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Dynamic Booty #2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/8/07

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Dynamic Booty 2: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Alexander DeVoe Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Alexander DeVoe

Cast: Gianna, Luscious Lopez, Jean-Claude Batiste, Kiara Marie, Britney Stevens, Roxy Reynolds, Mr. Marcus, Tia Sweets, Donna Red, Big Sid, Raven Vixen, Nat Turner

Length: 231:21 minutes

Date of Production: 6/14/2007 (box); 6/4/2007 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the 35:09 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. There was some extra sex, plenty of nudity, and some goofing around with the director. It was far from the best such feature I've seen of late but considering the increasing quality of the competition, this is no surprise here. The main benefit of the BTS this time was additional tease though so fans of the ass shaking fun will find more stroke material to enjoy because of it. There was also a photogallery, a cast list of the females, a biography for the director, and five trailers including Phat Ass White Booty, Dynamic Booty, and others.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dynamic Booty 2 was presented in a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color offering as shot by director Alexander DeVoe for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. This being the third such release for the director, I was under the impression that he would hone it to a fine edge (per our conversation through email lately) but the same rough edges were present. There was a bunch more grain than I prefer to see and the picture itself seemed kind of blurry, almost as if various filters were used to limit the visual flaws of the ladies, much like some of Alex's works at WCP where he directed most of his titles before this. Alex has gone on record as stating he prefers to shoot in the Cineframe mode rather than video mode when shooting scenes as his preference is for the softer film-like appearance it provides, though my taste lies the other way since the softer look tends to look crappier on HD televisions (the kind that are currently outstripping non-HD TV's by a wide margin) like my own. Still, there was a lot of creative use of the visual effects much like John Leslie provides these days so if you're into that over straightforward gonzo visuals, you may enjoy it more than I did. There did not appear to be a lot of edge enhancement or compression artifacts but the video noise (like the shimmer on some of the fishnets) and the color saturation due to low lighting impacted the look of the show more than the use of the aforementioned cineframe choice. The camera angles employed showed the ladies with an emphasis on their asses, a mixed bag considering how much some of them again appeared to be flabby (which certainly appeals to a niche audience but it's not the kind of audience that will allow Alex to grow as his biography seems to think he will) and the color temperatures of the multiple cameras used at times did not look the same; almost as if someone tried to shoot on the fly (as in Tia's scene). The audio was a sparse 2.0 Dolby Digital (using the standard 192 Kbps bitrate) with some music and vocals that were all over the place; probably the area in biggest need of attention. There were times when I was certain that the whispered voices were not supposed to be heard and other times when I'm sure they were important elements of a scene, perhaps indicative of an aspect that Alex will address in later movies better than this.

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Body of Review: Alexander DeVoe is a director that has shot a great many fuck flicks over the years, some of them pretty decent in terms of offering something off the beaten track. In the field of gonzo porn, there are so many directors chasing what the others do that finding one willing to try something different, even when he fails at it, as a refreshing change of pace. Under a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video, Mr. DeVoe now has a far better platform to introduce his works to the mainstream porn public; in effect cashing in on the association to a degree that benefits both parties. His latest work is Dynamic Booty 2: Special Edition, the sequel to the mediocre Dynamic Booty 1 that I looked at earlier this year, with the general idea being a lot of tease using booty as the focal point and some heated boning. The back cover said it like this: "What up peeps! Back up in ya again for volume two. Got more freaky girls with crazy booty for ya'll to jack to. Plus the return of Roxy Reynolds. Keep watching. Gianna and Luscious Lopez - the dynamic booty duo. The double "R" Roxy Reynolds shows us her freaky side. Raven Vixen is a dick addicted nympho. Kiara Marie has the perfect round bubble booty." If this sounds appealing to you, here is a quick look at the six scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: The Power of One Times Two: Gianna, one of the leading busty babes in porn these days, and curvy Luscious Lopez, were up first in a scene that looked like it was shot under the red sun of Krypton. Their male partner was Jean-Claude Batiste and the POV action began when the camera walked in on a bound Gianna, the gal getting freed to do her thing as she heatedly teased the camera in the walk in closet. She was spanked and demanded the hitting be for real, leading to the lame ass red tint to go away for what looked substantially cleaner as Gianna's blue mesh outfit was practically swallowed by her curves. For those of you living under a rock in recent months, she is the gal on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, the picture speaking volumes as to why I adore her look even if not truly capable of explaining how playful she is as I can do in my reviews. The bondage angle was played up once she was freed though too, a set of nipple clamps pushing her limits as she discussed the pain while laughing. There was minimal choking and she masturbated while the camera caught her reddened ass; curvy Luscious found in a nearby room to almost reset the scene by starting over. Her tease was more subdued but she was tied up on a bed, getting freed to tease the camera for a much shorter period of time before the gals teamed up on Jean. Luscious sat on his blindfolded face and Gianna took a turn sitting there too, the ladies alternating on his cock orally as well. Both of the gals did a fine job riding the cock, showing the man some contempt but recognizing his physical attributes as nicely packaged. The camera angles did not allow me to conclusively state that Gianna did anal here but Luscious sure rode him hard with her ass, the cock going balls deep as she rubbed and Gianna assisted. In that sense, the scene gave more points to Gianna for the opening tease and playful dynamic while Luscious was the superior rider in both her holes; the gals splitting the points for oral attention. The scene ended when he jerked off onto their fleshy asses and Gianna licked Luscious clean. This was by far the best scene of the movie in most ways that matter. Whew!

Scene Two: Caged Heat: Kiara Marie, the white gal with the big ass on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next as she was struggling in a cage; blindfolded, wearing fetish attire, and surrounded by large black dildos. Handcuffed and helpless, she wanted out of her prison so she made her deal with the devil to escape by working over the cock of Mr. Marcus. She liked the black meat well enough, sucking his top couple of inches before he turned her around to tap her pussy from behind. That led to her getting out of the cage in order to more properly service his needs, eventually getting more active during the penetration. The blindfold remained on her and the ride itself was mixed in terms of her participation but I was left wanting to see more of her. She liked the large cock tearing into her so I suspect the thing holding her back was her inexperience with the size he offered her, although the gimmick of the blindfold surely did not help either. In all, it was another attempt at providing something different that kind of worked on a very limited basis; Marcus busting a nut of population pudding on her ample ass cheeks.

Scene Three: Bagged and Bound: Britney Stevens, Roxy Reynolds, and Mr. Marcus, were up next in the last scene of the first disc. Roxy started out in a green trash bag, wearing the same outfit she displayed on the upper left hand corner of the front cover with fishnet stockings and a pink top. She was choked and she teased once she broke free, crawling up the stairs to find Britney in a bag herself. I wasn't keen on the whole bag idea but I have few issues with women that brings out a control freak nature in my personality like whomever wrote the scenes of the movie must have had. Being on the bleeding edge of acceptability like this might have worked better in a devoted BDSM fuck flick than in a generic gonzo booty buster but even casting that thought aside for the moment, the gimmicks got in the way of the sex too often. Britney sucked a mean cock and the use of gloves to explore holes wasn't so bad with the gals tasting each other at times when they were not otherwise busy blowing Marcus. The vaginal riding was done pretty well and only the technical limitations really distracted from the raw energy; albeit the inconsistent raw energy captured by the director. Chains in the ass, anal, and ATM with the scene ending as the gals took the facials and licked the nut off each other showed some potential here too; much of it making the scene worth a second, though not third, look for me.

Scene Four: Tease Control: Tia Sweets, the gal on the upper right hand corner of the cover wearing a neon green fishnet body stocking, was up the first scene of the second disc (funny that the cast list mixed up the order of the scenes; kind of lacking in quality control) as she slowly made her way through an industrial kitchen of a deserted restaurant. Her thigh high black PVC boots and chain leash added to the effect but her ass muscle control showed she was a solid choice for the movie. I have long liked tease and a straightforward manner for my porn, the artistic crud laughable for the most part in showing how pretentious some directors get. She spent a lot of time bent over and crawling on tables to fully flesh out the ass tease, soon finding Jean-Claude Batiste as the man willing to pound her pussy with his cock after minimal preparation time. He did most of the work as he screwed her passive body but after verbally coaxing him onward, she did manage to participate more fully in time. There was some oral given here (by both of them) but it was not as linear a dynamic as usual with the heat of the moment seeming to dictate what they did more than Alexander trying to force it on them. By the time she was actively riding his dick vaginally, the scene switched to an anal assault but this meant she slowed down again as he pushed her limits too far, too fast for her to accommodate his rod. He rubbed out his load of semen to her face at the end, the chemistry inconsistent but the visual appeal, especially of her tease at the beginning of the scene proving to be quite hot.

Scene Five: Caught Red Handed: Donna Red, a light skinned black gal with a healthy ass, was up next as she was laid out on a table under plastic wrap and tied at the hands with green cord. Her red stripper shoes and white dress (stripper Red Cross look to it) looked good on her with Big Sid looking much like a meat packer in the industrial setting. He uncovered her and felt her up, spending a limited amount of time with her ass before she began slobbing his knob with a lot of sound effects. The soft focus of the picture here was especially poor, from the tint to the lack of clarity that reminded me of a low budget horror movie from the 1950's if not a student film project from years ago. Lacking any chemistry, at least lacking it in any meaningful way for the camera, she then sat on his dick and rocked back and forth during the vaginal ride. The porn moans were over the top and he told her what to do as she complied with his demands. The lame vocals aside, she became really passive when she wasn't on top and that killed the scene for me in most ways, though I'll admit the levels of junk in her trunk gave her a lot of potential for better pairings. She took the facial well but the too little, too late dynamic was clearly in evidence so your mileage may vary.

Scene Six: Devil in Miss Vixen: Raven Vixen, the redhead on the lower portion of the front cover, was up last as she had a green trash bag over her upper torso while she was bound to a chair with duct tape. Her curvy figure was hot but unless you get off on that kind of thing; it really doesn't do much for me. She was wearing a neon pink mesh outfit that drew the eye but her tease made it clear that her ass was her best feature by far (she looked drugged out on the front cover but better than she did in the movie). She masturbated and once completely naked, walked in on Nat Turner who was patiently waiting in the bedroom with surgical gloves on his hands. He felt her ample sample a lot, the gal holding onto a metal bedpost as he spanked her (at least until she lay across his lap), soon allowing her to slob his knob. This did not last too long as she moved to provide her pussy for porking, mechanically impaling herself on his rod in numerous positions while moaning loudly (as though he was too large for her). I'll admit that the way her ass cheeks rippled while she rode was quite a sight and those of you into sexual athleticism will find that portion of the scene to be pretty cool to watch, the couple lacking any realistic attraction for one another from the looks of it. He wasn't nearly as large as some of the other men and the limitations of his erection was most noticeable when he jerked off his limited load of spew to her ass cheeks.

Summary: Dynamic Booty 2 by director Alexander DeVoe for distribution by Jules Jordan Video started off with a lot of potential thanks in large part to Gianna and Luscious Lopez paving the way for the others with their solid performances. The technical matters were below par but I couldn't look away from that scene and hoped that the others would follow suit. Sadly, while most of the other scenes showed some potential, it was inconsistently applied and often held back by a need for visual trickery that lacked too much and in too many ways to rate this one as anything higher than a Rent It. In short, Dynamic Booty 2: Special Edition, like Dynamic Booty 1 showed that Mr. DeVoe had what it takes to succeed but his follow through struck me cold most of the time for various reasons. Give it a look if you want to see something different (not "better", just "different") but unless you're into dominating women with the trappings of BDSM equipment and the lifestyle mentality, pass it up as another failed experiment by the otherwise talented director.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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