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Spanish Playhouse

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:November 2006


Cast:Alejo Mejia, Alfonso Rosas, Carlos Vega, Cesar Santos, Daniel Trejo, David Leon, Hugo Lopez, Manuel Lozano, Marco Sevilla, Niko Tomiar, Oscar Blanco, Tommy Lima,

Body Types: uncut penises, muscular guys, young guys


Things to see:threesomes, voyeurism


In search of a hookup, a young stud sneaks into people homes to watch them have sex.

The Movie:

Shot on location is Spain, Spanish Playhouse is a well made adult title that showcases how sexy those Spaniards can be. The film involves an exhibitionistic storyline where a man in search of a hookup keeps "accidentally" entering the wrong apartment, only to find various gay couples having sex. Even though the actor knows that he has entered the wrong apartment, he sticks around to secretly watch all of the action. Once the couple climax, the actor tries another door. Amazingly, the couples don't catch sight of him, and he is able to control himself from wanting to have sex with each of the groupings. However, will he ultimately find the guy he is looking for? To find out, read on.

Scene one:

As the main actor searches the apartment building for his hookup, he accidentally enters one room where two guys are making out. One guy has very nice muscles and spiky hair, while the other has curly dark hair and a huge uncut cock. The spiky haired guy sucks on his friend's cock through the underwear until he removes the enormous penis. He takes great pleasure in sucking on the large member (I would too!). After that, the curly haired guy masturbates as the spiky haired guy gyrates his butt cheeks in anticipation of getting fucked. Fortunately, the curly haired guy has no qualms about poking his friend's hole so he shoves in his mighty cock and screws away. While the guys change from doggy style to a straddle position, the bottom is always hard. Eventually, the curly haired lad pulls out and the two guys masturbate together, ending in a delicious load onto the spiky haired guy's chest.

This was a very nice opening scene! Both guys were extremely attractive and shared some passionate sex. Throughout the scene, I was completely in awe of the curly haired guy's large penis. However, I should have been more amazed by the fact that the spiky haired guy was able to handle the entire dick!

Scene two:

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The main actor enters another room, where he finds two studs in bed. One guy has wavy hair with some highlights, and the other lad has lightly spiky hair. A third guy with darker skin and short hair emerges from the bathroom to join them in bed. All three of the lads make out through erotic kissing, and oral sex. After that, the darker skinned guy straddles the spiky haired guy's cock, while the curly haired lad masturbates. Next, the spiky haired guy fucks the curly haired guy. After some serious pumping, the spiky haired guy releases his load onto the other guy's back, followed by the darker skinned guy also releasing an impressive load onto the guy's back. Finally, the curly haired lad shoots his load while his roommates watch.

This was a good scene that would have benefited from more group participation. In a threesome, you would hope to see all three guys participating at once. Instead, one guy masturbates while the other two screw each other. In a way, it's a wasted opportunity because the bottom could have sucked on a cock while being screwed. Regardless, there was a nice assortment of sexy Spanish men in this scene and one of the explosive cumshots was absolutely fantastic.

Scene three:

The main actor enters another mysterious room where (surprise!) more sex is about to occur. One young lad touches himself while a buff and tattooed guy takes a shower. The guys masturbate in front of each other until the twink starts to orally service his friend's cock. The buff guy enjoys penis slapping the twink as well as face fucking him. The buff guy then slaps the twink's ass and before he bends him over for some fucking. The guys screw in a doggy style position until the twink is screwed with his legs being held up in the air. From this angle, the contrast between the skinny twink and the buff guy can easily be seen. The scene ends with two loads on the twink's chest.

There is something hot about a young and inexperienced twink being paired with a buff expert top! The sex was quite hot, thanks to the top's aggressive nature. There were also some very nice oral shots in this scene.

Scene four:

Not yet ready to give up, the main actor enters another room and discovers a cute couple lounging about on their couch. While the couple relaxes, a third lad comes over to play with them. The sexy guy has a nice muscular body and boyish good looks. He quickly undresses for them to get them into the mood. The guys then erotically kiss and grope each other until one guy gets down on his knees to orally service two cocks. The "cock whore" does a good job with alternating between the two very erect penises. The "cock whore" then has his ass rimmed, leading ultimately to a straddle fuck. While he is being screwed, the other guy masturbates. The bottom then turns around so that the other guy can fuck him. Like a true professional, he finds the energy to suck on a cock while he is being screwed. Finally, the buff guy cums on the guy's ass and the other guy cums close to his face. The bottom ends up cumming on his own chest.

The actor who bottoms in this scene was a refreshing example of what an enthusiastic actor can bring into a sex scene. Additionally, the other actors worked, especially the buff stud that joins the couple.

Scene five:

The main actor enters an abandoned apartment, akin to Goldie Locks in search of some hot porridge. He discovers the guy he was looking for (wrapped in a towel) and explains all of the rooms he accidentally entered. The guys then compare their muscled chests and then start to make out. The guys share some cock sucking, including a nice 69 position. Some ass rimming follows until the main actor puts himself into the guys shaved hole. He fucks the guy holding his legs up in the air. After that, the guys switch so that the main actor is screwed from behind. Finally, the guys jack off two nice loads.

The sex in this scene was nice, although not quite as erotic as the other scenes. However, the actor who wears the towel has an interesting asset; he has a uniquely shaped penis head! He has a rather long shaft that's attached to in upward curved penis head. It's always a pleasure to see something different!

The DVD:


The image is presented in a pleasant widescreen transfer. Most of the scenes feature good lighting so all of the action can easily be seen. Overall, this was a nice transfer.


The sound is not as good as the transfer. The actors can't always be heard and the film itself isn't very loud. All of the actors speak in Spanish and subtitles aren't included. Unless you understand the language, I don't think the less than spectacular sound quality will bother most fans.


Extras include animated scene selection, an animated gallery of the models, and some trailers.

Final thoughts:

Spanish Playhouse is a great title to add to your collection. There is an assortment of sexy Spanish hunks and several of the scenes are quite hot. There is also a nice widescreen transfer that shows off the actor's "abilities." Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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