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Flashpoint X

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/15/07

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Note: The following review is an update to my take on the original version of this classic porno. Unlike most such movies, this version was expanded in length, had some new extras of merit (there were 4 full discs to talk about, complete with loads of extra scenes), a revamped audio track, and additional footage worked in to flesh out the movie.

Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector's Edition

Wicked/Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, Missy, Sydnee Steele, Sindee Coxx, Johnni Black, Brittany Andrews, T.T. Boy, Jonathan Morgan, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Steve Drake, Mike Horner, Eric Price
Non-sex roles by: Veronica Hart, Joy King, Captain King, Mike Albo, Anthony Crane, and a few other movie reviewers for AVN

Length: 140:47 minutes

Date of Production: 10/3/1997 (original); 5/14/2007 (reedited version)

Extra's: The extras for this 4 disc anniversary set were revamped to include the original offerings but a whole lot more too. My favorite extra was the ALL NEW director's audio Commentary since it added a lot of interesting information to the movie; and that being the primary extra on the disc containing the movie itself. Brad was by himself and this track was different from the original (I wish both could have been provided for archival purposes) but the passage of time has certainly improved Brad's perspective and despite what some critics say about the guy, he was extremely complimentary towards those helping him make the movie. This was his first big budget movie with him as the exclusive director (Conquest had him working with his then long term partner Greg Steele)Hearing it after all this time was kind of interesting since I've come a long way with reviewing since first reviewing this title so long ago at another website. Brad spoke of some upcoming contests involving props and marketing giveaways coming up too. The original 36 minute long Making of featurette was now expanded to 48:12 minutes; providing substantially more information but even better, more footage of Jenna in her prime. There was then an ALL NEW interview with the director lasting 11:19 minutes. Brad was pleasant about the anecdotes; saying complimentary things about all involved; like Adam & Eve and his former wife. The 8:39 minute long feature on the pyrotechnics for the movie was interesting if a bit lighter than similar extras for mainstream projects (such as on the Rescue Me sets). On a similar note, the 1:09 minute long clip of some actual firemen on the set made me wonder if a follow up could have been done but it was a nice nod to the public servants that protect us all from harm. Then there was a 4:18 minute montage labeled as The Girls of Flashpoint, 8:04 minutes of Bloopers (many picking on Brad flubbing his lines), a trivia contest where lovely Carmen Hart strips as you get questions right (and gives a wonderful blowjob if you get them all right, lasting 10:43 minutes), 7:55 minutes of Jenna showering really heatedly, a 1:22 minute feature on the ladies showing off their tattoos, a clip lasting 1:18 minutes of Jenna talking about her fear of heights ("To Jump or Not to Jump"), the 2007 promotional reel, the standard DVD-Rom extras, and ten trailers to shows like Sleeping Around, Supernatural, The Visitors, Fuck, 1000 Words, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, 3 Wishes, Curse Eternal, Eternity, and Manhunters. There was spam as well but I liked the book style case the DVD set was stored in, the box of Flashpoint matches was a funny addition, and the full color 16 page booklet containing storyboards, breakdown sheets for the scenes, and some quotes from critics added some depth too.

The next disc had bonus scenes listed below; two previously released "uncut" versions from the movie itself and another TEN from some of her best movies at the company. If you don't have any of these scenes from previous compilations or the original releases, you will have enough Jenna stroke material to last you the rest of the year; some of them containing her best work of the era. There was also another disc that contained Jenna's "J2K Calendar Shoot" that lasted 52:27 minutes. Exotic tropical islands and Jenna back then were a great match with the show reminding me a lot of some of the Sports Illustrated releases of the same nature. To give you an idea of the scope of the project, the company owner was prominently displayed making sure everything went right. It was also interesting to see how much Jenna was wearing, be it bathing suits that flattered her body, the loose clothing she wore traveling to parts of the island, and the brief glimpses of nudity. It was shot in a letterboxed widescreen but was more than a little fun for me to enjoy while kicked back on the couch; including a glamour photogallery of Jenna and a short text biography of the starlet too.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Flashpoint X also had an upgrade on the technical matters for the movie to match the additional extras tossed in to make it a better package. The audio provided a newly remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital English track (with a 448 Kbps bitrate) with balanced vocals and music, an all music version of the track (at 384 Kbps), or a track with the sounds of sex only (also at 384 Kbps). The 2.0 Dolby Digital Spanish language track (in 192 Kbps) was spot checked and found to be about average but the main audio track did have some solid separation and appeared to be cleaned up from what I could tell. It was presented in the original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Brad Armstrong for the combined powers of Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve as his blockbuster debut solo effort. Keeping in mind that this was one of the first major releases on DVD for the adult industry, it looked pretty good with accurate colors and some nice camera work. There were considerably fewer issues with compression artifacts than the original release but I could not definitively state that the video was overhauled this time because my equipment has improved so much (this would be a great BR or HD DVD project). The slow motion during the orgy scene was still a pain but this was the type of project I have long associated with Wicked Pictures (more than then partner A&E) and still hold them too when evaluating their blockbusters each year. It did look better though and still stands the test of time eight years after it came to DVD. The video bitrate hovered around the mid 5MBPS range and seemed like an improvement to an already decent looking movie. Brad talked more about the social aspects of the movie than the technical stuff during his commentary, mentioning the plot points he remembered (and he remembered them very nicely for the most part); making me think he might have listened to his original commentary to prepare for this one but I was hoping for more information on the technical stuff (as one of the few reviewers that listen to commentaries, I like to be in the know).

Body of Review: Long ago, before Wicked Pictures was the preeminent producer of adult feature presentations, they seemed to have a vision of where they wanted to be. To get there, they teamed up with other companies and did everything in their power to promote their contract stars, keeping in mind that they didn't have as many as they do these days. At the time, the main selling point of the company was the drawing power of one gal: Jenna Jameson, and if history has taught us anything, it has taught us that one person can make a difference. One example would be Wicked's first movie on DVD, Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector's Edition. The movie was sort of an adult version of the mainstream hit, Backdraft, with the cast acting as modern day firefighters trying to make a difference as they sought refuge in each other's arms. Here's a quick look at what I said so long ago when I reviewed this title, noting that it still holds up fairly well to this day regardless if you're a fan of Jenna Jameson or not, keeping in mind that condoms were used:

Scene One: The first sex scene takes awhile to show up since Brad wanted us to get to know the characters first. Luckily for him, he started out with a Jenna Jameson scene. She and Mickey G. went at it in the fire station after burying a close friend who died in an explosion. Mickey was consoling her which, in a porn movie, always leads to sex. Jenna is Jenna so you won't be disappointed if you're a fan.

Scene Two: The next sex scene took place very soon after the first one. This was a good thing since we had to wait so long for the first scene. In it, we have Jill Kelly, Johnni Black, and Steve Drake go at each other in the stations down room. This is where the firefighters relax during the day while they wait for the next call. Well, it's appropriately named since the three start going down on one another very quickly. My only complaint here is that Johnni, sexual dynamo that she was, had a few ass zits. After lots of oral action and some straight screwing, Johnni took Steve anally. All three of them enjoy the action a lot.

Scene Three: The third scene was the infamous orgy on a fire truck outside. It had Jill Kelly, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Mike Horner, Sindee Coxx, Johnni Black, and Steve Drake in a variety of positions. They switched partners once in awhile so you get to see a lot of stuff. You'll want to watch this one several times, at least, to see it all. This scene had some digital artifacts for awhile which bothered me. They weren't large and some people may not even notice them but they did reduce the heat for me-for a about 20 seconds.

Scene Four: We then had Jonathan Morgan and Asia Carrera enjoy each other in a hot tub while Eric Price and Sydnee Steele made time on the living room couch. Earlier in the day, the guys saved a drowning Sydnee and the ladies want to show how much they appreciated their efforts. After a short time, Asia and Jonathan joined their friends on the couch and the scene got more involved. Again, like every other scene, the action is hotter than the fires the crew put out.

Scene Five: The fifth scene was between Jenna Jameson and TT Boy where he dreamt that the two of them were going at it in a burning building. They are both dressed in fetish attire (vinyl and leather) and the scene is more stylish than the rest. You wonder whether the most heat is coming from the couple or the fires in the foreground. It's a tough call to make but critics raved about this scene so long ago and I always thought they shared some major chemistry together in part due to this scene.

Scene Six: The sixth scene has Missy and Jonathan Morgan screwing on a fire truck. She took it in each hole and apparently loved doing so enough to be videotaping the action with a camcorder. Brad tells us that it is a play on a real life incident where a porn star did exactly that in a real fire station (it was a Seymore Butts movie if you want to know the truth). In any case, it looked great for the time it was made, and certainly better than the scene they were basing it on.

Scene Seven: The last sex scene was between Jenna Jameson and Brittany Andrews in a restaurant bathroom. They used their tongues to great effect as well as their fingers on each other. Even those of you who don't like woman/woman scenes should like this one.

Uncut Flashpoint Scene 1: Jenna Jameson & Brittney Andrews: This sex scene was between Jenna Jameson and Brittany Andrews in a restaurant bathroom. They used their tongues to great effect as well as their fingers on each other. Even those of you who don't like woman/woman scenes should like this one. Brittany reminded me of how much better she looked and acted than her most recent efforts but Jenna seemed to want to try and dominate her (a near impossible task given her partner's demeanor). The original version was 10:01 minutes but the raw footage was 30:52 minutes and this cut coming to 30:03 minutes.

Uncut Flashpoint Scene 2: The second uncut bonus scene was between Jenna Jameson and TT Boy where he dreamt that the two of them were going at it in a burning building. They are both dressed in fetish attire (vinyl and leather) and the scene is more stylish than the rest. You wonder whether the most heat is coming from the couple or the fires in the foreground. It's a tough call to make but critics raved about this scene so long ago and I always thought they shared some major chemistry together in part due to this scene. The original version was 7:39 minutes but the raw footage was 29:37 minutes and a lot better for me.

Scene One: Priceless: Jenna, at her cutest, took on the well-endowed Peter North in this scene. It was set in an ally at night and while I would've preferred better lighting, there was a lot to like with the couple displaying some chemistry and heat. Like all her scenes, it was oral and straight only but well worth checking out in this 14:36 minute outing.

Scene Two: Hell On Heels: The second scene has Jenna Jameson with Stephanie Swift and Felecia, all dressed as angels (wings and all). We see less action with Stephanie as she was nursing a nose job per Brad's commentary. They all looked good and all had fun as will anyone watching them lick and suck one another off.

Scene Three: The Kiss: Jenna Jameson, looking like a million bucks as a leather clad dominatrix in this 1995 release, was up next with Mike Horner in the small bedroom setting. She sat on his face and gave some head in return, soon bouncing on his cock very aggressively while both panted as if in heat. She liked being spanked and it ended too quickly but was a lot of fun for me to appreciate since I had never seen the original movie.

Scene Four: Silver Screen Confidential: Jenna, super hotty of porn, and aggressive TT, had a scene after an interview. She seduced him and the two had some solid oral before a heated screwing, which ended in a faceful of semen for the lovely young star. The bonus section had an extended version of this scene that lasted much longer (around fifteen minutes compared to under ten) and, to be frank, was much better. I'd have recommended that Wicked Pictures replace the original two bonus scenes and call this one a "Director's Cut" version but I'm not a marketing genius so I'm sure they had their reasons.

Scene Five: Jenna Ink: Jenna and Alex Sanders were then paired in this 1996 scene of critical acclaim. She was dressed as an angel with large wings and he was her boy toy in what looked like a smoky Romanesque setting. The droning music was weak and I'm no fan of smoke machines in porn, but the oral and vaginal pounding were indicative of the gal on her ride to the top of the porn Pantheon.

Scene Six: VR-69: Jenna was then up in a longer scene with Steven St. Croix from her early career, the slow, almost seductive approach taken making it a lot better than usual even if another rubber was worn. Her make up and physical appeal were nicely synched this time, the biggest weakness being that she took a mostly passive approach to the sex (except in a few positions).

Scene Seven: Phantasm: Okay, this is the scene that everyone is waiting for-Jenna and Asia. That TT was present seemed almost an afterthought. I think Jenna's implants were larger here than I recall ever seeing them but she had that lovely, if overly made up, face. Before watching this movie, I'd have thought that there's no way a scene between the two could go wrong. I was wrong. Maybe it was the direction, maybe it was some unspoken competition between the ladies, maybe it was just a wrong place/wrong time type of thing but the scene did not leave me wanting to watch it again which is a rarity as I like both gals.

Scene Eight: Jenna's Lip Service: Jenna, currently the most successful porn queen ever, and her former husband, Brad, had a scene by a glass wall. I thought the artistic effects used really sucked but considering how fresh she was at the time and how little I get to see of her now, I was willing to simply enjoy this one for what it was, a lost Jenna scene. The two shared some chemistry at the time and she wasn't as jaded as she later became making this a good scene for Jenna's fans. It included oral and straight sex only.

Scene Nine: Cover to Cover: Jenna Jameson, playing a call girl of sorts, had the following scene with Mark Davis in a scene set in the 1940's, shot in black & white. The scene was shot as part of a boxing movie with Jenna looking very much the part of the gal sent to deliver the news that Mark needs to "take a fall" if he "knows what's good for him". She sweetened the deal with her trademarked moves and he couldn't resist her charms on the hard vinyl surface in the locker room. It wasn't a very long scene but I appreciated it since I hadn't seen it before this.

Scene Ten: Jenna Jameson's Wicked Anthology 3: Jenna, playing a trampy little hooker, started off the scene with Nico, another blonde of ill-repute, and manly Alex with his flowing locks of hair (that was for the lady readers, all five of them) on a bed. The lesbian action was fairly limited since he got in there pretty fast but it included oral and pussy slapping as he undressed Jenna and went down on her. Jenna then started playing with his cock as she gave him oral as Nico sucked her pussy and ass from behind. He boned both of them energetically and they responded well but I wished the scene was a lot longer.

Summary: Flashpoint X: 4 Disc Collector's Edition reminded me that my original comments about this movie were that "This is another great example of a big budget porn movie. The money was well spent as it has enough sex to satisfy everyone except for those who want sex-only movies. The acting is decent throughout although at this point in her career, Jenna still had a ways to go in this sole aspect of her profession. For most of the cast, the acting was about what we'd expect from a morning soap opera-not bad." I took the chance to revisit it recently and while it might not be as great compared to some of Wicked Pictures best releases in the last couple of years, it showed Jenna Jameson sizzling onscreen, both in the Behind the Scenes extra as well as the feature itself. I'm going to rate this version as a DVD Talk Collector Series not because it is the best selling movie by the company or at Adult DVD Empire, not because I'm a big Jenna fan from way back, but for the sheer quality and quantity of material here. Jenna was fresh and coming into her own, the extras section on the 4 discs gave great value, and in terms of a quality feature, the movie has clearly stood the test of time to make it a porn classic. It would be easy to compare this to some of the latest technically advanced titles and show how it isn't in anamorphic widescreen or lacked in a few other areas but as much as I dislike double and triple dip releases, this is one of this year's highlights (and may remain so until a high definition version with even more extras makes it to market). To sum it up in a single word, "Sweet"!

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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