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Cum Play With Me 4

Studio: Twisted Pink » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 8/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Chain Snowballing - Straight


Cast: Katja Kassin, Anna Nova, Lorena Sanchez, Mika Tan, Annie Cruz, Harmony, Denice K, Heidi Mayne, Angela Stone, Sativa Rose, Cindy Crawford, Taylor Ash, Mikayla, Alexis Silver, Lexie Belle, Miles Mckenzee, Emma Cummings, Rachel Star, & Rachel Roxx
Also starring: Heidi, Mckenzie, Mikala, Lexi Blue

Length: 2hrs 15 min

Production Date: Pink Kitty Video, 2007

Extras: Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes: A 15 minute glimpse of the girls during a photo shoot and prep for their scene.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is standard 2.0 and is consistent with what most porns are today. All interior shots are good and the only slight problem is the 14 girl scene, simply because there's a ton of background chatter from the waiting ladies. The Video of the film is standard--Full Frame Color and it too is consistent with most of porn. Pink Kitty Video is a company I haven't seen much of, but they do a fair job of creating simple, professional, and strong action.

Body of Review: Line up the ladies. 14 will do for now--at least until someone trumps it with say, 15. Dress them all in super tight sky blue shorts and flimsy white tees that can be peeled back to reveal boobage. Give them one cock to focus on, and let the mayhem begin. Oh, and after an hour, each gal gets a snowball of jizz. Sounds like a party

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Scene 1: Katja Kassin, Anna Nova, Lorena Sanchez, Mika Tan, Annie Cruz, Harmony, Denice K, Heidi Mayne, Angela Stone, Sativa Rose, Cindy Crawford, Taylor Ash, Mikayla, Alexis Silver, Lexie Belle, Miles Mckenzee, Emma Cummings, Rachel Star, & Rachel Roxx
Acts Included: Oral, Snowballling, Cumswallowing
More Gals Below!!!!
This 14 gal suckathon begins with a quick introduction from all the girls. We get their name and where they're from, and first look at how diverse this batch of babes is. Black, White, Asian, Latino, skinny, plumpy, big tits, little tits, it's a smorgasbord of poontang. The girls are calm, giggly, joking with one another as the camera makes its way around the room. Then things start off. The guy begins with one girl, then calls another over for some tag team action. After say 5 minutes he sets them free and calls another batch. Each starlet has her own style and it's hot to see the different approaches. The crowd on the couch responds to the different techniques and rallies the working girls on.

This is the major flaw with the scene; it's not taken the least bit seriously. Hey I'll admit, we're not making plans at the Pentagon, but hearing a group of cackling hens in the distance isn't a boner inducing element. It's fun at times, funny at fewer, but mostly annoying. When the girls aren't commenting, they're busy talking to each other, so there's a constant drone of distant voices.
So does anything make this scene work? Is the time we're waiting for the 14 girl snowball worth it? Or should we just fast forward? Or jump to the next scene? Really the most thrilling thing is watching the girls lounge on the couch in their light white shirts and circulation-cutting boy short panties. They truly are just as comfortable as clams. Watching POVs of each gal give head is nice, but no act stands out in the least, so anything satisfying is driven by the talent's looks. The cackling background noise isn't the only reason to turn the volume down; Denice K. just might be the most annoying person on the planet. Granted, I understand she's likely trying to create an image (or maintain one) but goddamn this girl is bossy, greedy, obnoxious, and just plain boner wilting. Had there not been 13 other gals to counterbalance this whirlwind, this scene wouldn't hold.

After one hour of sucking, tugging, an occasional boob flash, the swap begins, traveling down the line of girls sitting on the floor. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, but the act itself is worth watching--even if a bit unsatisfying. The last girl takes the mouth load, swallows, and flips the camera the bird. Then like a staff meeting coming to a close, everyone is up and out the door. Job done.

Scene 2: Heidi & McKenzie
Acts Included: Oral, Snowballing, Cumswallowing
Heidie and McKenzie are being tutored by a thuggish bald dude with tattoos. The girls soon realize that this is no ordinary instructor and drop his drawers for A-potential blowjobs. Both gals are lovely, with natural, golden bodies. They tend to his tube for the entire scene only shifting to get more comfy. Unlike before, Heidi and McKenzie do their duties butt naked, purely schlobbing until he reaches climax. They snowball his cum 4 times and ultimately swallow. A good scene, but after an hour of BJing, something different might have been nice.

Scene 3: Mikala & Lexi Blue
Acts Included: Oral, Snowballing, Cumswallow.
Mikala is a busty babe with librarian glasses and thick ass and Latino looks. Lexi Blue kinda has that band nerd look; birdy, shy, but sexy. Inevitably, both start to suck cock and Lexi is the one to watch. She sheds this band girl image and her clothes, to reveal a pale, teeny body and a solid urge to eat dick. Mikala is a pleasure to watch as well, although she kinda plays the role of a guide or instructor to Lexi; which works well too. All that hard work leads to a cumshot into Mikala's mouth. The ladies snowball it four times and it returns to Mikala who yums it down.

Scene 4: Emma Cummings & Denise K.
Acts Included: Oral, Snowballing, Cumswallow
Emma Cummings is the dark haired, shy type. Very natural and with looks like someone's sister, she maintains that innocent vibe. Denise K on the other hand is a semi-cute, creepy as hell, train wreck. She makes faces and sounds that could land her a role in the next Rob Zombie flick. And when the two gals get to fucking, Denise is all over the board, instructing Emma. Chill lady, chill. If you can get past Denise's desperate need to be center of attention, there's a pocketful of decent knob slobbing. What's best is Emma's quiet demeanor--I don't think she says a word. She does snowball with Denise about 5 times, both gals treating it like mouthwash.

Scene 5: Harmony & Annie Cruz
Acts Included: Oral, Vag, Squirting, PTM, Anal, Snowballing, Cumswallow
Harmony and Annie Cruz are finely dressed as though they are going to a 500$ plate charity ball. But they're really just down the corner at the Motel 9 off El Segundo, where they'll meet a guy and work for a donation. Harmony is a sweet faced, naturally bodied blonde with great legs and sexy, almond eyes. She' kinda tomboyish and so a bit awkward in her black mini. Annie Cruz is a well known sweet assed Asian. This is the first scene with 'other' action--the girls eat each other's meat slits and give fellatio to a man hung like a giant picture hook. It's a nice breather from the semi-monotonous minutes of before. Watching Harmony's lovely rear bent over a table, her face buried in Annie's snatch, is a good change of pace, but it might be too late. The guy plows Annie's Asian box, causing her to squirt while Harmony stands by to offer fresh lube via PTMs. Harmony takes a load on the tongue and passes it back and forth 4 times before she keeps it for herself and gobbles it down..

Concluding Words:

Many years ago I saw a Jon Dough flick called "The World's Luckiest Man". And essentially it was Jon getting blown, and later screwing, something like 100 chicks. It was chopped up into different scenes, but there was one in particular where the girls lined up by the pool and Jon went down the line like an inspecting drill sergeant. The premise of these flicks are always more promising than their final product. Cum Play With Me featuring a 14 girl snowball has many of the same flaws as the Jon Dough pic I saw years ago--and many others created in this vein.
The problem is there seems no order. Although whoever the lucky bastard is behind the camera keeps the girls in a good rotation, calling them or sending them off, there's too many occasions of idleness and restlessness. And so the girls start blabbing and more than anything this is a distraction. The idea is great, but someone needs to bring a bit more direction to the action. As it is, it feels like it was filmed on a rainy day when all the stars were inside waiting for their backyard scenes to dry up.

I actually enjoyed this film. But not enough to give it a strong rating. The fucking is worth your pennies, but there's not really any extras and the box makes it sound like the entire DVD is for this one 14 girl act, when it's not. It takes up the first hour, then is followed by 4 scenes which are decent in their own right--and do contain snowballing at least--but not alluded to anywhere on the box cover. I find this misleading. Bad Pink Kitty. I think oral aficionados would enjoy this one far more, but those who can only take so much of the art of BJing should only rent this puppy. Recommended


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