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Best of Hush Hush: Sasha Grey & Barbie Cummings

Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Sasha Grey & Barbie Cummings

Length: 2 disc set: Each disc runs approx. 2.5 hours

Production Date: Hush Hush, 2007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Pick Your Pleasure:

Audio/Video: The audio of the film is stereo 2.0 as is typical. Since this is a compilation, the quality of each scene varied, but on a whole was consistent and pleasing. The Video is Full Frame color and it too varies, but remains steady throughout.

Body of Review: Hush Hush Entertainment is reaching out to the closeted perverts by using the "As Seen on TV" gimic. This 2 disc flick is a best-of compilation of Sasha Grey (As seen on the Tyra Banks Show) and Barbie Cummings (As seen on ABC News). With these two beauties doing 5 scenes each and with a run time of 2.5 hours a disc, there's no excuse for disappointment. When they say "The Best of" I think they mean it. They'd better. Damn it.

Scene 1: Barbie
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Swinging, girl-girl 69,
From Monster Cock FuckFest: The first scene comes with a promising title and wastes no time to delve into the action. Beautiful, blond Barbie is bent over a couch accepting a thick, black cock in her twat. She hops to her feet and tries swallowing his meat and realizes her best bet is to simply fuck it. She starts with cowgirl and the room is suddenly filled with blowjobing cuties and boning bobs. It truly becomes a fuck fest as about five different couples join the mix. For the most, each pair stick to themselves, but there is some sharing that doesn't look preplanned (vags aren't lined up like a train waiting to be boarded) so the stars kinda float across the room. This is great, especially since the action in between is boner solid. Barbie gets tag-teamed with a gorgeous redhead and although you'd think this orgy would result in chaos, the scene is shot so well it's as clean as an 18 y/o girl-on-girl. When the scene can't get better, Barbie blows us away with a black boys only DP. Each gal gathers around and blows her partner to climax, accepting varying degrees of load. Then in a nice touch, they go back to fucking, even with cum fresh on their chins. This fuck session occurs on the carpet and is so hot it really should be illegal. There's nothing notable here, except that it's clean, well-shot and features drop dead ladies spread across the floor. One last pop to Barbie's mouth closes this dream scene.

Scene 2:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, facial
From My Daughter's Fucking A Black Dude: Barbie's boobs and meaty thighs are accented at the start of this scene. She's sitting cross-legged on a couch wearing a denim mini and peach blouse that shows her sweet cleavage. Beneath all this we get a peek of yellow panties and bra, but it's some time before we get the full picture. She begins with a blowjob that is worthy an instruction manual. Long, soft sucks with occasional deep throats, Barbie doesn't mind a little face fucking either. Laid on the couch, Barbie is a dream girl, uber-sexy in every way--except maybe the boobjob scars beneath an otherwise gorgeous pair of breasticles. She takes both serious and soft ram rodding, and much of this time her red eye looks us in the face. Barbie takes the helm in cowgirl, enjoying this bit of control. Yet even when not in the driver's seat, Barbie is enthusiastic and eager. This makes the fucking--which is straightforward and a tad slow at times--enjoyable. Barbie's just one of those stars that isn't going to let her viewers down.

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Scene 3:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATP, Facial
Frat House Fuck Fest Beer+Broads= an excess of Beefcake, and this shouldn't be a surprise since we're visiting a Frat House. Mainly what happens here is a bunch of testosterone hovers around Barbie like flies on shit. The scene has a nice over lighting/amateur look to it and Barbie's performance is hot as always. It's really the crowd of guys shouting "bend her over" and whooping it up that make the scene intolerable. Mute the audio and it becomes much better, but you can't help wanting to rescue her from that madhouse. There's a number of great acts and moments: a piledriver with Barbie's jiffy store feet flapping in the air, a self-vaginal fisting, some chocking, slapping, spitting, and all around severe boning until both face and pus are red as fire. Somehow a jump rope finds its way up her vag and ass at one point. A decent facial arrives to the joy of the crowd. While there were an overwhelming number of masculinity annoyances, Barbie delivered like a pro and gave a nasty amateur-like scene.

Scene 4:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Anal, Facial

Freaky First Timers: Barbie is front and center, on her knees for this scene. Completely bare except for a head full of curly, blond hair. A stiff one appears stage left and Barbie takes it in her mouth. Great oral acts abound: face fucking, mouth stretching, testicular lapping, a bit of rimming, and some deep throat that takes her breath away. The guy then tosses Barbie on her back and she pulls her pink, polka dot panties to the side to have her slick vag taken for a spin. PTMs pop up unannounced and these lead to sweet nut nuzzling and taint tickling. This scene is a nice step away from the chaotic energy of the previous scene. It remains uno a uno throughout and Barbie proves that she doesn't need a "As Seen on TV" gimmick to sell her audience. She's way more talented than that. Cornholing gets good screen time and we can see how much damage he's done to Barbie's vag; it sags like a newspaper left out in the rain. She lies on her stomach and holds her ankles above her ass as she takes a drilling cumshot that is thin and streamy but as copious as a fountain. Nice.

Scene 5:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATP, ATM, Rimming, Facial
From Bubble Butt Bonanza: I'd not really though of Barbie as a bubble butt, but, I guess I'll reconsider. Yeah I suppose she is. The deal is her waist is so tight, but she has nice thick thighs, and her butt just kinda blends perfectly between the two. But when she bends over and shakes her tail feather, it's obvious. Let's start by bursting that bubble butt. Some skinny white dude pops his willie in her back door. Fucking her on the carpet, he moves from ass to vag without permission and then gets Barbie to suck off the mess her holes left behind. Barbie accepts a facial, but like all the other scenes, she doesn't seem the kind to make it disappear. Nice makeup, nonetheless.

Scene 6: Sasha
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
Too Big To Be True: After about 5 seconds with her vibrator the lovely Sasha Grey tosses it aside and moves on to black, monster meat. She wraps her fire engine red lips around two cocks sliding around their poles and poking their mushroom tips to the back of her throat. As one fucks her mouth, the other begins preparations to fill her tight twat. I'm still amazed that a girl so tiny will, and can, take a monster cock in all her orifices. But that's one of the great things making Sasha a rising starlet. She really works and pushes herself, doing more than lying on her back for a fist of fifties. The fellas form a bang triangle and in typical Sasha form, she keeps her eyes on the camera, hardly blinking when the cocks drill deeper and deeper. Ms. Grey's tiny frame is tossed around and propped in a number of positions all which lead to a double pop shot to the throat and disappearing sperm act. While this wasn't the best Sasha scene I've seen, it was time well spent.

Scene 7:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial

From Freaky First Timer: Butt naked in a bedroom designed for a 15 year old, Sasha Grey sucks on the other white meat, stroking his sausage and resting her nose in his hairy crotch. Sasha proves her position in porn by her ability to open the flood gates of her mouth until drool is spilling across his balls like busted pipe. A series of face pounding leads to a memorable act involving Sasha's head over the edge of the bed. With the guy pluming her throat, she spits up a cup's worth of saliva and gravity takes it for a walk across her face. Anal rears its beautiful head in this scene and what makes it great, is Sasha's energy. She gets into the fucking and endures whatever the guy delivers, but she also takes control, hops off of his schlong and sucks it dry, fumbling his balls and licking them clean. A decent facial ends a standard scene. Again, not the best I've seen of Sasha, but fans will enjoy simply watching her perform.

Scene 8:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Anal, ATM, Facial

From Frat House Fuck Fest: Out by the pool, Sasha has found a friend and a number of curious onlookers. Sasha sucks his long, skinny wiener in true Grey fashion, until his balls are drenched in drool and her chin decorated with spitsicles. Using a pool chair as a makeshift bed, Grey mounts him and with some patience slides his cock in her ass. There seems to be a couple of different guys getting the goods. The shots are mainly on Sasha (thank you) but between cuts, there's a feeling of displacement. And at one point I know it's a different guy because the dick changes from white to black, so it seems Sasha is making her rounds. This is a great idea, but since it's not altogether clear, it's just jumbled pieces, it's not very effective. But who cares, like Barbie's frat house scene, the amateur look and feel lends a certain extra degree of naughtiness--if that's still possible with Sasha.

Scene 9:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial
From Daddy's Worst Nightmare: The title almost makes your skin crawl. Especially when you get a first look at adorable Sasha in a pink top and her hair in pigtails. And Sasha is a woman who lives by her movie titles. She begins sucking a super-dong that would put some horses to shame. At the fucking stage, she lies back and accepts about half his dick in her tight cunt before it pokes her cervix and dead ends. Even if he can't get all 10 or 12 inches in, the cameraman's determined to make the best of the scene. And he does this with superb, clean close-ups highlighting her slick pussy and tiny stink eye. The guy blasts her pussy and drills her hard, driving her head into the bedsheets. I don't know why the scene never makes a turn down Anal Lane, but as usual there's plenty in a Sasha Grey scene to enjoy--mainly her tight, white frame being pulverized by massive, black meat.

Scene 10:
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, PTM, Facial

From My Daughter's Fucking a Black Dude: Well, this should be old news to Sasha's parents. It seems Sasha has a fondness for black dudes, so get over it mom and dad. Besides, she brings happiness to countless people in America, isn't that what we all want from our children? To some degree? Sasha begins sucking black cock like the well of eternal youth. Her oral antics are not as messy here, but Shane's member is glistening with spit by the end. A sweet cowgirl fuck gets Sasha's pussy excited and she creams some thick love around his cock and balls. Naturally she cleans it off. Shane puts her through solid rotation, particularly a quick piledriver that is over too soon. But Sasha is really damaged when lying on her flat tummy and Shane fucks her from behind. Her toes curl, her legs kick and she moans into the carpet. PTMs interrupt acts which lead up to missionary pussy pounding producing a cum cocktail for Ms Grey to gargle and enjoy.

Concluding Words:
Sasha Grey has long been one of my favorites ( see Teenage Anal Princess, Suck It Dry 3, Smokin Hot, Asstravaganza 3 ) and although I don't think the scenes here are among her best ( I imagine there's some studio restrictions) they are a pleasant highlight of what Ms Grey is capable of. Consider them an introduction of sorts. Sasha's energy and stamina and all around hotness is still here, solidifying her as one of the top new starlets in the biz.

And although I've heard the name Barbie Cummings, I don't recall seeing one of her flicks. I was blown away by her compilation of videos. She's a true trooper that moves from a sweet, go-lucky, next door kinda gal to a hardcore raging pleasure machine. Her clips dish the goods and surpassed the scenes featuring Sasha--I can't believe I just said that. The main difference is Barbie's energy level and her desire to please the viewer is astounding. Sasha has that charm too, but these clips don't do her justice.

As a set, the flick is a definite keeper, even though the extras were crap--it would have been nice to include the Tyra Banks and ABC footage, (but again, I imagine there's studio restrictions, copyrights, etc.). If you're asking for hotter girls and better fucking than this, you're mental. The only thing this combo lacks is the two beauties getting it on with each other. Please somebody, make that happen. And soon.
Highly Recommended.


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