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Dirty Talk

Studio: Metro » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/22/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dirty Talk

Cal Vista/Metro Interactive

Genre: Feature

Director: DCypher

Cast: Nautica Thorn, James Deen, Destiny St. Claire, Van Damage, Crissy Moran, Ashley Steel, August, Ashley Roberts, Samantha Ryan, Charlie Laine, Kellemarie, Carlie Banks, Nick Manning

Length: 135:54 minutes

Date of Production: 3/31/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 33:46 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Dic Tracy. There was additional nudity and a lot of interviews (the primary focus of the BTS was interviews and photogallery shoots) for fans to enjoy but otherwise, it was fairly tame. Some of you will undoubtedly appreciate that a second copy of the movie was included, giving you the option of a widescreen version or a full frame copy depending on your personal tastes too. There were a few trailers, a photogallery, a true double sided DVD cover, and some spam but the BTS was the only "real" extra worth mentioning.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dirty Talk was presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 color as shot by director DCypher for release under the Cal Vista label by Metro Interactive. Shot in "Hi-Def", the movie actually looked very crisp and clear in terms of the picture. The fleshtones were accurate and the level of detail provided was quite high for a Metro release but it wasn't substantially different than most mid range porn offered these days. The composition of the shots tended to favor the ladies and I found it to look pretty nice, sporting a modest range of around 5 Mbps as a bitrate. There was a lot of grain noticed and much of that was likely due to the darker settings where the sex took place (less light and shot on video translates into grain all too easily) but aside from some minor editing slips where Red Ezra's movements were not as fluid, it looked pretty good. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps) and for the most part, it provided a standard porn experience but for the music. The vocals were easy to hear and the music was fair this time, without any real names behind it. It was still a change of pace though and while not going far enough, it was appreciated as a nod to the thematic elements.

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Body of Review: DCypher was probably the most advanced director at Metro Interactive before he left for Club Jenna awhile back. He wasn't the only director there I liked; only the most reliable when it came to features that he often wrote himself. Typically, the stories would involve short morality tales and some of the humor too often missing in porn these days, making me wonder if he might be destined to end up at Digital Playground (to help revive their features that have been largely neglected as Robby pulls them into the gonzo market so completely) or Wicked Pictures before all is said and done. Whatever his final destination, his titles often seem impacted by smaller budgets that don't give him the time to really showcase a cast and his ideas, a problem that frustrates me as a porn fan as much as a critic because I've seen what the guy can do when given the chance. One of his last projects before leaving Metro was Dirty Talk, a small budget tale about a sex columnist writer having issues of her own as she sought sexual fulfillment. The story elements were cute but short, showing that whatever was initially written (Jim Enright held up a script in the BTS that looked quite thick), little of it made the journey to the small screen but the sex was pretty decent if you're looking for something not too risqué to share with a significant other. While that might appear to be damning it with faint praise, I enjoyed the sexual portions with a friend that wanted my full frame copy that came in the double disc boxed set, the gal assisting me on cast identities given the lack of them for the ladies this time. If you are still interested, here is a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were present:

Scene One: Nautica Thorn, the leading lady of the movie that was magically absent from te front DVD cover, was up first playing the writer girlfriend of horny James Deen. He was whining because she spent too much time writing her column and not enough time satisfying his sexual needs, leading to them going to bed where she blew him with her usual amount of energy. Her all natural frame looked even better as she stripped off the loose clothing she had on, the couple trying their hand at mutual masturbation before deciding that they'd rather give each other more head; leading to some vaginal screwing where she looked darling while he mechanically pounded away at her cookie while she made those perky little moans of hers. When she was on top of him, she was more actively engaged in the sexual misconduct, pushing back to meet his thrusts as her cute butt bobbed up and down and cheeks rippled. His load of population pudding reminded me of how much he must have been working at the time, Nautica never shying away from the small load before she went to sleep and he left her for the scene.

Scene Two: Destiny St. Claire, a very lean brunette with long hair and pretty eyes, was up next as she was seduced by old spotted dick himself, Van Damage, in a bathroom and bedroom setting. He spread rose pedals on the bed and bathed her softly with a sponge in the tub, the gal giving him a lap dance in her blue bikini undies as he sported enough wood to tell her he wanted to get down to business. He gave her crotch a few licks and then started tapping her pussy, the fake moans telling me she was in performances mode rather than having a good time. It wasn't that either of them was bad at their chosen career, just that they seemed to lack the chemistry needed to pull off the kind of tender moment Nautica was narrating for them. She did push back to meet his thrusts when they did doggy but otherwise let him do all the work until the facial coated her tongue; reminding me that Van probably wasn't working as much as James when this was made given the copious quantity of spew he launched.

Scene Three: Crissy Moran, the curvy cutie featured on the front DVD cover, was looking good as she kicked back on the couch with hotty blonde Ashley Steel in the next scene. Lesbian porn scenes are decidedly geared to one of two types most of the time; lipstick lesbian work or the hardcore nasty stuff that seems driven to prove women doing each other can be incredibly powerful and nasty. Needless to say, this was a lipstick lesbian scene where both gals pleasantly explored one another with tongues and hands, savoring the moment though never really convincing me of their desire to play together after the camera shut down. That does not mean either one of them dropped the ball, only that the amounts of passion, enthusiasm, and energy varied more than a little bit, the use of toys seeming somewhat forced if warm enough that I'd have licked them clean on the set.

Scene Four: August, an attractive gal with a blond streak in her hair (and the second most recognizable hotty of the movie for me), was up next as a lady having an office affair with James Deen. Given that her goal was to "get rid of that frigid bitch he lives with" was referring to Nautica's character, I laughed a bit before the sex began with August seductively stripping off her tight skirt and top, giving James full access to all the glories she offered him. The lap dance motif worked here too and she milked it longer from what I could see, James getting into the action more this time as the two connected on a deeper level. The chemistry established and heat generated, they spent considerable time going down on each other as if to establish that magical connection, the reward being a better scene because of it. She was an active cock rider much sooner in the scene than the others of the show had been, bouncing on his dick like she was trying to push it deeper and deeper to get off on. There wasn't a lot of dirty talk here as I like, James mumbling some words that were not picked up well by the microphones and some background noises inadvertently captured but the slightly rough spanking and look on her face said it all in regards to the quality of the ride. His semen hit her face and she only winced when some went up her nostril, the gal standing out from the crowd this time. (There was a cute closing line by August about his packing his things too-a tribute to Devan's writing that many of you may miss too.)

Scene Five: Ashley Roberts, Samantha Ryan, Charlie Laine, Kellemarie, Carlie Banks, and Nautica Thorn, were up next in a massive lesbian orgy that reminded me a bit of Devan's work for the legendary Jim Holliday. I would have liked a better set up for the scene (there was none at all) but Nautica's sexy latex outfit and the skimpy lingerie all added up to some lesbo fun I could appreciate. Initially, the gals broke into two small groups on the large couch and table after getting mostly naked. Some of the ladies were decidedly over the top in terms of their performances, yelling out far too soon and too loud to be believable, but there was a lot going on so the replayability factor was higher here than it would otherwise be. The mix of close ups and panning shots was decent too but more middle shots might have made it look better for me since there was too much emphasis on narrowing the scope down on the visual elements. The majority of the action involved tongues and fingers with the toys dominating all at once in another irritating set back for the scene. Still, the ladies looked great and I really ended up liking it, despite the minor annoyances that held it back.

Scene Six: Nautica Thorn, still in her shiny black latex outfit, was up last as she seduced businessman Nick Manning in the bedroom. Having dumped the chump, she upgraded to Nick whose sexual skills seemed more in line with what she offered up in the movie. His oral was longer and stronger, Nautica seeming to like them more than what her former partner provided (sorry James, that's what it looked like), so she reciprocated in a warmish fashion to go all out on his cock during the blowjob. She rode him with equal vigor in her pussy but I never got the impression that she was there simply for the money and he refrained from his lame "dropping loads" commentary that has long held him back from more mainstream acceptance so the balance of the sex was tipped in favor of a good rating.

Summary: Dirty Talk by director DCypher for release under the Cal Vista label by Metro Interactive was a title I had some minor problems with in terms of the plot and the casting choices but the majority of the action was warm or better so I gave it a light Recommended. Exactly how the rating stickered on the front cover was arrived at (4 stars by AVN) was a mystery to me but I'm sure they had their reasons for liking it so much as they tend to do. There was some creative use of lighting and camera composition as well as a lot of lipstick lesbian action many of you will enjoy, the totality of the program giving the movie a light couple's aura to it for those wanting something more than the latest Vivid equivalent. In short, Dirty Talk was a pleasant bit of fluff that was light on circus act sex and heavy on those little touches Devan adds to make a project his own so check it out if you are not a jaded old porn hound like I am.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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