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POV Pervert #9

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/22/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

POV Pervert #9: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Gonzo, POV

Director: Mike John

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Mike John, Tiffany, Paulina James, Cody Lane, Audrey Elson, Bobbi Starr, Amy Ried; Sable Sims (bonus scene only)

Length: 262:44 minutes

Date of Production: 6/19/2007

Extra's: The best extra was a POV scene lasting 22:47 minutes starring Sable Sims and Mike John. They engaged in playful verbal banter about perverts and the 20 year old gal gave a solid vaginal ride after a good blowjob, ending in a vaginal creampie. She might not have been as good as some of the ladies featured in the movie but she was a very talented lady indeed with Mike showing just how skilled she was by the comments he made. I also liked the 26:32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included a lot more sex as well as some of the breaks the cast took as the gals proved Mike was better than some would suggest (Amy was completely out of breath during the scene for one example). There was even a nod to the bonus scene but fans should be mostly impressed that the BTS was almost all extra sex this time; a rarity in gonzo these days. There was also a pop shot recap, a fetching slipcover, a photogallery, and trailers to five of Mike's other titles, including Semen Sippers 6, Racial Tension 2, Elastic Assholes 5, Sperm Overload, and POV Pervert 8.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: POV Pervert #9 was presented in 1.33:1 full frame as originally shot by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was presented in a very pleasing manner that lit up the action in the scenes very well, limiting the grain and video noise a lot, though I would have appreciated seeing it in anamorphic widescreen. There were a few scenes where things weren't quite as good but that was almost certainly due to the skill level of the talent given Mike's manner of coaxing out fine performances from almost everyone but the same could be said of the lighting that wasn't always perfect either. So, in the scenes where the lighting was flat and stronger; the picture was good and the minor tint or other issues were decidedly not worth worrying about. The grain and video noise were both lots better than usual; marking a positive visual improvement by Mike (not needing any assistance on camera this time either since the scenes were in POV-point of view) that was complimented by the compositional work he offered up that repeatedly enhanced the look of the cast. There were no noticed compression artifacts (the bitrate hovered around mid 5 Mbps but it still looked really good in most cases) and while the picture wasn't the best gonzo I've seen from the director, it was close (and the technical matters never hampered the heat in the slightest; always adding to the scenes in fact). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering in 192 Kbps bitrate that had some separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do more here too but I'm not greedy with improvements). The dynamic range was also kind of generic, an area that seemed slightly better than previous efforts and an area that Mike could easily improve to make best use of the great many home theatres in the hands of porn fans everywhere.

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Body of Review: Mike John is almost synonymous with the term POV thanks in large part for his leading the gonzo pack in shooting point of view sex. For the fan, this allows them to be the stunt cock while pleasuring themselves, never needing to see the nasty loser getting the woman but seeing the woman getting dicked all the same. Now that Mike is distributed by Jules Jordan Video, there is absolutely no doubt that he is on top of his game, his movies getting longer, stronger, and substantially more reliable as his casting has employed top talent he wasn't always able to use back when working for other companies. His latest release is POV Pervert #9: Special Edition, a double disc sequel to POV Pervert 8; where Mike nails eight women for over five hours (counting the bonus scene and deleted sex footage) with some of his best work to date. The cast was full of top hotties mixing it up to provide some newer gals that merited his attention and proven top gonzo gals to keep fans happy, none of them proving to be filler material. All the sex in the movie is handled in the point of view (POV) fashion advertised and even on first glance, this one stood out as a shining star in the POV wastelands. If you are still interested in the individual scenes, here is a look by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and loveable pervert Mike was the only guy tapping ass:

Scene One: Rebeca Linares, the lovely Latina seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first wearing her tiny black top and tight jeans that showed off her ass in the motel room. She showed Mike John her assets slowly, shaking her ass as he pawed her playfully, the gal seeming to appreciate his attentions as they both got charged up. She gave him some solid head at his knees with a titty rub boost, seeing if she could suck his balls through the shaft with her Spanish kiss. Using her hand(s) as much as her mouth, she increased the tempo of the oral action, with more titty fucking pleasing the guy no end. This led to her actively riding his cock in her pussy and then a bit slower in her ass, but always using her appreciation for cock to make it seem like he was tripping her trigger. The loud moans and limited dirty talk showed her to be at least moderately believable as she worked him over, doing ATM and other taste testing as though getting off on her own juices from his cock. After a wealth more anal and ATM, she then blew him to completion with a handjob chaser, swallowing whatever population pudding made it into her mouth. This was a great scene to start the movie with, lasting until the 49 minute mark. Whew!

Scene Two: Tiffany, the beautiful blond with blue eyes spotted on the middle of the left hand side of the cover, was up next in her colorful bikini as she teased on the fenced in portion of Mike John's back patio. A lean, sexy gal with a great body, she was perfect in his eyes and she went inside to give him a thrill as she showed him her shaved pussy on the bed. The tease didn't last long as he wanted to get some from her, initially settling for a titty fuck and hummer that proved she wasn't one to rely on looks alone. That led to an active round of "hide the salami" where she bounced up and down on his cock while making purring noises to get him all the more excited. Her vaginal skills were plenty for me but she continued to impress with her anal abilities, Mike claiming it was "so tight" as she pushed back to meet his thrusts (and her titties bounced really seductively too). Her panting seemed to energize the guy, the scene ending in a titty fuck, a blowjob, and her swallowing his load. Wow!

Scene Three: Paulina James, the raven haired hotty in tight blue jean shorts on the center of the front cover (near the "per" in pervert of the title), claimed to be horny since her last scene was a BJ for her website (paulinajamesxxx) so she relaxed as she teased Mike John; suggesting she was fantasizing about him as she showed her wares. A quick look at her all natural body and playful demeanor was enough to remind me that the fantasy of porn came natural for the gal, the clothing falling off as he molested her. He rubbed her and she continued doing herself until getting down to slobbing his knob aggressively, her experienced mouth and seductive looks making for a killer combination. The hummer was lengthy and skillfully applied but she wanted more so she bent over to give him greater access and he began banging away like crazy at her sweet pussy. She pushed back to meet him as best she could and her firm ass cheeks rippled a bit as they bumped uglies, her perfect pucker winking at him as though calling for him to penetrate it as well. The varied positions showed her getting even more active as a rider as time went by, the gal doing PTM routinely and the scene ending near the two hour mark with her titty fucking him to a salty finish in her mouth (she seemed to swallow too), adding more post coital sucking before the camera faded away. Yeah!

Scene Four: Cody Lane, the busty brunette with pretty eyes seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next in the motel bed of Mike John. Instead of the usual tease, she started peeling her clothing rather quickly, leaving him speechless as she took off her pants and squeezed his cock. She wanted more than a squeeze and was soon orally nursing him to a full fledged erection while maintaining eye contact. The sucking noises seemed more prominent this time as she worked him to the bone, soon impaling herself on his cock like he was her age and they were on a fancy date. Her tig old bitties bounced as they vaginally fucked, the eye contact continued as she verbally coaxed him on to deeper thrills. She did some PTM between positions and the doggy was really hot but she wanted to do anal so that was up next. Her ass was tight and she took her time accommodating his rod by sitting on it, panting heavily as she pumped with increasing speed (and gyrated on his dick). The ATM wasn't frequent as in some of the scenes but she seemed to enjoy the taste almost as much as the drilling she was getting. The scene finished up with a titty fuck and blowjob, enhanced by her hand to gland technique draining him dry into her mouth for swallowing. Yow!

Scene Five: Audrey Elson, a cutie seen on the upper right hand corner in a pink top with her titties showing under Cody, was the first scene of the second disc and she had a little extra junk in her trunk as she reclined on the motel room bed for Mike John to unwrap like a Christmas present. She was another gal that employed a slower, more seductive personal dynamic and it was working for me as much as for Mike given the comments made. She liked his method of testing the merchandise, the guy feeling her up to make sure she was all natural, giving his dick a kiss after a light grip established that she was going to get as much of it as she wanted. She was in no rush to enjoy his member, preferring to keep him lasting a long time as she started to actively work it in and out of her mouth. She looked at him the entire time, showing a bit less polish compared to some of the others but a desire to make him happy all the same. The hummer and titty fuck then gave way to the vaginal ride where she wasn't as active as the others initially but Mike made it clear that she was very tight. Her little bounces elevated the scene for him and she did some stroking during the PTM portions of the scene but slowed down a lot when the anal began. To my way of thinking, she was just getting in her groove here so I would have been content with more vaginal plowing but I know a lot of you simply demand anal as part of a gal's repertoire or you consider her to be lame and Mike is known for giving fans what they want. She did get better as she grew used to his cock in her ass and the ATM showed she wasn't shy about taste testing, the scene ending with a titty fuck and nut to the mouth that she swallowed fairly heatedly.

Scene Six: Bobbi Starr, the attractive gal with the thick thighs and ass as seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she stretched to show how limber she was for Mike John on the couch. Her meaty ass drew considerable attention from the guy but he liked the rest of her too. Her all natural rack was ample and her nipple erections appealed to the man too, both of them disrobing before the hummer. Given the look on her face as she inhaled his cock, I got the impression that she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, but her versatility at teasing and otherwise stimulating his rod was solid as well. That she was drooling for his cock while jerking him off showed she was in need of seed, going back to working him over but he liked throatfucking her too, something he really did not do a lot of in this rather lengthy movie. He did much of the work during the vaginal screwing but she seemed to be getting into it as well; eventually signaling him for anal when she began rubbing her perfect pucker as part of elevating her own sexual dynamic. The tension built nicely and he drove it home as she wanted, leaving a prolonged anal gape before the ATM began. Bobbi seemed enthusiastic about taking him back inside her ass; perhaps more than the others in some ways, pushing back as her newly developed sense of booty duty kicked in. That was when I saw what looked to be burnt off warts on her cookie, killing the heat a bit for me (that close up could have been edited out) but she either got off on rubbing herself during the anal penetration or she was having a seizure by the looks of it; either working for this guy at home. More penetration of all three holes resulted in her rubbing out his load to her mouth, the pretty gal swallowing his spew in a very decent bit of work.

Scene Seven: Amy Ried, the gal featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up last and given her popularity, I think it could be reasonably argued that Mike John saved the best for last. She was looking fit, attractive, and ready to rumble as she started teasing in true porn fashion. By this point in time, she has made a lot of scenes and knows exactly what is desired in this type of scene, often guiding directors with less experience to make sure she looks her best. Mike has a natural affinity for the sexual tension needed to make a great scene so the pair were perfectly matched here, the guy feeling her up as she encouraged him to get aggressive with her ("pinch my nipple" being the least of her directives). The foreplay and tease was working on her as much as him so she orally attacked his cock as he rubbed her ample titties, her knob bobbing going really well as she coaxed him into a state of full arousal. The expected titty fuck was solid and she went all out during the vaginal ride, sparing no quarter as she impaled herself to get off rather than try to seduce the old guy. The way her ass cheeks rippled during the doggy vaginal was really great too, the intermittent PTM slowing things down but adding some spice all the same. The anal action wasn't as active as possible but she begged him for it and it gave her goose bumps as she rubbed her clitoris during the pucker poking. The scene finished up with a titty fuck and blowjob (limited ATM) but she swallowed and I reiterate that as great as some of the others were, Amy was indeed the best of the bunch. Sweet!

Summary: POV Pervert #9 by director Mike John for distribution by Jules Jordan Video was a double disc set that nearly pulled off the collector rating for me thanks to the wonderful amounts of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value but as I'm not fixated on POV style camera work, I settled in for a very respectable Highly Recommended. Your mileage may vary but the majority of ladies were working Mike to the bone in all three holes, showing their individuality as a means of flavoring each scene to prevent them from appearing as quite so generic in nature (as other directors typically fall prey too). In short, POV Pervert #9: Special Edition was even better than POV Pervert 8 for me, and if you are looking for a POV fuck flick that isn't strictly blowjobs or other narrow kinks, you simply cannot go wrong this time. Excellent work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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