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Housewife Bangers Vol. 8

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/8/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

The set up is this: A bunch of utterly gullible and expectedly geeky husbands are tricked in to having their unusually hot wives into fucking a stud, all at the price of something like black mail, or money, which is what the description reads, but we're actually given couples who volunteer for these sexual escapades. They're also supposed to sit and watch as their wives are hammered into a bed, while these gorgeous but reasonably plain women are completely pounded in front of the cameras. Having seen footage of this sort of movie on the internet before, it's usually very goofy and utterly campy porn fare filled with surprisingly good looking women who also look realistic. As you'd guess, my expectations with a porn like "Housewife Bangers 8" were of the same level. Porn of this ilk usually is a bust much like POV porn, and it's almost no different here. And yes, it's over two and a half hours, which means boredom in this case.


Kelly is upset that her husband really isn't giving it to her, and is more than happy to be sitting with a film crew in a moving car, ready to put one over on her inept husband. Kelly and her husband meet him at a coffee shop, where she and her husband have agreed to film the initial sexual confrontation. As soon as they enter the bedroom, Kelly's humble shrugs and innocent giggles turn into pure lust as she and her escort completely goes all out in front of her husband. The set up for this and the other segments seem natural enough for us to buy that these are actual couples in awkward sexual situations, which is why it's a rather entertaining segment from the beginning. Kelly is a gorgeous woman who actually plays the sex starved but reluctant wife well, and commits to some really memorable fucking, all with her husbands chagrin a constant treat. Plus, an added bonus is hearing Kelly complain about her husband not giving it to her, and yet her pussy is large enough to slip two fingers into. Getting it somewhere else, are we? The sex here is basically typical of what you get anywhere else. Kelly and mate fuck, she sucks, her husband watches uncomfortably, and it just ends. The two don't really heat up the screen as much as I was hoping, and it's a pretty limp start.


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Carrie is a very good looking woman who is just like Kelly. She met someone online who she thinks can give it to her good, and her husband is interested to see what the confrontation will be like. And again, the camera man agrees to offer a DVD copy of the sexcapade. She's dressed in dark lingerie and looks rather incredible to boot, and is more than ready to get into it with her escort/online pen pal. Like Kelly, she looks very little like your typical house wife, or average woman, but that's okay, because Carrie is simply beautiful to look at. But yet again, this is a segment that quickly wore thin. Carrie barely moves an inch and barely makes a sound during this confrontation, and her husband looks more lethargic than uncomfortable or excited, meanwhile the camera man just will not shut up. More so, Carrie seems to take the same sexual positions Kelly did, and that doesn't help the mood much when repetition becomes a constant here. Sure, Carrie is gorgeous, but the segment is lacking.


Thankfully breaking the repetition and lackluster set ups, we meet a man who comes across our camera man in an elevator. He explains that he made a bet with his best friend Ethan, and owes him five hundred bucks, and as collateral, he's putting up a night with his wife, which is what the doctor ordered apparently. After a droning conversation of the inept hubby trying to seal the deal with his wife, the dressed and made up Devon is more than willing to fuck Ethan to make up the debt, and even get back at her sap mate. Devon is a gorgeous woman, as they all really are with a large rump, and a firm body, but we spend too much time looking at the husband, and not enough time on Devon who seems to enjoy sucking Ethan off, and fucking him on their couch, even though she seems ill-prepared at the start. We just spend too much time here on Devon endlessly sucking off Ethan ad boredom, along with double takes from the husband to actually get that sense of taboo with Devon being fucked senseless in their bed room. The sex here is also pretty basic with missionary, spread eagle, and doggy style, and it never


Losing a game of poker to his friend, and having no possible way to pay off the debt, our inept hubby for this segment puts up his wife as payback for the money he can't possibly pay. And the segment takes another boring turn, with a very similar set up to Devon's without any of the attempted break from the tedium. Giovanna's husband is the first here to actually look angry at his wife's infidelity brought on by his inability to play poker, and even though Giovanna is a pretty good looking woman, the set up doesn't help the further tedium in this entire film. At least here there's some hint that the actors want to fake realism, with Giovanna's husband looking on annoyed, and his gambling buddy gloating with a middle finger in the air. One consolation is that Giovanna actually looks very passionate during the fucking and seems to love making her husband miserable. She has a fantastic body, and the pounding it takes with doggy style and spread eagle is worth sitting through all the crap at the beginning.



Though a bit fuzzy, and dull in the colors, "Housewife Bangers 8" is a crisp and good looking little porno presented in full screen. Many times in the car, with the camera man interviewing the sun light did indeed blank out a few of the faces, but once we enter into our settings, the movie looks much better, and the sex scenes are clear enough to grant us a good view of the action.


The sound here is fine enough to garner easy listening. Though all the sounds with the sucking and slapping aren't clearly audible, we're supposed to actually hear more of the talking and conversing which comes through clear enough with the attempted pay off of the situation comedy we sit through here.


We're unfortunately only given a few measly trailers from Pink Visual, including Her First Lesbian Sex, and Milf Seeker, as well as Previews from the web, and a commercial advertising the "Best Movies" Pink Visual has to offer. All in all, it's another short changed effort with sadly no Behind the Scenes, bloopers, or memorable bonuses.

After Thought:

I've never been so bored with a porno before, but lo and behold, they pulled it off with "Housewife Bangers 8." Sure, the women are absolutely gorgeous, but the segments are lackluster, the set ups are repetitious, the acting and passion leave so much to be desired, and the basic concept is easily tiresome. I wish the extras would have made up for what we were skimped on, but there's really nothing to be gained there, either.

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