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Best of Ramon Mendez, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:2004-2006


Cast:Ramon Mendez and several unidentified men

Body Types: Brazillian men, big dicked guys, twinks, body builder types


Things to see:outdoor sex, sex games, pool sex, threesomes

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

The Best of Ramon Mendez is a compilation porn that uses scenes from the following films: Inches from Brazil 1 and 2, Jungle Cruisers, Just Between Us, poolside Heat, Bananas from Brazil, Underwater, Doing the Tricks. It will come as no surprise that Ramon Mendez is featured in every scene. As he screws holes in various Brazilian locations, you can start to detect his "Ramon maneuvers" that he uses. Typically, Ramon will have a guy suck on his cock, followed by some penis slapping for the guy's ass, which leads to some screwing, and then finally ends in a chest facial for the bottom. Consistently, this is the "Ramon Mendez process" that you will see in each successive scene.

While the scenes might lack some sexual variety, I still found Ramon's large penis to be impressive. Apparently 9 inches long, his rock hard penis is a mighty weapon that he uses to poke and prod. Amazingly, several of the other actors also have similarly large penises, which leads me to believe that there must be something in the Brazilian water! To figure out if Ramon Mendez's penis will fill your fantasies, then read on:

Scene one:8 inches from Brazil

A twink strokes on his penis at the urinal and then checks out Ramon's "assets." The two start to make out, while occasionally checking to make sure that no one catches them. The twink services Ramon's cock and then a new guy enters the bathroom. Once they all realize that they are "playing for the same team" the twink offers to suck on the two large dicks. While the twink sucks away, Ramon pulls away to tease the twink's tight hole. Ramon then tries to shove in his extremely large cock, but he has to go slow at first since the twink has a tight hole. Ramon pumps away while the twink continues to suck on the other guy. After that, the other guy screws the twink from behind, while Ramon masturbates. Finally, the guys stoke their big dicks in front of the twink's face, resulting in some nice cumshots on the twink's chest.

Ramon and his costar really have some fantastically large penises! Fortunately, the cute twink is able to handle himself nicely. Overall, this was a good scene that will appeal to fans of "big bananas."

Scene two:Jungle Cruisers

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A couple is having some oral sex in the woods, when Ramon discovers what they are doing and decides to stroke his cock while watching the action. Ramon masturbates in secrecy until the couple ultimately catches him. However, one of the guys motion for Ramon to come over and join the fun. The youngest of the three guys then proceeds to suck on Ramon's cock while he has his ass rimmed by the other guy. The twink is then fucked in the ass while he watches Ramon masturbate. Ramon then gets his chance with the twink's hole. He fucks the accommodating hole, although he is distracted with the prospect of being caught by someone in the woods. Finally, the guys unload onto the twink's backside. The guys leave the rock hard twink who then shoots off his load.

There wasn't much sexual passion in this scene, but the sex was still decent.

Scene three:Just Between Us

In his apartment, Ramon makes out with a curly haired lad. The guys pull out their penises to compare their sizes, but it quickly leads to some oral action for Ramon. After that, Ramon finally puts a penis into his mouth (I thought he never would). Next, Ramon bends over his friend and starts to pump away from behind. Fortunately, the bottom is able to remain rock hard throughout the process. The guys then shift positions so that Ramon screws the guy with his legs up in the air. Eventually, the bottom cums while being screwed and Ramon releases an explosive load onto the guy's chest.

This scene's oral potion showed off how large Ramon's cock is! The sex was fairly standard, although it was very nice to see the bottom able to remain hard throughout the entire process.

Scene four:Poolside Heat

A naked Ramon descends into a public pool. Suddenly, a guy joins him in the pool, only to proposition him for sex. Ramon obliges by shoving his cock into the guy's mouth. After the oral sex the guys play with their cocks until the guy is turned around so that Ramon can screw him. Against a lion statue, the guys screw away. Eventually, both guys release their load onto the lion statue.

The outdoor location was beautiful. However, the close-up underneath shots were darkly lit, probably due to a limitation of shooting outdoors.

Scene five:Bananas from Brazil

A young stud enters a bar where the shirtless Ramon happens to be the bartender. The patron asks about the "special" so Ramon walks towards him to show him how large his penis is. The guys rub each other through their clothes until Ramon tells the lad that he wants to fuck him. The guy tells him to "do it" so Ramon removes his hard cock for some oral attention. After Ramon rubs his hard cock on the guy's hole, he inserts his sheathed member. The guys screw passionately in two different positions, one of which involved some fast fucking. At the end, Ramon pulls out to deliver an impressive load onto the guy's back. The guy then shoots on a chair.

This scene isn't much different from the other scenes in this compilation, yet I still find Ramon's huge loads to be an impressive feat.

Scene six:Underwater

In bed with his lover, Ramon dreams about an outdoor pool area where men have sex with each other. The scene then cuts to the pool where Ramon stands close to another naked stud, while a twink watches the guys from the pool. The twink then motions for the guys to come into the water with them. After some kissing, the twink heads underwater to give the guys some wet blowjobs. At one point, the twink blows one guy, while the other guy heads underwater to kiss his butt region. After some mock underwater fucking, the scene shifts back to the bedroom where Ramon is making out with the two pool studs. The twink sucks on the guy's cocks some more. Next, the twink straddles Ramon's cock, bouncing up and down on it. While being fucked, the twink sucks on the other guy's cock. The two tops eventually shift positions so that the other guy gets to experience the twink's hole. Finally, the guys shoot their loads onto the twink's chest.

The underwater shots were interesting, although not completely erotic. However, the bedroom sex scene was still decent.

Scene seven:Doing the Tricks

Ramon hangs out with an attractive twink. Feeling bored, the guys decide to get their cocks hard so that they can measure them. The guys then play a game of Rochambeau (rock paper scissors) to determine who has to suck the other's cock. Ramon wins first, so the twink gets to suck on his large member. After playing another round, Ramon loses so he places his mouth around the pretty penis. Ramon spends a considerable amount of time sucking on the guy, which was a pleasure to watch. The guys then play one more round, where the loser gets fucked. Ramon wins (no surprises) so he does his typical cock rubbing before he penetrates the guy's hole. Ramon screws the guy in two positions until he shoots his load onto the guy's chest.

The Rochambeau sex game was slightly erotic, even though it was obviously staged. The twink in this segment was also very cute. This leads me to hope that we might see a "best of" title for him.

Scene eight:8 inches from Brazil 2

At a gay bar, Ramon dances with another well chiseled guy on the stage. Ramon and his pal eventually disrobe for their audience. After the show (backstage) a twink comes over to tell the dancers how much he enjoyed the performance. Ramon lets the twink "show" them his appreciation as opposed to telling them. The guys start to make out with him and remove his clothes. The twink gleefully sucks on the dancer's long cocks. Ramon bends over the twink and starts to fuck him. The twink manages to remain hard throughout the pounding. Next, the other dancer screws the twink from behind. Finally, the guys shoot their cum into the twink's chest.

The twink looked so young and small in comparison to the two tall and well-muscled men. However, the size differences work to enhance the scene's eroticism. Overall, this was a good scene.

The DVD:


Culled from several films, all of the images display similar transfers. Fortunately, the scenes are sharp, brightly lit, and detailed. Only one outdoor scene had some occasional dark lighting. All of the scenes are presented in fullscreen.


All of the action can be heard throughout the film. Some of the scenes feature subtitles. Many of the scenes also feature an echo like sound but it's not very distracting.


Extras include animated scene selection, an animated gallery, and 8 trailers

Final thoughts:

The Best of Ramon Mendez will appeal to the select crowd known as "Brazilian size queens." Ramon's penis is rather large and he does have a very nice body. However, my straight detector goes off when I see him because he doesn't bottom in any of these eight scenes. Regardless of my minor qualms, this title is full of decent to good sex. Fans of sexy Brazilians will undoubtedly enjoy this title. Therefore this DVD comes with a recommended rating.

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