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Rim Country

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 8/24/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Doug & Jay
100 Minutes
CAST: Kai, Riley, Guzzo, Michael, Toy, Doug, Matthew, Jared, Jeremy, Grant, Jay
PRODUCTION DATES:02-02-04, 10-17-04, 06-17-06, 09-21-06, 11-19-06, 01-26-07

The Good Stuff
Rim Country is a flick put out by Amateur Straight Guys productions. A film of straight guys getting worked over by gay ones. With a particular focus on rimming as the title subtly hints at.

Kai & Riley
Kai and Riley are on a couch chatting with our cameraman Doug. Kai is the straight blonde, tattooed guy and Riley is blonde as well, muscled and with a cute white smile and blue eyes. For anyone who watches Treasure Island Media flicks Kai totally reminds me of Jesse O'toole one of their resident cocksman. Doug brings up the fact that Kai was doing a cam show last night and revealed that he loves getting his asshole licked by girls. You can see Rileys ears perk up as he hears this. Kai admits that the premise of being sucked by Riley and having his ass eaten by a pro is a total turn on. Riley says for him it is going to be the hottest scene all year. He has been waiting for a crack at Kai's hot bod. They briefly stroke each others junk before Riley practices his sword swallowing and gobbles up Kai's cock. Kai has a perfect thick cut cock and neatly trimmed pubes and shaved nuts and bung. Riley slobbers all over Kai's cock and balls, tonguing his pee slit and making Kai throw his head back in bliss. Since we are in rim country Kai puts his legs in the air to give Riley access to his pucker and Riley gives it a thorough tongue bath. The guys move to the floor where Kai switches from being rimmed to pounding away at Rileys perfectly tanned bubble ass. There is plenty of juicy ass slapping noise as Riley gets reamed. Kai shoots his thick load on Riley's buttcheek before Riley gets to stroke off his own long cock on his back and transform his bellybutton into a yummy sperm pool.
[Actors: Kai, Riley| Sex Acts: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Michael & Guzzo

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Michael and Guzzo are looking pretty cozy sitting on a bed talking to the camera. Guzzo is apparently an old hand at seducing straight guys. Michael has never been with a guy but looks pretty comfy snuggling with Guzzo. Guzzo is youngish with a short crew cut and chin strap facial hair. Very cute with very kissable perfect lips. Michael looks Italian to me with a nice short hair cut and cute smile. They take off each others shirts then after a few moments Guzzo says that its hot so lets take off our pants. Very slick if I do say so myself. Michael takes off his jeans revealing he was going commando and Guzzo has on boxer briefs for a hot second before he takes them off as well. Both guys are fit with Michael having several tattoos and a nice tan and smooth chest and Guzzo has some sparse body hair. Michael has a decent sized cut cock and some tasty looking low hangers. Guzzo gets to business and sucks on Michaels soft cock and shaved balls. Guzzo is on his back now getting his mouth fucked unfortunately Michael seems to lose some of the iron in his cock until he slides up a bit farther and grinds his bung on Guzzos tongue. He really digs that. Michael stands leaning over the bed so Guzzo can get deeper acces to his hole. Guzzo sucks him off some mover before Michael strokes out a minuscule load on Guzzos chest. Guzzo scoots to the end of the bed and jacks his own large uncut shaft until he spoooges on the rug. The guys end by going to the shower together to clean up.
[Actors: Guzzo, Michael | Sex Acts: Oral, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Toy & Doug
Toy is a young twink of a guy with darkish hair and light eyes. He is laying on the bed fully clothed chatting with the lovely Doug. Doug convinces Toy to strip for a massage and starts massaging lotion into Toys pale freckled back. The beginning of this scene has a very pervy feel to me. It actually made me uncomfortable at first until I figured out why. Dougs head is cut off by the angle of the camera and it looks like a molester film. Once doug reveals his sexy face the feeling goes away and the scene actually ends up quite hot. Doug starts at Toys shoulders and works his way down to Toys pale round buttocks for a quick peek at his pink pucker. After a brief showing of Toys newly pierced nipples he gets an ass massage before Doug dives in a chews out his young pink hole. Toy is so into the rim action that he doesn't realize Doug snuck his hard dong out and is approaching his bung. Toy feels Dougs hot pink rod against his hole and he isn't having any of that. Doug scoots under Toys legs and starts sucking and getting his mouth fucked with Toys long, cut cock. Doug is pounding his own pud while being mouth fucked by Toy. Toy blows his load down Dougs gullet and if you look closely you can see Doug blows his own wad almost at the same time. Doug shows his cummy face to the camera before the scene ends.
[Actor: Toy, Doug | Sex Acts: Oral, Jacking, Rimming | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Cut | ]

Grant w/ Doug & Jay
Grant is outside chatting with Jay and Doug. Grant is a muscular guy with a pierced tongue and great smile. Grant was up all night screwing his girl but he didn't bust a nut. So when he woke up his first thought was how can I get my nut on and he thought of Dougs hoover mouth. Doug suggest they go inside as he has some porn playing. Grant has the whole all American guy look to him. Broad shoulders nicely muscled physique and just a good time guy vibe. A guy anyone would want to spend time with. Grant wastes no time stripping buck naked and stroking his large shaved junk. In comes Doug to get a taste of Grants dong Jay wants some to so between him and Doug Grants cock is getting plenty of attention. Doug wants ass so he gets Grant to put his legs in the air so he can taste some brown eye. Jay swaps in to get a taste before Grant stands and Doug swallows his pole before Grant nuts on his face.
[Actor: Grant, Doug, Jay | Sex Acts: Oral, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Jeremy w/ Doug
Jeremy is sleeping and in comes Doug to wake him up with a nice good morning blow job. Doug pulls back the sheets to reveal Jeremys hard uncut tubesteak and heavy shaved balls. After some serious cock sucking Doug finally removes some of his own clothes revealing his own thick boner and trimmed body hair. He is more cubbish than anyone in the film but totally hot. Jeremy moves up over Dougs face for some mouth fucking and some bung tonguing of his nice big ass. Jeremy is on all fours with Doug rubbing his thick meat up and down his crack. Again Jeremy isn't up for the anal so Doug has to satisfy himself with the rubbing and a brief fingering session before stroking his meat while Jeremy gives his own hole a fingering. The only bit of reciprocation happens now as you get to see Jeremy jacking Dougs thick beef in into his mouth. Sadly no money shot for Doug. Jeremy is now on the bed and Doug is beating his meat and blows his wad on Jeremys leg. Jeremy appears to be having a hard time nutting but he finally blasts a load down Dougs throat.
[Actor: Jeremy, Doug | Sex Acts: Oral, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Matthew & Jared
Matthew is fresh meat for Doug and the fellas at Amateur Straight Guys. They just picked him up at a function at a gay club last night and asked if he would be interested in sucking off some straight boys. You bet your bippy he was. Matthew has dark curlyish hair, light eyes and slight facial hair. He is paired up with surfer dude Jared who hasn't had any action in a few weeks. Jared has the typical longish blondish hair of a surfer and a great smile. Doug wastes no time in backing away and letting these two horny studs get down to funky town. Matthew releases Jareds curved pole from his boxers and slobbers all over it. Matt has trimmed chest hair almost in the shape of a heart it looks like. They move to the side of the bed so Jared can put his legs in the air and give Matt asshole access. Jared jacks it while being rimmed and he is in heaven shuddering and moaning. Jared strokes out a hefty load on Matt's face. Probably the hottest load of the flick. There is a shot of the perfect cum ribbon dangling from Matt's chin.
[Actor: Johnny Brosnan, Adam Wolfe | Sex Acts: Kissing, Fingering, Riming, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]


Audio quality was crisp and clear. You hear every conversation between Doug and whomever is in the scene. You even hear the straight porn in the background to help the boys get their wood on. Video quality was pretty sad. I don't know if it was a bad transfer or what but when the camera moved the action became a little fuzzy. When the camera is being held and moved scenes became almost jittery. The clearest scenes were where the camera was set up on a tripod. Seeing as some of the scenes do go back as far 2004 perhaps its just the fact that they have newer/better equipment in some of the scenes.


Zilch, Nada, Nothing

At the End of the Night

Rim Country offers you a sampling of straight guys and the few lucky gay guys who get to service them. With all the different looks to the guys there is a breeder boy for every gay guy. What more could a fella want? I must admit I have a crush on Doug who is one of the producers of Amateur Straight guys. From his voice to his Salt & Pepper hair and goatee he is totally the bees knees. Besides Kai from the first scene Doug to my tastes was one of the hottest guys on this film. I believe the straight guys are actually straight in this flick. They are totally turned on by the mere fact of being with a guy. Their gasps and shudders testify to that fact. The allure of the elusive straight male being seduced by a gay man will always be exciting in my book. I do prefer a little reciprocation in my real life and there was minimal with this flick. Sadly this flick lacks extras of any kind and the video quality was only so so. For my first viewing of a film from Amateur Straight Guys I am rather impressed and look forward to seeing more. With all that being said I give Rim Country a whole hearted rating of "Recommended".

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