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Below the Belt

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:2005-2007

Director:Doug & Jay

Cast:Adam, Rick, Bryan, Guzzo, Danny, David, JD, Peter, some unidentified guys

Body Types:college guys, muscular twinks, guys with tatoos


Things to see:straight guys masturbating and sucking on each other, group masturbation, sex toys, oral cumshots, cum eating

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Straight guys are fun to watch in public situations where they hope to meet women. When the potential for sex becomes a possibility (often at a bar) guys will get competitive with each other, while simultaneously avoiding any behaviors that might be misconstrued as being gay. As a result, guys frequently use the one handed hug (it keeps a boundary from their dicks touching) around each other, and they avoid checking each other out at the urinal, fearing the wraith from getting caught and ratted out to their friends.

Therefore, it comes with great pleasure to be able to watch straight guys do "gay" things such as masturbating around other guys, having guys help them to climax, and even having guys suck on their straight cocks. There is just something really hot about not only watching them have the sex, but also seeing their own reaction when they discover that the gay sex was actually quite good.

This porn title effectively captures the inherent hotness of straight guys having sex with the aid of the director or even with other straight guys. Throughout the film's several scenes, guys masturbate together, they allow the director to help them to cum, and one very hot lad even allows the director's assistant to suck on his long dick, all the way to the climax. These scenes are very hot due mainly to the interactions with the actors and the director, especially when the director's hand participates. Overall, there is some hot sex to be found here. To determine if straight guys getting off sounds hot to you, read on:

Scene one:

Adam is an adorable blond stud with a mostly hairless body. Rick is a brunette, with a goatee who very much resembles the actor Freddy Rodriguez. The guys watch some straight porn together while touching each other's cocks. The guys eventually disrobe and lube up each other's cocks. Eventually, the guys get into a nice rhythm of touching each other and enjoying the sensation of touching another guy for the sake of getting off. Rick cums first thanks to Adam's strong grip and then Adam shoots off his load while he peeks over at Rick's spent cock.

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Watching straight guys jack each other off never gets old. This was a very nice scene because it felt like we were watching two horny friends in need of some sexual relief. Not only was it hot to watch these guys stroke each other, but each guy also watches the other as they stroke, especially Adam who takes great pleasure in bringing Rick to a climax. Bravo!

Scene two:

Bryan is a dark brunette, while Guzzo has a short haircut. Once the guys get naked, Guzzo takes charge by sucking on Bryan's cock, while occasionally watching the straight porn for inspiration. Guzzo then lies on his back so that Bryan can screw his hole. After that, Guzzo takes it from behind until Bryan pulls out and delivers his load onto Guzzo's back. Finally, Guzzo shoots his load onto the white motel sheets.

This scene was good, although the actors didn't appear to be all too interested in each other.

Scene three:

Two shirtless guys start to play with each other while watching some straight porn. Danny has a trimmed beard, and David has a nice hairy chest with some tattoos. While David massages Danny's back, the guys joke around about what's going on in the movie. The director eventually hands them a vibrating vagina. David fucks the vagina while Danny controls the vibrations through a remote. Danny then get's his chance with the pussy, and David holds it for him. David then strokes Danny off with his hand, while stroking on his own cock. The guys end up cumming close to each other.

There wasn't much question about how straight these guys were. David jokes around and talks about pussy throughout the scene. This straight banter might annoy some people, but I found it to be rather humorous and erotic, especially when you see David stroking on Danny's cock. This will be a very appealing scene to those of you who enjoy watching authentic straight boys get off together.

Scene four:

A group of four attractive men hang out and watch porn together. The guys share a nice range of ages and body frames, although all of them are quite hot. While the guys watch the porn and stroke their cocks, they occasionally talk to the camera as the director asks them questions. Finally, all of the guys shoot their loads onto the glass table. However, the director's assistant can't resist, so he licks up some of the spent jizz on the table.

This scene doesn't feature the guys helping out each other, yet it still works as an erotic group masturbation scene. The guys are hot and the loads are nice. Overall, this was a sexy scene!

Scene five:

JD is a 19-year-old brunette with a trim body frame and a rather large penis. As he disrobes and showers, the director talks with him, while occasionally touching his body. When JD steps out and towels off, the director invites him to watch some "pussy porn" to get ready. After touching himself, the one of the directors starts to suck on JD's cock. The director sucks away, while the other director occasionally asks him questions like "does it feel like a pussy?"

As JD gets closer to his climax, he starts to talk dirty to the director, telling him that he is going to shove his load down the guy's throat. The director doesn't stop sucking to acknowledge, since he is focused on bringing this guy to the point of no return. Eventually, JD pulls his penis out from the guy's mouth and gives him a juicy oral shot.

This was a fantastically hot scene! JD is supremely hot and it was a pleasure to hear him admit that the blowjob was better than a pussy. Additionally, the sucking director serves to only bring JD to orgasm, which he does successfully. Fortunately, the sucking director isn't one of those old troll types who have sex with his young actors. Instead, he shows the right amount of balance by being a sexual participant, but only for making the guy cum.

Scene six:

Peter is 20 hot something stud with a military cut and a nice creamy, muscular body. The director interviews him as he touches himself, and for the most part, the sex talk is quite hot. Occasionally, the director helps out by touching Peter's peter.

After stroking himself with his hand, the director lets him screw an artificial vagina. As he pumps away in the hole, his dick head emerges, which was pretty hot to see. Additionally, the director helps out by holding the vagina in place and touching his penis. Peter eventually shoots off a nice load onto the sheets, thanks to the director's aid's helping hand.

This was a very nice solo. The director showed the right amount of constraint between helping him out and simply letting the guy have fun.

The DVD:


The video is presented in full screen. All of the scenes are well lit and the transfer features strong colors and lots of detail. A few of the scenes, unfortunately, displayed some weird digital artifacts that would occasionally pop up during the JD scene. However, this is still a nice transfer for this DVD.


The sound was generally consistent and all of the actors could be heard. However, the Danny/David scene has a harsh/scratchy sound when the actors speak, as well as the dialogue being recorded at a louder volume level. When switching from scene two to scene three, I had to quickly lower the volume because it was so distracting.


Extras are slim. The DVD features animated menus and scene selection.

Final thoughts:

As much as I enjoy watching gay porn actors having sex, I find it to be infinitely hotter to watch straight guys do gay things for money. These actors explore each other's bodies, receive help from the director, and even have sex with each other for the sake of getting off. As a result, several of the scenes are scorching hot. Therefore, I think that many people will greatly enjoy this sexy straight boy porn.

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