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Coxx Retreat

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:December 2006

Director:Keith Miller

Cast:Mason Coxx, Shawn Fox, Constantine Aimes, Dakota Brittain, Nick Angel, Casey Woods, Aiden Shay

Body Types: college twinks, guys with tattoos and body piercings


Things to see:threesomes, oral cumshots, facials

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Does gay porn exclude actors with long hair? Given the number of titles I have reviewed lately, it would appear that most gay porn titles only feature guys with short or "classic" haircuts. Occasionally, you might find a guy with a ponytail, but you will rarely see the "Fabio" look (thankfully!). Perhaps gay directors think that gay men don't like guys with longer hair because of the association with femininity. Some guys (myself included) also don't like the look of a guy with long hair. Whatever your "hair stance" may be, you might want to decide beforehand as to whether the long hair of two of this film's actors will be an "erection killer" for you. Otherwise, Coxx Retreat is a nice title full of sexy guys having lots of sex. Scene one:

In a log cabin, Mason and Shawn romantically make out in bed. Mason is a naturally handsome lad with thick brown hair, a somewhat hairy body, and a rugged unshaved beard. He looks like one of those guys who could pass for someone older, even though he's in his 20's. Shawn is tall, skinny and smooth, although his face has lots of acne. The guys suck on each other's cocks, taking care of their "morning wood." Mason then lightly rims Shawn's hole so that he can get it ready for some fucking.

Shawn climbs on top of Mason's pretty dick and rides away. The guys then move to a balcony for some standing up sex. After that, Shawn lies on his back, as Mason pumps away some more. Finally, the guys shoot some decent loads onto Shawn's smooth chest.

I personally found Mason to be thoroughly handsome. He has a natural look to him, which makes him sexier than most of the other incredibly buff porn stars. His first scene is quite romantic since both of these guys could pass for a pair of horny lovers.

Scene two:

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Two "alternative boys" star in this scene. Dakota has bright red hair on the tope of his head, as well as a few tattoos. Constantine has long brown hair, which looks like it was dyed. Both guys are mostly hairless. The guys head straight into the oral action, with Dakota spending the majority of his time with a dick in his mouth. Dakota then takes Constantine's dick up his ass. As the guys shift from several positions, it's clear that Dakota loves being screwed because his dick is rock hard. While Dakota straddles Constantine's cock, he releases a nice load onto Constantine's chest. Constantine then gives Dakota an impressive oral cumshot.

For those of you looking for some "alternaporn" then this scene might have what you are looking for. The sex is pretty hot, and the facial at the end makes this quite a memorable scene.

Scene three:

Mason returns to scene with a new boy toy named Nick. Nick is a young Latin stud with a mostly smooth chest. Nick pulls off Mason's clothes to give him some oral pleasures. Mason then returns the favor by sucking on Nick's cock and rimming his hole. After that, Mason penetrates Nick's tight hole. Nick is screwed in several positions until the guys are ready to explode. Mason drenches Nick's chest with cum, followed by Nick cumming a small amount.

Overall this was a nice scene. I loved watching Mason again and his explosive cum shot was quite erotic. Both of the actors really looked like they had a good time!

Scene four:

Two guys make out on a bed. Aiden is a brunette with a virtually hairless body and a strange haircut (he has white spots on his head, as if he was a spotted owl). Casey is a blond with shaggy and long hair that is reminiscent of the 70's surfer look. Casey also has a really large and thick cock! Aiden tries his best to suck on Casey's large member, but he can only go down so far. Casey then returns the oral favors by sucking on Aiden's penis.

After the oral action, Casey shoves his thick cock into Aiden's tight hole. Aiden winces at first, but then glides into the action. Next, the guys switch so that Aiden gets to screw Casey. The guys screw in several positions, ultimately ending in a nice straddling position where Casey shoots his load onto Aiden's chest.

These guys sport some "different" haircuts, which you will either find distracting or "unique." Although the sex was average, the standout in this scene is Casey's big penis. It was extremely entertaining to see Aiden barely able to wrap his hands around the shaft.

Scene five:

Aiden, Shawn, and Mason return for this threesome. Aiden is sandwiched between the two guys so he starts to rub and kiss the other guys. The guys suck on each other's dicks, and Mason rims Aiden's hole. After that, Mason screws Aiden, while Aiden sucks on Shawn's dick. Next, the guys switch so that Shawn gets his turn with Aiden's well-lubed hole. Finally, Mason and Shawn give Aiden some face and chest cum shots. Some of Mason's cum even lands on Aiden's tongue. Aiden quickly shoots his load as he watches the guys cum.

This scene featured some good oral action and an unexpected oral cumshot. The threesome itself wasn't that spectacular, but the guys were still pretty hot as they worked together.

The DVD:


This DVD features a widescreen transfer. The image is (mostly) colorful and sharply detailed. One scene was darker than the others, so the director chose to use a distracting camera light, which was easily detectable. The rest of the scenes look good.


The sound is merely average. One scene featured a noticeable humming sound that I found to be distracting. Some of the scenes also have lower volume levels than others. Overall, the sound could have been better.


There are several extras included on this DVD. First there is a scene selection option, although you can also select the oral, anal, or cumshots portion of each scene. Additionally, there is a safe sex announcement as well as some previews for other titles.

Final thoughts:

Coxx Retreat doesn't offer anything groundbreaking for the realm of younger male porn. However, most of the scenes are quite nice and the actors are pretty hot, especially the delicious Mason. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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