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No Tell Motel

Studio: French Connection » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


Directed By:

Doug and Jay

The Movie:

Welcome to the No Tell Motel where the hourly rates are cheap and our motto is "Cum in and get off." Located in Phoenix Arizona, this is the premium place for straight dudes to check in and beat their hard dongs while watching porn.

Bryan & Vince:

Bryan (very cute with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) and his pal Vince (cute with short spiked black hair, cool li'l light goatee, toned/hairy body) are in bed watching straight porn. Bryan announces that he's horny even though he got some pussy the night before. Not to be outdone Vince chimes in that he's had some tail as well. Rumor has it that Vince gives one hell of a massage so he goes to work on Bryan giving his shoulders and tattooed neck an honest to God massage. Vince removes his shirt revealing that sexy toned 'n hairy chest and tattoo on shoulder. He grabs Bryan's blue jeans yanking 'em down followed by stripping down himself revealing a full dark bush, nice nuts, and cut cock. He continues to massage Bryan working his way down to that hot bum and hairy butt crack. Bryan isn't as adept of a masseuse but gives it a whirl rubbing Vince's butt and playing with those nuts and growing dick. Camera-op/Director Doug reaches in and spreads Vince's cheeks exposing his tight hairy bunghole.

Vince lays back on the bed with his legs spread apart revealing those hot hairy hangy nuts as Bryan chows down on that hard prick sliding his wet mouth up 'n down the shaft, stroking and working the purple knob, and giving an overall excellent blowjob. Vince takes Bryan's big hard clipped tool down his throat cramming as much as he possibly can without cutting off his windpipe. He nurses the chubby purple cock head and gives some good old-fashioned head. Bryan pulls his pork and shoots a thick load of spunk on Vince's hairy chest as Vince plays with Bryan's nuts. Vince jacks off shooting a small thick load on Bryan's stomach. Doug licks that love juice off Bryan's belly.


Adam is a good-looking twenty-two year old dude with short brown hair, goatee, and tall/toned/smooth body. He's kicked back on the bed watching straight porn titled "Tight and Tiny". He wants to be in adult videos because it's fun and he likes sex. Adam tends to dig doggy style the best and his non-sexual hobbies include riding dirt bikes and racecars. He quickly gets horny watching some gal get fucked on television and yanks off his clothes revealing that sexy body, brown trimmed pubes, and hard eight inch cut cock with large purple knob. Adam lubes up and begins to work that stiff boner using his left fist to glide up 'n down while his right hand cradles his sensitive plump balls. He breathes heavily as his strokes become faster and more urgent getting up on his knees and busting a thick nut all over the bed and his fist. Hot dude and that knob is huge!


-- sponsored by --

Clint's a good-looking guy with short brown hair and toned/smooth body. He's laying in bed with a trashy looking blond blow-up doll with a 1970s Farrah hairstyle, garish eye makeup, permanently open red-lipped mouth, big tits, blond pubes, and swollen "pussy". Rubbing the doll's most intimate area Clint exclaims, "I'm diggin' the pubes" as he diddles her "clit". He lubes his digits and finger fucks that doll like she may suddenly remember a previous engagement and take a powder. Clint forgets the plastic gal for a moment to jack his hard cut cock and rub his short trimmed pubes. He fucks Miss Thing in the missionary position pounding the hell out of that phony honey pot. There's a nice camera shot from behind of his hairy butt crack and plump balls as he humps away. The gal on television is groaning loudly like she's giving birth to a cow. Clint reaches the point of no return and shoots a thick load of jizz on Jay's tongue, goatee, shirt, and fist! Hot! Clint finished by slapping the doll's "pussy". Meow!


Giovanni is one hot fucking dude with a black buzz cut. He's lying back on the bed wearing a tight white tee shirt and black shorts. He has cool rough 'n tumble tattoos on his knuckles. Always ready for some straight meat, Doug begins to rub the bulge forming in Giovanni's crotch as he watches straight smut on television. Removing his shirt, Giovanni reveals his sexy tight/toned/smooth/tattooed chest and hairy armpits. He spreads his legs as Doug continues to rub his business through those shorts leading Doug to find his tight asshole and diddle. Giovanni finally removes his shorts revealing his full black bush, fat nuts, and long clipped dong. Doug lubes that cock up and begins to jack his pal to a full boner. Giovanni definitely digs the hand job since Doug is an expert and ends up jacking that thang with both hands. It's a two fister!

Giovanni bends over and exposes his tight hairy touchhole, hangy nuts, and the backside of that big dick. Hot! Returning to his back, he strokes his tool fast 'n hard shooting a thick load onto Doug's palm. Doug sucks that cum-slick cock and then laps the love offering from his palm like a true cum hound. Feeling generous, Giovanni gives the viewer one more look at his tight hairy bunghole. Hot dude!

Giovanni Cums Again:

Jay wants in on the action and Giovanni is not one to turn down a free blowjob. This dude is fucking hot with his low voice and what sounds like a New York accent. He's very flirtatious with Doug and admits that he loves lesbian smut. Doug rubs Giovanni's large meat tube through his black boxer briefs pulling 'em down to release that bush, big buts, and large clipped wang. Jay chows down on that big fucker giving excellent head sucking nice and slow savoring each tangy inch. Not satisfied with just the dong, Jay sucks those big balls taking each one into his hot wet mouth making Giovanni moan with lust. Giovanni spreads his legs wide apart and Doug munches down on that tight hairy asshole tonguing the pucker with excellent wet close-ups. Fucking Hot! Giovanni beats that meat and shoots a thick load on Jay's hungry tongue. Giovanni tries a taste as well.


Greg's a cute dude with brown hair, glasses, and tall/slender/smooth build. He lies back on the bed wearing baggy blue jeans and sweater with his eyes glued to the straight porn on television. Removing his sweater, Greg reveals his sexy toned chest followed by yanking his blue jeans and gray boxer briefs down exposing his full bush, plump nuts, and large hard cut cock with nice pink knob. He jacks that hard prick using his right fist sliding up 'n down the stalk exploring the hidden pleasures of self-lovin'. Spreading his legs, Greg plays with his hangy balls while pulling that rigid pork. Doug lubes that cock up and jacks the hell out of that thang using an over-handed technique that Greg seems to dig. Doug chows down on that big dong sliding his wet mouth up 'n down as Greg's hands guide Doug's head. Greg shoots a thick load of spooge in Doug's mouth and on his goatee. Again, Doug is a complete cum hound! Hell yeah! As a last treat for the viewers, Greg bends over exposing his tight hairy asshole. Hot! On a hilarious side note, the gal getting fucked on television sounds like a banshee in a horror film instead of a fuck flick. Ha!

Tom & Ben:

Tom is a very cute dude with black hair, li'l soul patch, and toned/smooth body. His pal Ben is a cute guy with a brown buzz cut, tattoos, and toned body. The dudes are comfortable lying back on the bed watching a straight smut fest. Tom's baggy blue jeans are open a bit revealing his black briefs as he begins to rub his crotch. Doug pulls Tom's hard fat clipped dong out jacking the shaft and yanking those blue jeans down revealing Tom's dark shortly trimmed pubes and plump nuts. Not happy with simply one cock, Doug grabs Ben's stiff cut joint with nice purple knob. Ben yanks his blue jeans and boxer briefs off revealing his full dark pubes and nice nuts. The dudes watch some gal getting porked on television and pull their hard puds. Tom reaches over and gives Ben a helping hand sliding his tight lubed fist up 'n down leading Ben to latch onto Tom's dong and stroke.

Tom gets down on Ben's stiff tool taking it down his throat and working his mouth up 'n down stroking and sucking. In return, Ben slides his wet mouth down on Tom's hard dick working it with his lips up 'n down giving some very good head. Tom shoots a thick load of jizz on his fist and on the bed as Ben shoots a thick was on his fist and Tom's stomach. Hot dudes!



"No Tell Motel" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The handheld videography by Doug and Jay provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of excellent close-ups of the butt munching. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they talk to Doug and Jay, the lubed sounds of jacking off, the loud sucking of cocks, and the even louder moans of that odd unseen gal on television getting fucked.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There are no bonus features on the disc.

Final Thoughts:

Once again cock hounds Doug and Jay do not disappoint with their stable of hot straight dudes in "No Tell Motel". The picture quality is sharp and clean, the hand-held videography is strong never missing any of the action and provides plenty of juicy close-ups of those hard cocks, hangy nuts, hairy bungholes, and butt munching. The dudes are appealing and have no problem jerking off while watching straight porn and letting Doug and Jay play with and suck their cocks. Some of the dudes are also down to jacking each other and givin' a li'l head. I like all the dudes here with my personal favorites being Giovanni, Vince, and Tom. I highly recommend for fans of sexy straight dudes showing their stuff to the camera.

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