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Real Boogie Nights, The

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 8/18/07

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Studio: Sex Z Pictures

Production Year:12/06/ 2006

Producer: Kurt Lockwood

Director : Kurt Lockwood

Release Date: 6/5/2007

Number of Discs: 1

Length: 2 hrs. 38 mins.

Category: Feature

Genre: Spoofs, Straight

Cast: Amber Lynn, Gwen Diamond, Hailey Young, Jack Lawrence, Kurt Lockwood, Marie Luv, Ron Jeremy, Sunny Lane, Tee Reel, Tiffany Price

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Slide Shows, Behind the Scenes, Trailers

Audio/ Video: The Real Boogie Nights directed and produced by Kurt Lockwood for Sex-Z Pictures, is presented in full-screen format with 2.0 Dolby sound. The lighting was dark at times during the beginning of each scene and too bright during the sex scenes. The sound was a bit off at times. The picture itself was generic looking with some slight distortion

Synopsis: Male performer Kurt Lockwood directs, produces and stars in The Real Boogie Nights, an adult version of Paul Thomas Anderson's 1997 movie about the adult industry in the 1970s, based on the John Holmes story. While the adult version can not match the mainstream one in terms of look, acting and storytelling, is does show hardcore sex.

Extras: They are just are about average, the behind the scenes segment last roughly about 36-minutes with the basic comments and clowning around on and off set, slide shows of all the female cast members and trailers for other eight other Sex Z titles, Corruption, Black Booty, Double Violation Extreme Asshole Make Over, The Lords of Doggie Style Town, Thumbsuckers 2, Sorority Sluts, Perfect Creatures. What really stands out is it includes two scene aren't include in the movie with Marie Luv and Tee Reel and Ron Jeremy taking on several girls which should have been in the film

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Overview: There are certain taboos a director doesn't dare touch when he wants to become a "respected filmmaker". In my opinion, it takes a truly gifted director to incorporate such themes in their work while still keeping widely acknowledged critical credibility. When it comes to re-creating a film of great caliber like Paul Thomas Anderson's 1997 movie Boogie Nights about the adult industry in the 1970s, which is based on the John Holmes , it did not need a remake . I am a strong believer that when any movie is re-made it tends to lose a lot and does not do justice to the original film with a strong chance of failing badly in the long run. The Real Boogie Nights, the adult adaptation of Anderson's movie could not hold a candle to it. If I had to chose between this an another Sex Z title, it would be the other title. The acting isn't exactly award winning even for an adult title though Ron Jeremy and ladies do try . What is missing is Nina Hartley to make it perfect. I did like Sunny Lane who I've always thought to be very energetic as well as the Latin beauty Marie Luv

Scene 1: Sunny Lane, Kurt Lockwood

The movie opens with Kurt's character Steven Fitzgerald working in a disco. Ron takes notice of how supposedly large and well endowed he is. It's then over to Ron's place for a so call demo of his skill while Ron watches on. Sunny who is wearing a very short skirt and skates supposedly pops his "porn" cherry. You have the typical cookie cutter sex with mutual oral, RCG, ptm action CG, spoon, more ptm, missionary, pile driver, Sunny rims Kurt, more mish , doggie with finally after a extremely long and dragged out scene time wise, Kurt finally unloads on Sunny's face.

Scene 2: Hailey Young, Kurt Lockwood

This next scene opens with Kurt making out with his girlfriend. They get straight to work with Hailey going down on him. Kurt then goes down on her and they switch into a 69. From there its into RCG, more mutual oral, RCG,PTM action, CG, missionary, doggie, back to missionary then unloading into her mouth.

Scene 3: Amber Lynn, Kurt Lockwood

Over at the porn shoot, Steve gets to perform for the first time. Playing a geek comes natural to Kurt especially with the bad hair piece he was using. He would have been better off with out it. Playing a role of prospective employee interviewing with Amber Lynn who still is a good performer on screen takes it in all the standard positions on the desk. The scene ends with Kurt unloading Onto Amber's face and mouth.

Scene 4: Marie Luv, Kurt Lockwood

After changing his name to " Kurt Lockwood" and after the show Amber introduces him to the ever so wonderful world of drugs and what is to be his first of many downfalls. He hooks up with Marie for some standard screwing with the pop shot going on her boobs.

Scene 5: Marie Luv, Jack Lawrence, Gwen Diamond, Teel Reel

In this next scene you have two couples going at it, first you have Jack and Marie shooting a scene were Jacks plays a cop and is literally pumping her for info and then you have Tee Reel and Gwen going at it. Which happens to be the only enjoyable scene in the entire movie. Tee and Gwen share mutual oral as well as the standard positions with Tee unloading into her mouth.

Scene6: Gwen Diamond, Tiffany Price, Kurt Lockwood

In this the final scene , it has Kurt in a threesome with Gwen Diamond and Tiffany Price. The ladies go down on him and give him a rim job as well as finger his ass. Tiffany gets done in missionary while Gwen straddles her face. The ladies go back and forth switching off to ride him and end the scene with Kurt unloading into Tiffany's mouth and she shares it with Gwen.

Ravyn Final Thought's: As I stated before I am not a huge of remakes of any types be it porn or mainstream film. Remakes to me are just that cheap knock offs . Unlike its predecessor Boogie Nights which was a simple morality tale, but one which will stay in the mind days after you watch it and was both visually and audibly outstanding, The Real Boogie Nights could not cut it . It was too empty and lacked the energy ,drive ,passion and chemistry that the original Boogie Night brought to the screen. Not being a fan of cum swamping killed it for me. The only good scene in the entire movie was with Teel Reel and Gwen Diamond. Even Jack Lawrence looked out of sorts with that fake fro he was sporting in one of the scenes which reminded me of the geek Screech from Saved By The Bell. Beside not having Nina Hartley in the film , it was missing the great music of that era which again is why re-makes don't do well at all. Even with the beautiful ladies and Ron Jeremy who I always have enjoyed watching The Real Boogie Night ranks a Skip It.What sad is that the two extra scene that were not included were far better than the entire movie..

Have a Wicked Week and an Even Wetter Weekend Ravyn

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