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Obsession of D.O.

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

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Date of Production:2006-2007

Director:Rafael Alencar

Cast:D.O., Rafael Alencar, Sergio Del Castillo, Rocko, Hanlon Kessler, Enrique, Scott Tanner, Josh Weston, Mason Wyler, rod Barry, Chris Baron

Body Types: buff body builder types, guys in their 20's and 30s,


Things to see:drug use, extended oral action, uncut and cut penises, facial cumshots, an orgy, and mysterious fog

Plot:in a drugged out state, one man experiences multiple erotic adventures.

The Movie:

Alfred Hitchcock made a habit of guest starring in his films, if only as part of the backdrop. When his face and persona became a well recognizable staple of the film industry, his audiences intently watched his films, hoping to catch the moment where he would show up on the screen. Since the golden era of Hollywood, most directors shy away from starring in their own film. Perhaps audiences have become more skeptical and jaded by media figures, audiences tend to scoff at a director starring in their own movie, except for Woody Allen of course. Similarly, most people wouldn't want to watch a stereotypical fat and old porno director starring in their own adult film. However, the adult film industry is full of exceptions to mainstream Hollywood since it is common to find some ex porno actors moving into the realm of directing porn. Once the actor has made the change from actor to director, they tend to stick solely with directing, although they occasionally reemerge in a film (most likely their own).

The director of the Obsession of D.O. is not one of those fat and old directors that I previously mentioned. In fact, I didn't realize until the credits ran that the director is one of the hottest guys in this film. Not only does he have one of the best chests in the film but he also possesses one of the largest penises to be found in this title. He stars in two of the scenes, and quite frankly, he greatly enhances the eroticism of each scene. The rest of the cast ranges from hunky early 20's (the yummy Mason) to mid 30's buff body builder types. Fitting somewhere between is the film's star, referred to simply as D.O.

The actor D.O. lights up his pipe to use some sort of hallucinogenic drug. From that point on, reality ceases to exist as all of his erotic fantasies are displayed before our eyes. Similar to Alice following the rabbit in Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland," D.O. follows a hunky lad back to an abandoned and mysterious warehouse. The hunky lad disappears, but D.O. suddenly finds himself in a mysterious sex zone where he watches fantasies unfold before his eyes. As he moves from room to room, he ultimately works up the erotic frenzy to participate in the last two scenes.

The Obsession of D.O. is simply an expertly made piece of pornography that feels more cinematic than most of the current porn movies being released to DVD. The film wisely avoids having the actors participate in poorly rehearsed lines of dialogue. Instead, the images convey the story, and the actors are given the freedom to do what they were hired for; to have sex. Speaking of which, all of the sex scenes are very well staged, and quite erotic. The final orgy scene alone has so much sex that it could practically be edited into its own DVD. Fortunately, the other scenes are just as good, thanks to the handsome cast and the enthusiastic sex. Additionally, each scene is greatly enhanced through the use of props such as ground fog and moody lighting, including one scene shot with the beautiful light from various candles. All of these positive aspects resulted in one impressive film. Therefore, allow yourself the opportunity to experience the Obsession of D.O. You too might find yourself wanting to follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

Scene one:

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In a darkly lit room D.O. watches two couples have some hot oral sex. The camera initially switches between the actions of each couple, until finally focusing solely on one couple. The couple features Rafael who receives tremendous oral attention from a dark blond twink (Mason), including a successful deep throat. The twink continues to orally service the guy for a long time, where he endures forceful deepthroating and face fucking. After that, Mason rims the guy's ass. However, Mason soon has his own hole plunged by Rafael's gigantic cock. Rafael screws him from behind, making him intensely moan. Rafael even turns around (with his dick still inside) and fucks Mason from the opposite direction. The twink is then screwed in a straddle position and through being held up in the air. At the end, Mason cums while sucking on the guy's cock, followed by Rafael shooting onto Rafael's face, chest, and legs. This was a very unique and hot cum shot!

This was a very hot introductory scene. There was plenty of oral action and I was completely impressed by the twink's gag reflex. Both of the actors were very handsome, especially the "cute as a puppy dog" Mason.

Scene two:

The drugged out D.O. enters another door to find a nude baker decorating cakes with some frosting. The scene then progresses to two attractive brunettes engaging in a hot 69 position on top of a metal table. The baker then rims out his lover's ass, getting the "love channel" ready for penetration. After that, the guys fuck on the table in a nice straddle position. The baker then screws the guy some more in a doggy style position, followed by another hot, but different, straddle position. Finally, the baker sucks on the guys balls, making him cum on his face. However, he quickly shoves the guy down to the table so that he can spurt off his own load onto the guy's chest.

This scene featured some very nice oral and fucking scenes. The bottom was so eager to please the baker, which made the scene really hot. Additionally, the scene was shot with romantic lighting, coming mainly from candles. In a day when most porn is shot with stereotypical methods, it's a pleasure to watch something different that (honestly) looks better than most direct overhead lighting shoots.

Scene three:

D.O. finds another tantalizing scene involving a leather-clad stripper. The hunky stripper removes his leather thong and forcefully makes a voyeur (with glasses) suck on his cock. While this action occurs, another voyeur watches the action behind a curtain, masturbating his big cock. The hidden voyeur then leaves the curtains and starts to rim the guy's hole. The rimming and sucking continues until the guy wearing glasses is forced to suck on two cocks at once. After that, the guy wearing glasses slides his back up and down a stripper pole, where the other guys take turns probing and licking his tight hole. Next, the same guy is fucked from behind while sucking on the stripper's cock. The scene then culminates with the guys unloading their cum onto the bottom.

Except for the stripper not fucking the guy who wore glasses (Rocko), this scene was very hot. Actually, this scene was more moist than hot since all of the penises and asses looked like they were drenched in erotic man sweat! Additionally, the oral sex and rimming action was quite nice due to the actor's enthusiasm. Finally, as a side note, it was nice to see a guy wearing glasses for once!

Scene four:

D.O. enters another area, except he is now part of the fantasy. With all of his clothes removed, he finds himself standing in front of a red motorbike and a guy propped up against it. The guy shows off his perfect shaved ass, hoping that the voyeur will eat him out. D.O. forcefully probes and slaps the guy's hole and even finger fucks him for a while. D.O. then has his dick sucked on, as well as gives the guy some forceful face fucking. After that, the bottom has his ass rimmed and probed some more, followed by forceful sucking on D.O.'s cock, with his arms held back. After even more finger fucking, D.O. shoves his cock into the guy. D.O. screws him all around the bike, making him squeal with pleasure. The guys have some more tongue probing until D.O. shoves his cock back in. The two screw on top of the bike until the bottom shoots his load, followed by D.O. cumming on the guy's ass hole.

The guy who did the bottoming in this scene was extremely vocal while he was being screwed. In many ways, his vocal cries of pleasure were a huge turn on. While this scene features some rough fucking, the overall experience is quite nice.

Scene five:

D.O. wakes up from his dream, only to find that he hasn't left dreamland at all. He enters a room with a hot and steamy orgy already in progress. He jumps right in and starts to suck on the plethora of hard cocks. All of the guys have no qualms about whose dick they put into their mouth, which makes for some really hot action. At one point, one actor had the pleasure of servicing four cocks at once, while another pair of guys took turns rimming one ass hole. D.O. is the first one who gets to fuck one of the guys, although another couple quickly start up.

It is at this point in the bottoming scene where a true star emerges (Hanlon Kessler). In addition to being very cute, Hanlon is one of the best bottoms that I have seen in gay porn. He ultimately takes so many dicks up his ass that I was surprised that he was still able to stand. During one point in the scene, (after he had already been screwed by several guys) each of the guys take their turn fucking his hole. He is literally passed around like an orgy whore, which was such a pleasure to see. He even manages to suck on some dick and take some cumshots, amidst all of the action. Therefore, it was such an honor to see Hanlon so well "used" in this scene. God bless Hanlon for being such a good bottom!

As more and more fucking continues, the guys ultimately start to cum on each other, with one guy taking most of the loads. Some of the loads are average, while some of the loads are rather impressive, including Rafael's. In addition to the explosions, some of the guys are fed back their cum, without batting an eye. In the end, D.O. shoots his load, and then finds himself alone. Was it all a dream?

As previously mentioned, this scene was so packed with sex. There is plenty of oral, anal, cumshots, and rough fucking to please just about anyone. Additionally, all of the guys were hot, especially Rafael and the greatest bottom of all, Hanlon.

The DVD:


This DVD was shot in widescreen. The image was very sharp and detailed throughout the film. Some of the scenes have less light, yet this is to be expected since the director wanted to convey a particular mood.


In addition to the great video, the sound also functions quite well. All of the dialogue could be heard. Additionally, each scene features non-distracting light dance/techno music playing in the background. The music had loud bass, so I actually had to turn down the volume to my receiver.


This DVD comes with two discs. The first DVD only features the film, so let's head over to disc two. The first feature is a making of the Obsession of D.O. feature. The feature offers behind the scene footage of how they maintained all of the smoke on set (through dry ice and lots of smoke filled tubes), some footage of the director helping to pose the actors in their sex scenes, and tons of footage involving the actors joking around. Watching this feature made me think about how it must be rather silly to see the actors walking around with hardons in between each shot. Overall, you won't walk away thinking that you know more about how the film was made, yet it's still fun to watch the naked antics of some of the actors.

Next, there is a video for the "Tim and Roma Show." This feature has more information about why they chose to shoot in NY, as opposed to LA. The director and staff also discusses the mission statement of their company as well as some other details about other Black Scorpion films. Finally, the DVD features the trailer for the Obsession of D.O. and the Dreams of Rafael.

Final thoughts:

The Obsession of D.O. is a superbly hot example of high quality porn. The moody sets, the extremely attractive models and the scorching hot sex are just some of the wonderful qualities of this well made title. Additionally, there are some nice special features, as well as a good transfer. Therefore, it is my pleasure to give this film the DVD Talk Collectors status.

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