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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:
September 9, 1978

Not listed

Mark Bradshaw, Mark Gamble, Bruce Emory, Mario Garza, Steve Kelso, Jake Tanner, Bruce Craig, Ralph Whitaker

Body Types:
Smooth, bodybuilder, muscular, 20-30 year olds


Special Features:
Muscle worship

6 Solo action scenes and 1 couples scene featuring Colt musclemen

The Movie:

Sunbeam starring Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw is a blond surfer with a bodybuilder frame. The guy has one of the most muscular asses I've seen with just a touch of nice blonde fuzz. After stripping out of his wet suit, he peers through a telescope to get a closeup of a guy working on his car. The mechanic's muscular chest and hairy pecs give Mark the necessary fuel to start his engine and to erupt his wad.

Hard Rider starring Mark Gamble
Mark Gamble is a good-looking jock type with blond/brown hair and a muscular body with dark brown nips. Returning from a bike ride, he heads out to a swimming pool and unwinds by spreading sun tan lotion over his bronze body. Then he picks up his Walkman, places the headphones on and starts dancing around in just his underwear. His dance moves are hysterical. Honestly, Tom Cruise, he's not! A brief dip follows in the hot tub before he heads to his bedroom to jack that dick of his and release all the tension from his hairy balls.

Iron Man starring Bruce Emory
Bruce Emory has brown hair and the body of a Greek god. He is shown wrapping up some light welding. In the blistering heat, his body is covered in sweat so he removes his clothes and wraps his big palms around his throbbing basket. Bruce washes up and hoses himself down letting the water trickle off his big muscles. A plump uncut dick is the prize underneath his shorts and it shoots a load onto his dark, flat stomach.

Homecoming starring Mario Garza

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Mario Garza is another brunette with a smooth muscular build. Arriving home, he reads a note from his lover letting him know there is a surprise in store for him by the pool. Mario notices a bottle of champagne, a radio, and a bowl of strawberries and grapes next to the pool. With a sip of champagne and some music from the radio, he enters the pool and caresses each muscle in his body. After a nibble of a strawberry, he takes it and rubs it over his chest, dick and nipples. Mario jacks a small amount of cum onto his thigh and he sinks into the pool to cool off.

Intimate Hours starring Steve Kelso
Steve Kelso (cover man) is a hairy, muscular man with dark hair and a mustache. Following a quick look at the surf, he retreats to his bedroom. The removal of his pants reveals a thin little g-string tanline and Steve's thick tool and big balls hanging heavy in his sack. Naked Steve grinds on the bed and then puts some clothes on and walks out to the beach. A quick dip in the water is up next followed by a shower. The shower gives us a good look at his tight rear and his low hanging nuts. While he's in the bathroom, Steve poses and admires the look and feel of his hard, naked flesh. Thoroughly clean, the stud returns to the bedroom, picks up a copy of a Colt magazine and polishes his knob which triggers a drop of precum. But after a half an hour of fluffing us, Colt disappoints. Steve doesn't cum at all. What a letdown!

Macho Mountain starring Jake Tanner
Handsome Jake Tanner is a thick bodybuilder with brown hair and a light layer of hair on his pecs. With the woods, a lake, and mountains serving as the backdrop, Jake is shown lifting a couple of dumbbells. The workout makes him horny but he heads out for a shower to clean up and to massage the thick slab of man meat below his waist. The additional work out on the boner culminates in a load on his muscular thigh.

The Senses Taker starring Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker
Note: The two actors aren't identified. A man with a mustache and beard and wearing a suit shows up at the home of an attractive muscular guy. He's there to complete a survey. The other guy asks him to enter the home and he takes him to the backyard. The sight of two men fucking in the yard has the guy in the suit reaching to rub his crotch. As they sit back in the chairs, the muscular guy's dick sticks out underneath his towel. The bearded guy (bg) is all worked up which gives the muscular guy (mg) an invitation to suck on his big cock and to lick his balls. Returning the favor, the bg enthusiastically rims the muscular guy. Eventually, they get down to some 69 and deep kissing. The scene ends with the bg cumming on the mg's face and the mg cumming on his own chest.


Nothing special here. It's all old footage. Color saturation could be better especially during the duos scene. That scene lacks sufficient lighting as well. Video noise throughout the DVD.

Another porn with the volume of the music on too high. It's at its worst during Steve Kelso's scenes and the sex scenes starring Craig and Whitaker. No moaning and groaning at all during the cum scenes.

Very little here too. It's just a slide show of the actors and trailers of other Colt movies.

Final Thoughts:
Here are six solo scenes and one scene with two men. Bruce, Jake, Mark are all attractive, hulking guys but clearly Steve Kelso is the star of the show. His solo scene is three times as long as the others for good reason. This hot, hairy guy could be seen in nearly every conceivable Colt product a couple of decades ago. This DVD pays an homage of sorts to him with the scene interspersed with naked images of their star. Why he doesn't cum during this scene is anybody's guess. Colt decided to become prick teases with this one. Also disappointing is the single duo scene. This scene is silent save for the music which is blaring most of the time. The lighting is poor as well. And the more Colt titles you've seen, you will notice how often they use the same actor and scene in a number of their titles. For example, Mark Gamble and Bruce Emory are in another Colt title, MinuteMan 4, that I reviewed earlier. I don't know of any studios that recycle their footage as much as Colt. Despite the shortcomings, there are many hot men here for several evenings of pleasure.

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