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Link V: The Evolution

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/21/07

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Year of Production:

March 2007

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue

The Movie:

Enter the dark atmospheric world of Link: A world filled with ominous warehouses, industrial settings, and cold meat lockers. These are the locations where butch dudes engage in hot rough 'n sweaty man-sex including cock sucking, ass eating, butt fucking, boot fetish, fisting, and plenty of golden showers.

The Cast:

Tommy Blade, Johnny Hazzard, Cole Ryder, Tyler Riggs, Blake Riley, Eddie Diaz, Josh Weston, Steve Cruz, Tyler Saint, Chad Hunt, Blake Nolan, Cole Ryan, Bo Matthews, Ken Browning, Nick Marino, Tim Towers, Scott Tanner, Joe Strong, Nick Moretti, Lex Sabre, Kevin Miles, Bobby Williams, Dean Tucker, Ken Mack, Brendan Davies, Scott Spears, Matt Majors, Manuel Torres, Park Wiley, Robert Thorn, Steve Carlisle, Derrick Hanson.

Safe Sex/Condoms:


The Dudes:

There are a whopping thirty-two dudes here representing an age range of early twenties to late forties and every one of 'em is smokin' hot! The dudes mostly have short hair and buzz cuts with a variety of black, brown, and blond hair; muscle-bound, muscular, and toned bodies; hairy and smooth chests, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes; and cut 'n uncut cocks. This is a very impressive group of butch dudes that should please all viewers.

Scene One:

Bo Matthews (good-looking with short reddish brown hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) sits nude in a dark grimy corridor covered in filth. Nick Moretti (handsome with short black hair, tattoos, muscular/hairy body) and Tyler Saint (good-looking with short brown/blond hair, muscular/smooth body) enter the long hallway and splash a cold bucket of water on Bo in an attempt to clean him off. Tyler grabs a long water hose and points the spurting rubber snake at Bo for additional cleanup. Bo bends over allowing Tyler to spray his bunghole giving him an informal enema of sorts leading Bo to squirt water out of his asshole like a fancy fountain. Nick becomes turned on by the water sports and begins to rub his hot ultra hairy chest while Tyler exclaims, "Yeah! Come on shoot out of your ass for me!" Bo and Nick kiss with very heavy tongue sucking leading to a three-way tongue party.

Bo's cut cock is now erect sticking straight out as Nick wraps his tight fist around it and begins to stroke up 'n down as Tyler licks Bo's chest. Bo takes a leak creating a heavy stream of amber liquid squirting from his piss slit and hitting the nasty floor. Nick cups Bo's balls and Tyler jacks him off while he continues to cut loose with that yellow flow. Bo sinks to his knees and sucks Tyler's large clipped dick sliding his mouth up 'n down and taking as much as he can down his gullet. Nick gets down on Tyler's dong too taking it deep throat all the way to those closely trimmed pubes. Since this is hot butch man-sex, the dudes are continuously spitting on each other. Nick crams his digits into Bo's mouth using that spit to lube up and finger fuck Bo's tight hairy bunghole. Bo slides Nick's rigid clipped member down his throat giving one hell of a blowjob as Tyler munches down on Bo's butt hole.

Bo takes another piss as he continues to suck Nick's tool and Tyler keeps munching Bo's asshole. Bo gets down on Tyler's tight shaved manhole tonguing the pucker and really chowing down. Tyler lets loose with a large piss as Nick sucks him getting a mouthful of liquid and spitting it out. Golden shower time! Bo and Tyler take large leaks on Nick as he pulls his hard pork. Nick fucks Bo from behind fast 'n hard pounding that man-cunt and Bo digs it as his grunts of pleasure echo down the hall. Tyler sinks his huge dong up Bo's manhole in the missionary position using long full strokes to fill that snug chute. Nick and Tyler stand on either side of Bo as the three dudes seriously beat their meat. Tyler shoots a thick load of jizz on the side of Bo's face and licks it off. Nick busts a large thick nut on Bo's chest, arm, and on that dirty floor. Bo cuts loose with a very thick load of love juice on his fist, inside thigh, and floor. Hot!

Scene Two:

Three well-dressed men loiter in a large warehouse with fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Scott Tanner (handsome with short blond hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body) stands leaning against a column smoking a cigarette while Blake Riley (very hot with short black hair, cool sideburns, goatee, and toned/lightly hairy body) is across the room keeping an eye on Kevin Miles (handsome with dark hair, muscular/hairy body) whose sitting in an expensive chair with his legs spread wide. All three are enjoying snifters of brandy which leads Scott to spit his booze into Kevin's open mouth as the two go at it with heavy tongue kissing. Not wanting to leave anyone out, Scott sucks tongues with Blake while rubbing Kevin's basket. Blake pulls his slacks down revealing a black leather jock strap yanking his hard clipped dick out and Scott immediately chows down giving excellent head deep throating all the way down to those dark trimmed pubes. Scott pulls his rigid cut tool out along with his huge plump nuts and Kevin goes down providing full deep throat services.

Soon Kevin is switching back and forth cramming Scott and Blake's dongs down his windpipe as the two dudes continue their make out session. Kevin sucks Blake as Blake chows down on Scott's member sliding his wet mouth up 'n down. These dudes are cock hounds! Blake kneels down giving Scott head as Kevin brings up the rear munching down on Blake's tight hairy bunghole with wild abandon. At one point, Kevin is able to suck the purple knob of his own cock. Hot! Kevin sinks his tight shaved man-pussy down on Scott's cock filling his love-channel with turgid man-pork and riding quickly up 'n down as all three continue their hot wet kissing. Kevin fucks Blake from behind using long smooth strokes that become faster until he's pounding the heck out of that hole. Scott sits in the chair as the dudes stand on either side of him and all three beat off. Blake is the first to pop shooting a large thick load of spunk on Scott's chest. Kevin unloads thick cock snot on Scott's chest and arm. He licks up his juice and once again chows down on his own cock knob. Scott busts an ample thick nut on his fist, pubes, nuts, and the floor. Hot sweaty man sex!

Scene Three:

Manuel Torres (good-looking with short dark hair, beard stubble, tattoos, and muscular/hairy body) is dressed in a black leather apron and clutching a large cleaver as he enters a cold meat locker to check on his "friends" Josh Weston (good-looking with brown hair, muscular/smooth body) and Steve Carlisle (good-looking with shaved head, muscular/lightly hairy body). Manuel's friends just happen to be chained up and wrapped in plastic. He unwraps the dudes feeling their sexy muscular bodies and licking their hairy armpits. Manuel spreads Steve's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy bunghole and munches down tonguing the pucker making Steve's stiff clipped cock leak heavy pre-cum. He chows down on Steve's tool deep throating all the way to those closely trimmed pubes and sucking those plump nuts. Sinking to his knees, Manuel takes Josh's stiff cut prick down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down the shaft giving excellent head. After the dudes have been unchained they immediately go crazy on Manuel's rigid uncut cock taking turns cramming it down their throats.

Manuel fucks Steve from behind using long smooth full strokes with a nice camera shot of his hairy butt crack and balls. Steve gives Josh a tasty blowjob while his manhole is being pounded fast 'n hard. Manuel pulls all the way out of Steve's hole and slams back in. Josh drills Steve's bunghole in the side/missionary position using smooth 'n fast strokes with both dudes grunting with pleasure. Josh and Steve lay on the floor with their legs spread wide when Manuel slaps on a black latex glove and slowly works his well-lubed fist up Steve's asshole making him cry out with pleasure. Putting on a clean glove, Manuel fists Josh's touchhole as Josh moans and jerks his hard tool. Manuel is anything but through when be brings out a large blue butt plug and works it in 'n out of Josh's stretched man-cooze. Josh grabs that big thang and begins to fuck himself making loud guttural/animal noises. The dudes frantically pull their hard pork with Manuel shooting a thick load of jizz on the floor, Josh busting a small nut on his fist, and Steve shooting a nice thick load on his fist and inside thigh.

Scene Four:

-- sponsored by --

Hold what you got! It's group man-sex time in a large brightly lit warehouse. Bobby Williams (good-looking with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) and Nick Marino (good-looking with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) are dressed in jock straps and leather vests making out with heavy tongue action as Chad Hunt (sexy with short dark hair, toned/smooth/heavily tattooed body) leans against his chopper wearing a black leather harness and leather pants rubbing his bulging basket and watching the action. Eddie Diaz (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) and Ken March (nice-looking with short brown hair, muscular/hairy body) swallow each other's tongues with Eddie licking Ken's hot hairy chest. Tim Towers (good-looking with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) and Dean Tucker (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/hairy body) kiss with plenty of hot tongue action. These horny dudes are all about wet man-kissing, body rubbing, nipple sucking, and crotch grabbing as they fill the large warehouse with lusty moans.

Bobby sinks to his knees jacking and sucking Nick's big uncut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down the shaft and getting a tasty face fuckin'. Eddie is also on his haunches taking Ken's stiff clipped tool down his throat getting a good taste of man meat. Bobby chows down on Chad's huge/fat cut pork cramming as much as he can down his hungry gullet as Nick watches wanking that foreskin up 'n over his juicy knob. Digging the head, Chad exclaims, "That's it, boy!" Tim gives Dean's rigid clipped prick some very good head as Dean fucks his willing mouth. Ken chows down on Eddie's tight shaved touchhole stabbing his tongue into the sensitive pucker and really munching down. Hot! Dean is down on his knees taking care of Ken, Chad, and Eddie's oral needs feasting on pulled pork while Tim chows down on Bobby and Nick's turgid tools. All the dudes line up with their hot asses in the air and Chad goes to fuckin' town eating each and every one of those tight manholes tonguing puckers and making the guys growl with lust. Very hot!

Eddie sinks down on Chad's huge cock cramming his tight chute with that chubby dong and wildly riding up 'n down like a sex-crazed cowboy. Chad thrusts his hips upwards to fuck Eddie fast 'n hard. Nick fucks Bobby from behind as Bobby sucks Ken's long prick. "Yeah! Fuck my ass!" Tim slams Dean rough 'n hard doggy style making Dean cry out, "Shove it in!" Chad pounds Dean from behind as Ken plows Tim doggy style with Dean and Tim kissing with plenty of the ol' tongue. Hot! The dudes stand in a semi circle beating their meat as Tim lays on the floor jerking off and Dean kneeling pinching the hell out of Tim's hard nipples. Nick shoots a thick load followed by Bobby's thick nut, Chad's large thick jizz, Eddie's thick spooge, and Ken's thick spunk. All loads land on Tim and Dean. Tim frantically chokes his chicken convulsing as he climaxes on his stomach. Dean doesn't cum.

Scene Five:

Lex Sabre (very good-looking with dark hair, goatee, smooth/toned body) is enjoying some time on his own laying back with legs spread and stroking his large fat uncut cock using his right fist. Lex has a big ol' boot fetish as one side of his face is covered with a boot print and he's surrounded by a bunch of old ones. He uses both fists to handle that huge unclipped trouser snake yanking it and making it slap against his taught stomach. Hot. Lex uses his left hand to rub his hairy balls and butt crack as he continues to pleasure himself. He works his heavy foreskin back 'n forth over the moist purple cock knob as he sniffs an old boot. I love that hot foreskin! Becoming completely out of control, Lex rubs a boot against his cock and begins to quickly hump it shooting a thick load of love juice on it. He lifts the boot over his head allowing his thick cum to drip down into his mouth. Hot!

Scene Six:

As Lex Sabre (scene five) relaxes in the afterglow of an earth-shattering orgasm, Butch cop Ken Browning (good-looking with short brown hair, muscular/hairy body) barges in and takes charge. Sitting naked in a cheap folding "interrogation" chair, Lex's beautiful uncut cock is on full display as Ken rubs a long black nightstick against his shoulder. Ken gives Lex a once-over sneering, "You're a dirty fucking pig, aren't you?" Lex doesn't answer but become turned on as his huge dong grows and Ken kisses his ears and whispers, "I'm gonna use you." Lex uses his groin muscles making that fat thang jump up 'n down turning Ken on even more. Ken grabs that big dick jacking the heavy foreskin and giving it a complete workout. He chows down taking Lex's dick down his throat and sliding his wet mouth up 'n down giving excellent head. "This dick is mine! I'm gonna fuck you so hard with my ass!" Ken worships that enormous slab of meat.

Ken pulls his pants down bending over to offer that hot bubble butt to Lex. Lex eats that tight lightly hairy bunghole tonguing the pucker and really munching down in excellent close-up. Hot! He spits on that hole and then laps it up while Ken strokes his hard clipped prick. Ken licks his fingers and plays with his own manhole as Ken continues to eat ass. He sinks down on Lex's huge cock grunting, moaning, and crying out with pure lusty pleasure filling his tight chute with tube steak. He rides that big fucking cock using a pleasant tempo to satisfy his insatiable needs. Ken sits on that cheap folding chair with legs spread and slides that black nightstick up his bunghole fucking himself while Lex watches and jerks off. These dudes are smokin' hot! Lex grabs that nightstick and crams it up Ken's man-cunny. Lex shoots a large thick load of man-sex on Ken's stomach and arm. Ken scoops it up and flings the load at Lex. Hot! Ken dumps a thick load of jizz on his fist, hand, and floor. This scene is fucking hot!

Scene Seven:

Tommy Blade (handsome with short dark hair, beard stubble, tattoos, muscular/smooth body) sits in a large chair wearing a black leather jock strap rubbing his basket. Four dudes stand wearing various leather clothing clutching flashlights and shining them on Tommy: Robert Thorn (nice-looking with short dark hair, toned/hairy body), Cole Ryder (fucking hot with short dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body), Matt Majors (good-looking with closely cropped brown hair, beard stubble, toned/hairy body), and Derrick Hanson (cute with short brown hair, goatee, toned/smooth body). Lying on a large circular black leather bed that slowly rotates is Park Wiley (good-looking with dark hair, toned/smooth body).

The dudes intently watch Tommy rubbing his stuff as they begin to explore their own bodies with wondering hands. Robert plays his with tight hairy asshole rubbing his leather-clad fingers over the sensitive starfish as Tommy follows the lead and teases his own tight shaved touchhole with his fingertips. Tommy pulls his hard cut cock free from the confines of his jockstrap and slowly slides his right fist up 'n down the shaft making the guys horny as hell. Park jacks his hard clipped tool and sucks Tommy's dick sliding his wet mouth up 'n down as the dudes make out with each other sucking tongues. Derrick pulls his stiff clipped prick from the fly of his pants and pulls his pud while Cole beats his hard cut cock. Tommy and Park are soon locked in a sixty-nine as Tommy slaps Park's tight hairy butt hole and munches down. Park chows down on Tommy's tight shaved asshole tonguing the pucker as if it may jump up and run away.

Robert sinks to his knees and takes Cole's stiff dick down his throat giving a very good blowjob as Derrick watches and strokes. Robert deep throats Cole's cock all the way to that bush. Matt gives Derrick excellent head sliding his wet gob up 'n down filling his throat with hard pork that leads to some hot face fucking. The dudes lay on that groovy rotating bed in the missionary position with their manholes fully exposed. Hungry for tangy touchholes, Matt and Cole munch down tonguing each sensitive man-pucker as the guys sigh and moan with pleasure. Dudes love to toss salads! That bed reminds me of a Lazy Susan! Ha! Turned on from having their most private of areas tongued, the dudes chow down on those hard cocks filling their gullets with turgid pork.

Derrick fucks Robert from behind using fast 'n hard pounding while Park fucks Tommy in the missionary position sliding his hard cock in 'n out of that delicious hole. Cole crams his cock up Robert's chute from behind drilling fast 'n hard as Robert gives Matt head. Robert switches over to a little sink/bounce action with Matt riding up 'n down as Derrick jacks Robert's cock. Matt wildly rides Park's dong as Cole watches the action and beats his meat. Park shoots a large load of love juice on Robert's hairy chest, Derrick squirts a huge thick load on Robert's chest, Tommy cuts loose with thick jizz on Park and Robert's arms, Cole dumps thick spooge on his fist and leather chaps, and Robert busts a thick nut on his fist, inner thigh, and bed.

Scene Eight:

Tyler Riggz (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/hairy body) and Blake Nolan (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body) stand in a dank industrial-looking area slugging down ice-cold beers. Cole Ryan (very cute with dark hair, toned/hairy body) wonders in clutching a cold one of his own leading the dudes to eye each other as they enjoy their refreshing suds. Cole pours beer down his sexy tight body as Blake watches rubbing his own hairy chest and teasing his hard nipples. Blake sinks to his knees taking Cole's stiff cut cock into his mouth deep throating down to those dark pubes as Cole and Tyler make out with heavy tongue. Tyler pulls his hard clipped tool free from his leather jock strap and Blake chows down giving excellent blowjobs as he switches back and forth between the two members. Cole gets down on his knees and deep throats Blake's fat hard cut dick cramming it down his gullet and switching back and forth also sucking Tyler. Hot head!

Blake spreads Cole's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy bunghole and pours beer on it and rubs the beer bottle against the sensitive starfish as Tyler fucks Cole's mouth. Very hot! Continuing to drench Cole's touchhole with beer, Blake begins to finger fuck him and munches down eating that hole and tongue fucking him. Hot! Cole cries out with pleasure but sounds muffled due to having Tyler's cock down his throat. Blake sits on Cole's face as Cole tongues his tight hairy manhole eating some very hot ass as Tyler sucks Blake's dick. "Eat that fuckin' hole, man!"

In a cool position I've never seen before Tyler holds Cole and fucks his butt fast 'n hard in the missionary position while Cole leans all the way back and gets his throat drilled by Blake's chubby dong. Cole really chows down on that cock making loud slurping and gagging noises as the dudes moan with lust. "Fuck me hard!" Cole does a handstand while the dudes hold him up. They spread his butt cheeks once again exposing that tight hairy bunghole and pour beers on his pucker eventually leading to fucking him with the beer bottle. To finish up, Tyler and Blake stand on either side of Cole as the three pull their pork. Tyler shoots a thick load on the right side of Cole's face and hairy chest. Blake busts his thick nut on the left side of Cole's face and chest while Cole squirts a huge load all over the floor. Hot dudes!

Scene Nine:

"Now I wanna be your dog"--Iggy Pop. Steve Cruz (handsome with short dark hair, muscular/tattooed/hairy body) crawls into a large warehouse type room on all fours like Rover wearing a black leather dog collar and sniffs a fire hydrant. He hikes his right leg and cuts loose with a large golden piss out of his semi hard cut cock. Joe Strong (good-looking with dark buzz cut, muscular/smooth/tattooed body) enters the room and Steve immediately yanks those tight blue jeans down and chomps on Joe's big uncut tool giving excellent head as his wet mouth slides up 'n down the blood engorged organ. Scott Spears (good-looking with buzz cut, toned/smooth body) joins in pulling his tight faded blue jeans down and pulling on his large 'n long clipped dong. Steve crams that big fucker down his gullet greedily deep throating and switching back 'n forth between the two rigid dicks. Brendan Davies (hot dude with short brown hair, beard, muscular/tattooed/hairy body) wonders in yanking his fat clipped cock out allowing Steve to wrap his fist around it and deep throat down to Brendan's full dark pubes.

Scott sinks to his knees taking Joe's big uncut dong deep into his gullet and the dudes switch up with Joe taking Scott's tool down his throat giving a groovy blowjob. Johnny Hazzard (very handsome with dark hair, beard, toned/smooth/tattooed body) strolls in with his rigid clipped dick sticking out of the fly of his blue jeans. Steve sucks Johnny's prick deep throat as Johnny and Brendan make out with sloppy wet tongues. Johnny sucks Brendan's fat pork sliding his wet mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way to that hot full bush while Joe sucks Scott's member. Johnny switches over and deep throats Scott's tool jacking the hard shaft as Joe finger fucks Steve's tight hairy bunghole. In a very hot move, Scott sucks Joe's unclipped tool worshiping his foreskin by pulling with his mouth and giving it a full workout. Very tasty! Johnny eats Brendan's hairy asshole really munching down and tonguing the tight pucker as Brendan chows down on Joe's big bone.

Johnny takes a leak pissing all over Steve's hairy chest and Steve fucking digs it rubbing the warm amber liquid on his chest and growling with pleasure. Brendan follows suit and takes a nice long leak in Steve's mouth! Steve fills his gob to the limit and spits that yellow "water" back out hitting Brendan's hot muscular body. Joe once again finger fucks Steve's hairy butt hole cramming thee digits in and working that bung like a champ. Johnny fucks Steve from behind fast 'n hard with Steve's leg hiked up on the fire hydrant. Johnny humps the hell out of that manhole while Steve blows Scott. Scott crams his huge cock up Steve's bum in the missionary position and pounds him nice 'n hard using long smooth strokes.

Brendan fucks Johnny's tight hairy man-slot from behind porking him quick 'n hard as Johnny beats his meat. Steve kneels on the ground as the dudes stand around and pull their pork. Joe cuts loose with a thick load on Steve's face and chest, Johnny squirts one of the largest/thickest loads I've ever seen all over Steve's grinning face, Scott dumps a thick load of jizz on Steve's face and chest, Brendan cuts loose with thick cock snot on Steve's face, and Steve shoots a large thick load on the floor. Hot! Not finished, Steve takes another piss letting it squirt out of his knob all over the place like a fountain as Johnny "washes" his hands with the pee. For one last walk on the wild side, Joe inserts an enema type tube up Steve's bung which has a funnel attached to it. Think college beer bong. Scott pisses into the funnel and his urine flows up Steve's hole. Steve digs the makeshift colonic. Gawd!



"Link V: The Evolution" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin and Hue Wild is excellent providing full coverage of all the sex action with plenty of very cool close-ups. The lighting by Grip Dog is excellent as well creating a moody atmosphere that compliments the tone of the movie. The picture quality his sharp and clear.


The sound is very clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they bark sexual orders to each other, grunt, groan, and moan during the cock sucking, fisting, golden showers, and butt sex. The musical score by RedShag is definitely worth mentioning as it has a dark synth sound that is reminiscent of John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13" (1976). The score fits perfectly with the movie's darker tones.


The three discs include interactive menus, scene selections, chapter stops, the safe sex PSA "Wrap It Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue, and previews for: "Link", "Link 2 Link", "Link: The Final", "Missing Link", "Leather Sessions", and "Bolt". The real stand-out here is Chad Hunt's behind-the-scenes video diary that features two and a half hours of extra sexual footage usually involving the very hot Mr. Hunt and his huge cock, interviews with the models, photo sessions, set design information, and make-up by the very cool Domini. This behind-the-scenes feature is never dull and contains no filler. It's one of the best I've watched. Plus, I love me some Chad Hunt!

Final Thoughts:

Wow! Chi Chi LaRue has really outdone himself with his six hour/nine scene smutty opus to rough 'n tumble butch man-sex. Chi Chi's direction is spot on and he knows what his fans want: plenty of sweaty man-man sex with plenty of excellent close-ups. I cannot give him enough accolades for successfully pulling off such a grand production. As mentioned, the videography is top notch as is the editing (by CH), and musical score. The large cast of thirty-two hot dudes is a huge turn-on as each and every guy is completely into the action and each other giving no-holds barred and energetic performances. I truly loved every dude but will name some of my personal favorites: Johnny Hazzard, Cole Ryder, Chad Hunt, Ken Browning, Nick Marino, Joe Strong, Blake Riley, Maunel Torres, Nick Moretti, Lex Sabre, and Brendan Davies. My choice of personal favorites is not meant to take anything away from the other dudes as they all are fucking hot! I like that Chi Chi uses a nice age-range of dudes from early twenties to late forties. It's a great representation of men that should please everyone.

Other aspects of the movie I enjoyed are the very cool lighting by Grip Dog who, as mentioned earlier, creates a wonderfully ominous feel with the use of various filters and colors; the musical score by RedShag, and the excellent behind-the-scenes feature "Chad Hunt's Diary". I like that there is a wide variety of sex acts represented here from basic cock sucking and butt fucking to muscle worship, boot fetish, foreskin worship, and stronger action such as fisting, enemas, dildo/butt plug play, and golden showers. I highly recommend this excellent movie for those who love butch dudes, rough 'n tumble sex, and who can handle the more extreme elements. Chi Chi! Excellent job!

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