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Grand Theft Anal 10

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/8/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Grand Theft Anal 10

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Amber Rayne, Jenner, Bree Olson, James Deen, Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, Tommy Gunn, Lexi Love, Trent Soluri, Joanna Angel, Annette Schwarz

Length: 152:01 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/21/2007 to 5/11/2007

Extra's: The best extra, was the 10:22 minute long series of seductive stripteases by the ladies as they strut their stuff to the beat of the music. Some of them were clearly familiar with the art of peeling and others could have used some pointers but the resulting footage was a nice addition to the DVD that many of you should find quite strokable (which goes to explain why I get so pissed off when such a feature is advertised on the cover and not included on the DVD). The only issue I had was that not all the ladies were present, perhaps due to their abilities being less defined in this area. The next solid extra was the 12:33 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Starting off with Aurora "Nikara" Jolie before Joanna, Bree, and Amber were given a few moments of extra infamy as the uncredited director sparred with them verbally. There were some cute anecdotes and the usual playful banter about how swell working in porn is (it came off as too lightweight but still worth watching thanks to the nudity and additional sex). That was followed by the usual photogallery, double sided DVD cover, slip case, cumshot loop, and trailers to movies like Girlvana 2, Grand Theft Anal 9, Hand To Mouth 4, Fishnets, About Face 3, Double Decker Sandwich 8, Tits Ahoy 3, and Asswhole 3.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Grand Theft Anal 10 was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color presentation as shot by talented director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance. Unlike previous volumes in the series that were shot, edited, lit, and otherwise handled by Mike yet credited to an absentee director, this one clearly plastered his name on the front cover (a truth in advertising dynamic that I really appreciated by the way). The lighting was very good, limiting the grain and video noise while providing accurate fleshtones on the cast. The picture wasn't always perfect but the composition of the shots was as solid as I remember Mike providing in the past, always enhancing the look of the ladies in their scenes substantially. The fleshtones were accurate and in technical terms, some significant care was applied to the production. There were no compression artifacts observed and the overall visual quality was very good, as expected. The audio registered on my receiver as 2.0 Dolby Digital but the vocals varied a fair amount in terms of loudness and there wasn't any music getting in the way of most scenes this time. I didn't notice anything that would give your home theatres a work out but the audio properties did not detract from the experience. Fans of Spanish can listen to the secondary audio track in that language too; I found it to be an okay dub though only spot checked it to make sure it existed (but it would be funny to goof on with a few friends).

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Body of Review: Mike Quasar is the equivalent of the main gun at Zero Tolerance, much like a number of other companies have a single "go to guy" for their best projects. While that makes his services the lynch pin holding the company together, it also allows him the freedom to try new things with relative impunity since his leaving the company would be devastating to them. As the most technically adept director there, he ends up shooting many of their best works, looking at a list of past award winners proving my point (regardless of who was credited as director). His latest release shows him formally taking over a series he has long been associated with as the main production crew with Grand Theft Anal 10, the sequel to Grand Theft Anal 9 that came out almost exactly a year ago by my reckoning. The series is best known as anal sex driven with each gal in the cast doing the deed in her backdoor. Past volumes have showcased some of the finest anal queens and princesses available in the industry, also trying gals with less experience as they continued their plunge into anal related gonzo. The back cover said it like this: "Get your motor revving and your fluids flowing with the all-anal series that smokes the competition! The high-powered whores of GTA 10 give life in the fast lane a whole new meaning. These speedy suck sluts skip the pussy play and want it straight in their rear ends. Their sturdy frames and hard bodies are built for ass fucking -- they take a licking and keep on dicking! So, grab your pushrod, fasten your sex belt, and cum along for an anal joyride!" If this sounds what you are looking for, read the rest of the review, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Amber Rayne, a skinny brunette with a tight body that looked better suited for alt-porn, was up first and while she wasn't bad, her tease definitely needed some polishing up compared to many of the others cast here. Her red and black outfit left little to the imagination and the far too short tease resulted in her going onto the bed to meet scene partner Jenner. I didn't care about her tramp stamps (tattoos) so much as her ribcage showing she needed a burger more than Jenna or Naomi at this time; the gal immediately moving over to slob his knob. She was an aggressive cocksucker that liked to make those glub glub noises a few of you love and others hate (I'm neutral) with Jenner pretty much limited to feeling her up as he enjoyed her admittedly sweet hummer. Rather than go down on her like a gentleman would, he then fingered her for a mere moment before she started impaling herself on his cock in her ass. She got off on the act and after several positions and bouts of ATM, he jerked off into her open anal gape (a small load of population pudding but he does work a lot, yes?). She seemed out of breath at the end of the scene and it had more chemistry between them than I thought it would given the limitations of the opening portions of the scene.

Scene Two: Bree Olson, a fabulously beautiful blond as seen on the front cover, was up next wearing a red and black outfit that reminded me of a racer chick uniform. The outside location helped enhance her curvy figure a lot and while I might have liked to see the outfit displayed on the cover, this is a gal that could wear a burlap sack and turn blind men on so watching her tease and masturbate with fingers in her ass while she cooed managed to work well for my libido. Sadly, she then moved inside to the bed where James Deen was waiting for her. While reportedly the youngest meat puppet on most "yes" lists, he always seems a bit angry and in need of abusing gals with rough sex, even if some of them act as though they enjoy it (maybe they do). She employed a lot of dirty talk as he fingered her "anal slut" ass and she started power sucking his cock while he held her head. That led to him poking her perfect pucker, stopping to lube it up when his initial attempt did not go over so well. I hated her over the top porn yelling and passive riding here, common factors in her performances (why is it always the hot gals that are like this?), but she showed a love of ATM and took the load into her mouth before swallowing, always looking great in the process.

Scene Three: Aurora "Nikara" Jolie, a curvy, light skinned black gal with a wonderfully thick booty, was up next wearing a pink, black & white outfit that showed off her assets nicely. Her skirt was hot and she was playful about the tease as she jiggled her breasts and employed a glass dildo into her ripe rump. This being a gal that does no vaginal work made her the perfect choice for the movie, her mouth and ass getting a superior drilling from muscular stud Tommy Gunn after what amounted to one of the best tease displays of the entire movie. I'm not quite a big fan of hers but she has shown me the light in terms of providing all the qualities a porn performer needs to have in order to succeed; the large purple ottoman serving nicely as a base of operations this time. I could outline every little thing that made this a great performance (I prefer to leave the laundry lists for reviewers at other websites) but she was in fine form as she took all he had and more as she actively rode the pole in her ass. By the time he had tapped that sweet ass to oblivion, she was nearly torn up, Tommy rubbing out a load to her ass cheeks to finish up as she scooped some up for oral play. Yum!

Scene Four: Lexi Love, a lean and foxy anal queen with light hair and a smoking hot dynamic personality, was up next as she showed the camera her large glass "friend" that was placed into her rectum after she seductively peeled off her tight pink & black shorts. The tease was cut short by moper Trent Soluri as he took over control of the toy, weakening the action for me since I prefer more tease, but she blew him as though he had a far larger cock than reality gave him so it balanced out for the most part. Her performing skills have long been solid in terms of doing pretty much anything asked of her so the messy hummer and aggressive anal ride was top notch regardless of whom she was stuck with to work on the couch. I was surprised at how much she let her pubic hair grow for the scene, the bush looking unnatural given the usual porn look in such scenes, but she held my attention in numerous other ways and never let me down in terms of her heated and energetic performance. Given the size of the load he rubbed out, I wondered if he was actively trying to miss her mouth but she ended it on a high note with some post coital sucking.

Scene Five: Joanna Angel, the reigning queen of alt-porn, was up next in the game room setting wearing the red, white & black racing outfit that worked on her so well. She's one of those performers that can transform from sneering bitch to little baby fuck doll as needed, showing some acting chops too if the project is right. She jumped up on the pool table to masturbate anally with a toy, increasing the tempo as the generic music droned on in the background and my patience was rewarded in that she was given substantially more time to play with herself than the others before James Deen was up for their reunion. The couple work together a lot and seem to appreciate each other more than perhaps anyone else in the jizz biz so even though I find his usual work lackadaisical, with her he does a fine job that shows their chemistry. She moved to the large modern couch for him to play with, taking over the toy use before she slobbed his knob with gusto for a moment. The anal pounding between them was among the best in the movie as she seemed to work up a real sweat while the sweaty duo drove each other crazy with desire. She was always active and he rubbed out a large load to her torso and face not typical of his previous work; making me think they should have left the scene to get a room at a nearby motel and finish up. Whew!

Scene Six: Annette Schwarz, the current contender for German anal queen, was up last wearing a similar stripper turned race car driver groupie outfit. Her fleshy ass and overall appeal in a movie such as this relies heavily on the fact that she has few, if any limits and likes working in the extreme scenes the most (typically with her gal pal partner but not always). She masturbated with a small anal toy but that was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as she let studly Tommy Gunn take over before aggressively inhaling his meatpipe orally. Her blowjobs always look like she is capable of sucking a golf ball through a garden hose so her frog belly white complexion contrasted well with his deep tan as she saw fit to test out my theory. It was probably the best head of the movie and as messy as she got, she never missed a step as she jumped onto his cock for the expected anal ride. She showed lots of passion and energy, making it clear why the movie ended with this scene (had it started with this one, most of the others would have paled by comparison, except for Aurora's of course, though it would have worked nicely in the middle too). She gyrated, bucked her hips, and nearly broke the furniture if the noises it made were indicative of the pounding going on, the taste testing fairly limited here. It ended with her taking up the jerking off part at the end (he took over at the very last minute though) and trying to tease even more semen out of his cock before the scene faded out for the credits.

Summary: Grand Theft Anal 10 by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance had a lot of anal sex shown in his unique style with proper lighting, steady camera work and editing, and using a cast of ladies that most of you are probably familiar with by now. The strokability and replay value was decent and while it was not as consistently as good as some of Mike's non-focused on anal works, it merited a rating of Recommended nonetheless. In short, Grand Theft Anal 10, like Grand Theft Anal 9 last year, was truthfully advertised and marketing hyperbole aside, you do a lot worse for your time, money and seed than pick up a copy for your personal hand to gland self love.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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