexual adventure in the front door of a house. The two can barely make it to the bed room as they begin lightly pecking at one another, and begin licking at each other's underwear and undressing as the passion ensues. These two women love every part of each other. They suck at their lips, lick at their necks, and even nibble at their thighs for obscene amounts of time, and they add to the utter lusty action that takes place in front of this doorstep with amazing bodies that rub up one on another every so gently, and passionately. The two just completely savoring the flesh before taking it into the bed room is hot, and it only gets steamier from there as they engage in two finger action, and one up the cornhole. This was yet another great segment in what is one hell of a girl on girl flick.

Satine Phoenix, Franchezca Valentina

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Though a small portion of this segment is obscured by a long shot of the two women on a balcony making out, thankfully Quasar doesn't hold the angle too long and zeroes in on two fine women completely engrossed in one another. One is in a hot pink outfit, while the other is dressed in camouflage. Valentina has a gorgeous plump butt that's held together by a tight panty that Phoenix takes every chance to kiss. This segment is probably my favorite of the bunch, as the two talk to one another, spank each other, and even mimic humping playfully. Phoenix even gets behind Valentina and begins miming butt fucking her, while Valentina moans, a cheesy but still sexy moment between these two babes.

Sativa Rose, Marlie Moore, Valerie Vasquez

Eventually, if things don't mix up, these movies tend to get a bit repetitive. It doesn't matter how many gorgeous women are on screen, if you don't find creative ways to conduct each segment, it's almost impossible to enjoy. This segment is where it suddenly becomes a bit repetitive and redundant. Once again, we have two busty, plump in the rump women propped against a wall, moaning ever so gently, and making out with one another with sheer delight. It's a set up I saw repeatedly during this film and just craved much more originality in this sense. Thankfully, that doesn't last as Marlie Moore enters the scene appearing on a bed, as the two drift off to continue their sweet loving. Marlie is a great change of pace from the girl on girl we see here, and thankfully, she's charismatic and sexy enough to make this segment interesting and damn hot.

Roxy Deville, Ashley Fires

Simply put, this is an excellent finisher to a great girl on girl compilation. These two women make out set to a beautiful back drop of a dim window that makes the two gorgeous bodies into glorious shapes rather than women. They're dressed in beautiful lingerie and their bodies hug it well; once they drift into the bed room, the women embrace and look beautiful deep kissing and tangling their legs along one another. Hell, there's even a heavy amount of foot sucking, which isn't my bag, but is hot nonetheless as Ashley Fires lets Deville suck on every toe. But most importantly the segment takes a fascinating turn as the two begin some butt cheek play, and we watch both actresses laughing uncontrollably during one scene, a moment I'm sure was completely on the fly. It's an interesting segment to say the least that turns from passionate to just plain odd.



Presented in glorious widescreen, Mike Quasars porn looks excellent. The colors are vibrant along with some excellent lighting that adds to the flavor of this girl on girl picture. Some of the scenes here are above par from anything else you'll see in most other pornos, and it's good to see a director who isn't there just to hold a camera. The entire movie is filmed in HD, which works for the picture's quality, as it's a crisp and bold presentation, with soft colors, and a smooth cut.


Oh yes, everything is heard with crisp audio here. Every lip smack, every tongue twirl, every groan, every moan, and every scream is heard with utterly excellent sound that will vibrate through your television. At times you'll have to turn down the television, even if you're alone, but the clear sound with every pant and sigh coming in like crystal makes this experience worth it, nonetheless.


Among the extras, we have a fifteen minute behind the scenes documentary that's more home video than documentary, in the end. We get to see Quasar setting up a few scenes, particularly between Valentino and Montana as Quasar attempts to convince these two that their "characters" are in the heat of passion, even to the chagrin of the two goofing off. As you would guess, Quasar has difficulty actually convincing these women to take the scene with a convincing temperament, but they just can't get over the awkward scenes to actually get to work. Either way, it's a fascinating glimpse into porn shoots. There's also a twenty eight minute feature called "Toy Footage" which is basically a compilation of scenes from the movie that features the performers using toys on one another, from Maya Hills ramming a dildo up Shy's bum, right down to double penetration between Phoenix and Valentina. It's footage that's worth re-watching, only because, this movie deserves a second look. There's also an eleven minute photo gallery featuring candids of our performers modeling in front of mirrors, and for the cameras, and a trailer section of Third Degrees upcoming films like "Big Loves," and "Cum to Momma."

After Thought:

All in all, "Finger Licking Good 4" is damn good girl on girl entertainment. Mike Quasar films a well lit and gorgeous compilation filled with beautiful actresses releasing the beast on one another. The passion is convincing, and the lust is utterly stunning in what is a consistently sexy porn. That's helped by the great series of extras that include a Behind the Scenes doc, and a fun photo gallery. This is worth the purchase, clear and simple.

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