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Wild Fuck Toys Vol. 7

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/13/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Women with Modified Toys

Director: Unlisted

Cast: Stacy

Length: Stacy, Missy, Diana Mikayla, Sierra

Production Date: Pink Visual, 2007

Extras: Scene Selection: With Act Access
Bonus Scene: From "Teens for Cash Vol 10" featuring Phoebe a cute, curvy redhead with pigtails.
Behind the Scenes: A 10 minute photo shoot.
Striptease by Kaycee Dean: A 3 ,minute tease of a very cute girl.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is stereo 2.0 and is sub par. Vocals and noises can be heard, but there's a distance to them and a constant humming that's just plain annoying. The Video, Full Frame color, is much better. Clean and clear, there are no problems, but it does have a low end look. Definitely viewable.

Body of Review: About a year ago I saw some girls come into the Howard Stern show. They had a website, fuckingmachines.com I think, and they'd brought in some crazy sex toys. Modifications of mixers and chainsaws, these babes gave each other a serious workout, blasting their pussies until they could barely walk. Considering Wild Fuck Toys is in its 7th volume, there should be plenty of electricity powered titillation.

Scene 1: Stacy
Sexy blond Stacy is afraid she's lost all interest in dick. So she's gone to see the doctor, apparently in his home from the looks of it. He recommends a physical and hot bodied Stacy undoes her jeans and slips into a patient's smock. Stacy has a sexy, tanned bodied and little flopy breasts that look like bunny ears. She gets on the examining chair and pretty soon her feet are in the stirrups and her wide gash poking from beneath her gown. After a brief exam, the doctor gives her a vibrator in hopes of changing her. This is really just a round-ended back massager that has been modified to include some freaky looking blue dong. Stacy plays this game providing sweet closeups of her legs and vag as she grinds on the examining chair. The doc checks her status and although Stacy looks likes she's had a good time, she's not a cured woman. He leads her to a goofy, blue chair, where she sits and again puts her feet up. A mechanized dildo slips in her cooch and pumps it at about a snails pace. Slow and repetitive, the only nice bit is watching Stacy's immaculate, golden body writhe in f aux-bliss. The doctor prescribes another treatment, which is essentially the same thing, except she lies on her back and this dong has balls. After much slow mechanical boning, the doctor concludes that Stacy's not a lesbian. And that's it really. A hot girl for an opening scene, but these were not "wild fuck toys" by a long shot.

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Scene 2: Missy
Short-cropped blond Missy has a Euro look, Swede or Scand perhaps, but mostly likely she's just from Boston. Nonetheless, Missy dons the sterile, white gown but leaves her knee-high leather boots on. Missy has muscular legs that show once she sits on the examining chair. The Dr checks her heart rate and the sounds that her boobies just might make. Missy is given a prescription of 2-ft dong and she shoves this into her shaved pussy. She uses about 1/3 its length, pulling it from her gaping vag to suck the head and put it back in. Still not meeting her needs, the doctor whips out a few other devices. One is a paint gun looking contraption with a plunging dildo on the end and the other is a Sybian (or type of) riding mound. None of these are terribly exciting as there's still not really an element of wildness about them. The doctor does occasionally use a pump thing (like a breast pump) to suck her vag lips into a tube. It's kind of weird looking, in a deformed manner, but it might rock your boat. Missy rides the Sybian dry until she's either cured or unchanged. Who knows.

Scene 3: Diana
Third on this mediocre disc is a lovely starlet named Diana. Donning a European or Latin look, Diana's tanned skin and long black hair makes her an international gem. Gown on and feet up again, the doc checks her heart and tit rate--which are a fine pair of golden pears. Diana's prescription is what looks like an oyster shucking mitt equipped with pulsating fingertips. Diana fondles her big vagina with the glove but it really looks silly and obstructs everything. The doctor suggest the gun-fucking contraption from the earlier scene and readies himself to take aim. Ice melts faster than this 'machine' moves and it's obviously not that great a thrill because he's given her a back massager unit to chub her clit. Later her pumps her clit out into this penis-pump-thing getting it and her vag piercing to come about an inch out. Diana rides the Sybian block next, but we see very little because the camera only offers us a distant front view. It may as well be on a tripod.

Scene 4: Sierra
There's something strangely cute about Sierra (cover girl), fuck toy loving lady number 4 on this disc. She kinda looks like Victoria Beckam despite a mole right on the tip of her nose. Thin and thrilling to look at, her scene doesn't start out as much. She keeps her black stockings on--which are sexy and especially hot when she hold her legs in the air--starts her scene with a little, clear dildo poking at a sweet looking pussy just above a puckering back door. Her small breasts barely budge, but I enjoy watching her legs kick the air as she twirls her twat. Sierra lies on the floor in front of what looks like an erector set equipped with a dong. It's essential the gun pumper from earlier scenes, but this can rest on the floor and bang missionary style. It drills her a tad bit faster, maybe at a typical hand's pace. The last machine for Diana's pleasure is another thrusting dildo. This one, however, has a side attachment that she can bend to focus on her clit. It's basically the same machine as every other scene, and just as exciting.

Scene 5: Mikayla
Woah, Mikayla is a busty soccer-mom type that has a sweet ass and a landing strip that beckons use. After an examination of her reflexes and her tatas, Mikayla puts her feet in the stirrups and uses a generic neck massager to warm up. This doesn't satisfy her though, so Doctor Dong takes her to the funny looking blue chair where she rests her bottom and gets a pummeling akin to senior citizens fucking. It's hot watching Mikayla with her bare feet up in the stirrups, her toes curling and her face twisting into orgasm. But as with all the other scenes, it's really just the girl that is interesting, these machines are merely background noise. The last contraption is perhaps the best, simply because it allows Mikayla it get fucked doggy style. Essentially the same type of toy, this one is a tad taller and can slowly bang her from behind. All other acts being in missionary, this one is actually enjoyable. For a while,though, because it's pretty slow too.

Concluding Words: Maybe it's my fault, and I didn't make a distinction between fucking machines and fucking toys. This flick is after all, "Wild Fuck Toys" and although the box cover has some promising pictures, the fact that the cast list on the back is wrong, could've been an indication. Each scene begins with a typical dildo/vibe rub down followed by two dong-thrusting machines that at the rate they move might have been cutting edge in 1840. If this isn't repetitive enough, keep the girls on their back or sitting with their legs up and you're given the same thing over and over.

What this disc has going for it isn't much, but it's mostly cute talent with natural bodies and the creepy doctor aspect. As wrong as it is, watching the gals strip to thin, cotton gowns and putting their feet into stirrups has it's own sick pleasure. If it's serious gyno inspection with tools you want, there is none here. A thermometer (in the mouth) and a stethoscope is about as clinical as this gets. It's the doctor's room and chair that may do it for some. Even on this nice note, the action is lame and I only give it this rating for those who might want some mild machine boning, as there's nothing "wild" about it. Rent It


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