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Man Size - 69 Fuck Street

Studio: Private » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/10/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Year of Production:

May 2007

Directed By:

Matthias Von Fistenberg

The Movie:

"Cum down a dark alley and visit 69 Fuck Street where Owen Hawk & Matthias Von Fistenberg will invite you into their house of cock! There's group sex going on in the bedrooms, trios in the living room and just wait until you see what's "fucking" in the kitchen...So ring the doorbell and join their New York sex party!"

The Cast:

Chris Crawford, Duke Rivers, Jake Corwin, Jason Dean, Ligee, Mario Cruz, Matthias Von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, Tre Xavier.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


Scene One:

Tre Xavier (good-looking with short black hair, muscular/smooth body), and Duke Rivers (good-looking with short brown hair, beard, toned/hairy body) are in their birthday suits engaging in some heavy kissing with tongues while Jason Dean (hot Dad with short hair, facial hair, muscular/hairy/tattooed body) sits close by watchin' and wankin' his hard cut cock. Tre gets down on his knees sucking Duke's stiff fat clipped dong cramming it down his throat while Jason fucks him from behind. Starved for man meat, Tre switches to taking Jason's cock down his throat as Duke pounds him doggy style with his cut hardness. Jason shoots a thick load of on the side of Tre's face while Duke cuts loose with a thick nut on Tre's back. Tre jacks his stiff ebony uncut prick shooting a thick wad on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Mario Cruz (good-looking with short dark hair, tattoos, and toned/smooth body) and his buddy Chris Crawford (handsome with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) are in the same room from scene one enjoying some deep tongue sucking and armpit licking. Mario's large uncut cock is stiff as a board while he jacks Chris's clipped tool and takes it into his wet mouth. Chris sucks Mario's dick deep throating all the way down to those dark pubes while cupping hot nuts. Mario fucks Chris's face nice 'n smooth. The dudes get down to a sixty-nine with Mario on top and Chris eating his ass with no good close-ups. Mario rides that hard member humping slowly up 'n down while jacking off and working his foreskin. Switching to the missionary position, Chris drills Mario's bunghole using smooth 'n fast strokes. Mario shoots a thick load of love juice on his stomach while Chris lets go with a large thick load of jism on Mario's bush.

Scene Three:

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Group sex time! Tre Xavier (scene one), Jason Dean (scene one), Chris Crawford (scene two), Jake Corwin (hot Dad with short hair, toned/hairy/tattooed body), and Ligee (good-looking with shaved head, goatee, toned/smooth body) are in that damn living room again gettin' down to some frisky all-male fun. Jason's sucking Tre's big uncut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down while Chris takes Ligee's large clipped pole into his hungry gob. Ligee fucks Chris's mouth using long strokes as Chris chows down on Jake's stiff clipped pork. Tre's hungry for some man meat as well and gives Jason's weenie some excellent head.

Jason straddles Jake's rigid tool and goes for a bouncy ride filling his tight chute with that horny tube steak while pullin' his pud. Jake enters Jason from behind humping fast 'n hard while Jason gets a good taste of Ligee's dong. Chris fucks Jason in the traditional missionary position while Ligee fucks Tre doggy style. All the other dudes are piled up in one large lump of sweaty man-flesh kissing with deep tongues. Cum shot roll call sound off now! Jason shoots a thick load on his stomach and brown pubes, Jake dumps thick jizz on Tre's back, Ligee squirts his thick love juice on Jason's stomach, and Chris pops his thick 'n very large nut on Jason's chest. Tre does not cum.

Scene Four:

Jason Dean (scenes one and three) chows down on Mario Cruz's (scene two) big uncut cock slobbering up 'n down as Mario takes Jake Corwin's (scene three) stiff clipped pud down his throat jacking the shaft as his hot hangy nuts swing back 'n forth. Mario grabs his dong working the long foreskin up 'n over the moist purple knob while Jason sucks 'n licks his big ol' balls. Jake fucks Jason from behind using fast 'n hard strokes while Jason has his mouth crammed full of Mario's long schlong. It's now Mario's turn to get some tight manhole and he pounds Jason in the missionary position quick 'n smooth while Jason chomps down on Jake's nuts. Jake busts his large wet nut all over Jason's back, Mario shoots a thick load of man-dressing on Jason's back with a nice cum-filled foreskin, and Jason beats off cutting loose with a thick spotty load on his stomach. His purple knob is huge!

Scene Five:

This is the only properly directed/edited scene in the movie. Matthias Von Fistenberg (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body) and his pal Owen Hawk (hot with dark buzz cut, muscular/hairy/tattooed body) are in the kitchen fully naked and celebrating with a bottle of wine. The dudes kiss with plenty of hot wet tongue action as they jerk each other's hard cocks. Matthias drops to his knees and takes Owen's hard cut tool down his throat receiving a good ol' face fuckin'. He pulls on Owens tasty hangy nuts while worshiping that cock. Matthias lays on the counter allowing Owen to chow down on that big uncut dong sliding his mouth up and down and jacking the turgid shaft giving some very nice head. Own lays back on the counter with his legs spread allowing the viewer a very nice camera shot of his tight asshole. Matthias munched down on that bunghole but the viewer couldn't see actual tongue to pucker. Finally there is one very quick blink-and-you-miss-it shot of the butt munch.

Matthias fucks Owen from behind starting off slow 'n smooth pulling all the way out and sliding back into that warm moist manhole. He picks up speed and is soon pounding that touchhole fast 'n hard making Owen moan with pleasure. Switching to the missionary position, Matthias continues to drill his buddy's bunghole fast 'n smooth and Own digs it! This is the only scene that contains descent penetration shots and there is a very nice camera shot from behind of Owen's hairy nuts and Matthias' plump balls slappin' as they fuck. Matthias shoots a thick load of spooge on Owen's cum with some very tasty cum-filled foreskin and Owen shoots thick jizz on his fist and Matthias's stomach.



"69 Fuck Street" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The picture quality is excellent with a sharp and crisp image. The videography is horrible with hardly any close-ups and anal penetration shots.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dialogue and the natural sounds hot dudes make when they suck 'n fuck.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a very nice cast profile section with stats and photographs for each dude, a photo book with what looks like simple screen-grabs, and trailers for much better productions: "The Cockfather", "The Club", "Leather Inside", "One Track Mind", and "Jailhouse Cock". There is also a selection of languages: Dutch, Greek, and Portuguese; and subtitles in French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.

Final Thoughts:

Sadly, Man-Size Productions has a real dud with "69 Fuck Street". Since I don't want to appear too crabby, I'll start with a few positives about this production. All the dudes are very hot and give energetic performances. They are definitely into the action and each other. Also, Scene Five is very good. It's the only one. The problems here are with Director Matthias Von Fistenberg and Editor Owen Hawk. The first four scenes are mostly wide and medium shots and little if none close-ups and penetration shots! While watching and taking notes I was thinking what the fuck? Smut without plenty of close-ups and anal penetration shots? The editing is choppy and filled with jump cuts making the scenes difficult to follow (I never thought I would say that about a porn!). I have seen much better direction, videography, and editing in amateur productions. What a waste of eight hot dudes. I find it interesting that the one 'n only descent scene features Matthias Von Fistenberg Owen Hawk. I have a suspicion someone else was in charge of this scene, as the camera work and editing are fine. Well, I'm not going to recommend a movie featuring five scenes in which only one is descent. Skip it!

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