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It Could Happen!

Studio: Amateur District » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/20/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Amateur

Director: Unlisted

Cast: Nicole Paradise, Kira Silver, Onyx, Kati, Kyra Steele, & Janice Campbell

Length: 1hr 42 min

Production Date: Amateur District, 2007

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Cumshot Recap:

Audio/Video: The Audio of this film is stereo 2.0 which is all you need, especially in an amateur themed flick. It has decent sound that depends on the flick's locations, but there were no true problems. The Video if Full Frame Color, and shot in with an amateur feel. Some scenes looked better than others, but even scene 2, which was the worst, is tolerable.

Body of Review: It Could Happen! is likely the first of a long series by Amateur District, a division of Red Light District. With Red Light's solid reputation, they must have good faith in the talent to create an amateur line. Shot to recreate a 'public' or 'voyeuristic' glimpse of everyday couples bumpin' uglies, Red Light is expanding its ever-growing perverted audience. And that includes me.

Scene 1: Nicole Paradise
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, TItfucking, Cumshot
From a house window, between the blinds, Nicole and her man can be seen lounging in the pool. We're just in time, because in a matter of moments, Nicole's busty top is loose and her milky bags are free to breathe. Nicole is a nice-looking, dirty blond with a plump body and fat ass. All is fun in the sun as she blows him in the pool and puts her wide ass to a lap-slapping fuck. She notices the camera then, and 'freaks out' only to comply in the same breath. He pumps her -fat, bald pussy from behind sending her breasts to the jiggle gym. Nicole has a smooth, sweet body and gives a decent fuck. The amateur look is professional and clean, if not unbelievable. I dig Nicole and her action, but I'm not a great fan of plumpers--although it is nice to see one every blue moon.

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Scene 2: Kira Silver
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
Kira is a sexy, curly haired blond with a total stripper image. In seconds this amateur couple is banging at the back of a 18-wheeler. For the first 10 minutes, the guy can't bet a boner, so Kira is left to slob on his limp willy. Once it's erect he stuffs it into Kira's sweet vagina, bent over doggy style with a surprisingly big ass up in the air. This is all we get really. We never see much of Kira's face and in the end the guy is again chubbing to bone status before quickly popping onto Kira's cute mug. Shot inside with heavy tones and bursts of light, this scene looks much more homemade. But it's really the sad fornication that peters the action to fluff.

Scene 3: Onyx
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
We're back to the house from Scene 1, but this time given the lovely company of Onyx, a raven-haired gal with tattoos covering her tight frame. She has breasts like snow cones and a smile that is high school innocent. But the tattoos should be an indication of Onyx's wild side. She shoves a 2 foot dong as far as she can inside a picture perfect, slick hairless puss. A quick bj to her Asian co-star sets the mood and we find Onyx riding the Orient Express. In cowgirl, Onyx bounces like Wimbledon as we watch her pale ass and red eye shine for the camera. Onyx doesn't mind a little finger in the ass, but don't get carried away. Onyx is a sexy outcast type, but she has some serious razor burn around her ass and puss, which may be hard for some viewers to digest. I think her ink and tight frame supersede any flaws. Besides, she takes a meaty pop to her face and chin.

Scene 4: Kati & Kyra Steele
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Facial
At times, Kati looks like a porn-man's version of Scarlet Johanson. Pale, thick legs, hair pulled tight into a bun and of course the sharp nose and red lips. Kati follows the cameraman as they move through a house and into a closet where a shirtless guy is beating a girl on the floor with a whip. This chick is blindfolded and anorexic thin. Her ass is red from the whip lashes. After several minutes of her head buried in the carpet, we finally see Kyra's sweet face. She is freed of the whip, only to succumb to sucking cock. As this guy bones pencil-thin Kyra, Kati watches from the sidelines. The fucking takes on some acrobatic positions thanks to the help of the empty closet shelves and hanger rods. She accepts a fair load of semen to her face and looks like she's about the gag. She ain't too happy about it, but eventually looks at the camera to say bye. Kyra's cute, petite looks keep the scene from going under. I don't know why the hell Kati was there.

Scene 5: Janice Campbell
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Cumshot
Janice is a feisty dirty blond with a mouthful of metal. Pink braces at that, so her teeth look as though they are stained with Hawaiian punch. She gives a rambunctious monologue to the camera, but the only thing of intrigue so far are a pair of swollen lovelies struggling against a bikini top. Janice then walks across town to an apartment gym where she picks up her beau and returns home. With an ass of perfection, Janice bends to the couch and sucks cock like a girl on a mission. Thankfully we see more of her hot ass in cowgirl and her brown balloon knot floats above her hard-working, bare vag. Doggy puts her ass into more play and then seals the deal with a pop shot to her massive chest. All in all a strong amateur scene, but not anything you haven't seen a dozen times.

Concluding Words: The true, absolute, no questions asked Amateur porn is as sacred as the Ark of the Covenant. And about as easy to locate. Mega-boner inducing Red Light District gives its best shot at submitting 'real life' fucks to their audience. I take the 'amateur' genre with about as much faith to reality as I take Harry Potter. But the scenes gathered here are more than just hocus-pocus. They're well produced and clean shot. The drawback is that the talent is a deep, mixed bag and the acts themselves are pretty straightforward. Maybe this lends to the 'amateur' theme, but I think it only harms the flick. Definitely worthy a last-minute rental, unless you are an amateur freakazoid. In which case you may get a great kick. But for those who just like to dabble into the lives of our neighbors, there's better videos out there. Rent It


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