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Rump Rangers

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/7/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:2005-2007

Director:Doug & Jay

Cast:Guzzo, Steve, Axe, Vince, Brent, Brock, Rick, Jared, Thad, Ken, Nate, Nick, Riley

Body Types:muscular twinks, guys in their 20's and 30's


Things to see:threesomes, mutual masturbation, facial and oral cumshots, rough fucking

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Doug and Jay have released another erotic straight guy DVD. Unlike most gay porn that features "straight guys," Doug and Jay's porn feels authentically straight, right down to the typical straight guy cockiness. Their DVD's frequently feature young straight guys who are willing to masturbate with or have sex with another guy on camera. In most cases, the guys simply want the money. However, some of the recurring stars have continued to return because they realized how good the gay sex was. This fact alone is perhaps the greatest thing that these men learn through their experiences; sometimes any hole will do.

Throughout the film's six scenes, there are a variety of men who profess to be straight. Most of the guys are cute and young, while just a few are in their 30's. All of the scenes feature the guys watching porn to get into the mood, only to be followed by masturbation, dick sucking, and fucking. One really hot scene involved two straight studs that were curious about trying anal sex with each other. Towards the end of the scene, both of the actors are screwing with animalistic passion. Of course, there are several other nice scenes as well. Now, let's look at how these straight guys handle each other:

Scene one:

Steve, a sexy Latin twink, is interviewed about starring in his very first adult film. The director tells him that he will be working with a straight guy, which easily excites him. His co-star (Guzzo) then emerges from the shower, clad in his towel. Guzzo removes his towel so that Steve can suck his cock, which easily gets him hard. Guzzo then tells him to eat out his ass. Amazingly, Guzzo wants to suck on Steve's cock for a while! More sucking for Guzzo follows, including some face fucking. Guzzo then turns Steve over to slap his ass and put on a condom. Guzzo shoves himself right in and pumps away. While being fucked, Steve shoots his load, followed by Guzzo shooting his load onto Steve's face and into his mouth.

Guzzo seemed to show more enthusiasm than Steve did. However, Steve rectified the situation by sucking on Guzzo's spent cock at the end.

Scene two:

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Two guys lie in bed together and talk about their girlfriends. Axe is a brunette with a little bit of chest hair, while Vince has blond hair and some tattoos. The guys pull out each other's hard cocks and then form a 69 position. Both guys seem to enjoy having the camera on them as they suck dick. Axe then starts to lube up his hole for Vince. Axe's hole is very tight so they guys joke around a lot as they first try to fuck. Vince rides Axe for several minutes, although Axe remains soft. After that, Vince takes it up the ass as the guys form a doggy style position. Axe fucks him hard until Vince ultimately shoots his load. Axe quickly follows by shooting his cum onto Vince's ass cheeks.


This scene was pretty hot! You really get the sense that this was Axe's first ass fucking because he was so tight. Once the guys got used to the dick up their ass, it was clear that they both liked it. The fast and sweaty fucking at the end was also very nice.

Scene three:

Brent and Rick watch some straight porn in bed, although Brock soon joins them. As the guys ultimately pull out their erect cocks, Brent starts to orally service them. While he sucks on Brock's cock, Rick starts to get Brent's hole ready for penetration. Apparently due to Brent having a loose hole, Rick is able to slide himself in easily. The guys fuck, while Brent continues to suck on Brock's penis. After that, the guys switch so that Brock gets a turn with Brent's well-lubed channel. However, Rick tells Brock that he wants to fuck the hole some more so the guys "tag team" him at both ends. After a few minutes of sucking and fucking, Rick shoots an explosive load onto Brent's backside, and Brock gives Brent a very nice facial, followed by some dick licking. Finally, Brent shoots his load at the end.

This was a very nice threesome. It was painfully obvious that these straight guys needed to watch straight porn to keep them going. However, this factor made the scene hotter, especially when it becomes clear that Rick loves fucking Brent's ass.

Scene four:

A Latin guy (Thad) and a blond surfer type (Jared) talk about girls and their large breasts. As the guys take off more of their clothes, they continue to talk about what they like to see on girl's bodies. The guys then stroke on their cocks, although they try hard not to look down at each other. As Thad talks about how competitive he is, the director dares him to stroke on Jared's cock. The director then dares him to suck on Jared's cock. After some brief sucking, Jared returns the favor. Jared then puts on a condom, although it's clear that Thad is a little scared about the ass fucking, especially since he had never been fucked before. However, Thad bends over and is able to take all of the meat. Jared fucks him quite well, while he watches straight porn to remind him of why he's there. Thad remains surprisingly hard while he is being screwed. At the end, Jared pulls out to dribble out some cum and Thad cums while still in his bent over position.

It was funny to watch how reluctant these two guys were about sucking on each other's cocks. Even though they were successful at having sex with each other, I doubt that these guys will be eager to have sex with another guy again. Unless, of course, the money was right.

Scene five:

A slightly older and hairy guy is paired with a young stud. The older guy starts to suck on the younger guy's already rock hard cock. The older guy then removes his pants, only to be pleasantly surprised by the younger lad going down on his cock. More sucking for the young lad continues, followed by some deep rimming. Next, the young guy fucks the older guy. As the stud pumps away, the bottom tells him that he can fuck him as hard as he wants. From that point on, the fucking is fast, deep and animalistic. As a result, the older guy is able to shoot his load quickly. After that, the young stud pulls out and shoots off his load.

This was a great scene because both of the actors were so turned on by each other. For example, the older guy simply can't get enough of the young stud's cock, both in his mouth and in his ass. I also think that the straight twink thoroughly enjoyed being able to fuck someone so hard.

Scene six:

Sandwiched in between two studs, Riley gets to have a special "play date" with his two-studley friends. Riley first touches the guys to get them properly hard. He then sucks on the guy's cocks, alternating from time to time. After that, one guy gets to screw his hole, while the other has his dick sucked on. Eventually, the guys flip positions so that the other has a chance with Riley's hole. After some fast and furious fucking, the guys dump their sticky loads onto Riley's cute face.

This was another nice threesome. Riley unknowingly becomes the "fuckdoll" for the party, since the guys use his every orifice for their own pleasure.

The DVD:


The video is presented in fullscreen. The image is consistently colorful, brightly lit, and detailed. However, there were a few select moments where some strange digital artifacts show up on the screen.


All of the action could be easily heard, which is important for a title like this.


This DVD features only animated menus and scene selections

Final thoughts:

Rump Rangers is a fun way to experience the joys to be had from watching straight guys have sex together. Some of the actors were clearly uninterested in having sex with another guy. However, once they were significantly turned on, they realized that a hole is a hole. This straight boy discovery is captured well in this DVD's six sex scenes. For those of you who might enjoy watching frisky straight boys discover their gay side, then this title might be just right for you. Therefore this DVD easily comes with a recommended rating.

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