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Evil Geishas Hotel

Studio: Private » Review by kobiata k » Review Date: 8/25/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Private Gold 91: Evil Geishas Hotel directed by X-Off

Evil Geishas Hotel breathes a breath of fresh air as the newly-minted director, X-Off, combines his filmmaking expertise with the trademark sex scenes we have come to love by PRIVATE!

Running Length: 1 hr 31 min

The Story:

Lady May plays an accomplished DJ, who is on the verge of signing a major distribution deal, but she has a problem . . . she has lost her inspiration and the only way she can regain it is to enter the Hotel Sacrament and pass before seven doors of "sacrament" (but in reality only five). With only a few hours left before her major concert, she has made the decision to go for broke and spin the wheel of destiny and entering the gauntlet of sexual desires!

The Sex:

Scene One: Lady May and Natalia Zeta

After finding the deserted hotel, Lady May rings the bell at the concierge before entering the first door. The cute Filipina gets nice and horny when she decides to get on the red satin sheets. She feels a strange presence in the air as she succumbs to a fantasy where two men with blowdryers get her hot and steamy for her encounter with the sexy demon, Natalia Zeta. Once she awakens from her strange dream, she sees the lovely Spanish beauty Natalia Zeta. This close encounter leads to a brief sapphic session complete with a dual-edge dildo session where both of them get fucked simultaneously.

Lady May walks out unscathed by the first encounter, but as she enters the hotel corridor, she gets frightened by the Evil Geishas played by Claudia Rossi and Suzie Diamond. Meanwhile, Mierkoles, Lady May's lesbian lover, pays a visit to her manager and has a brief vocal altercation regarding Lady May's whereabouts.

Scene Two: Lady May and Suzie Diamond

Lady May walks into the next room where she sees a lifeless nude couple covered with plastic. She unravels the plastic and looks at the guy's dick and starts sucking on it, which makes the couple full of life. Suzie Diamond, who's wearing a blonde wig, gets fucked hard doggie style while Lady May watches. After Suzie rides him, Lady May finishes him off with a fervent WET blowjob session. This lovely Pinay gets the job done with great head including deepthroating, which results in a nice facial!

She awakes in a daze and sees that she's in an abandoned room with no signs of the couple. She picks herself up from her knees and heads to the next room where she sees the tanned Claudia Rossi!

Scene Three: Lady May and Suzie Diamond

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Claudia Rossi begins to play with herself fingering her asshole while her other hand diddles with her pussy. Lady May is turned on by Claudia's ripe ass and so she puts on a strap-on and fucks her from behind. There is genuine heat between the two as Lady May goes to work on her! After the strap-on session, Lady May performs oral sex on her. While this takes place, one of the male demons inserts his member into Lady May's asshole! This is a very hot scene as you can see how just how tight this Filipina's ass. The demon goes back and forth with the anal spelunkering until he spreads his load all over both ladie's ass cheeks.

Again, Lady May awakens finds herself in a deserted room. Meanwhile, her manager has hired a squad of man to rescue her from the haunted hotel. But, before going there, he has to pay his respects to a mute witch doctor, who performs a ceremony that's supposed to protect them from the evils they will encounter at the hotel.

Scene Four: Lady May

At this point, Lady May is slightly cracking under the stress, but still manages to go on to the next room located at the end of the corridor. She's greeted by two demonds dressed up as rabbits, which may appeal to your inner "cosplay" fetish! She immediately strips down and shows off her nice tanned ass before she makes them hard with some devastating fellatio! Soon, the costumes are off and the men take turns fucking her and getting sucked by her. This threesome leads to a very hot double penetration sequence! Then, it continues with one splooging his load off on her face and throat while the other fucks her in the missionary position until he gets off as "super-soaker" cumshot that sprays her abdomen. This is one hot scene proving that she's one hot firecracker!

Meanwhile, her manager and his gun-wielding mercenaries along with the mute witch doctor enter the haunted hotel. Unfortunately, they don't know that they are heading into a deathtrap when the Evil Geishas pick them off one by one. Even with their heavy firepower, they are no match for the rose-petal throwing Evil Geishas. As a result, the manager is the only one that makes it out of the hotel alive. While he's catching his breath, a mysterious man appears who tells her manager that he's going to save Lady May. He walks into the bloodied corridors where the Evil Geishas are waiting to unleash the same terror minutes ago. Unfortunately for them, he also has unearthly powers as he's able to inflict some damage to the Evil Geishas. The Evil Geishas played by Claudia Rossi and Suzie Diamond lure him into a room.

Scene Five: Claudia Rossi and Suzie Diamond

The Evil Geishas plan on seducing the mysterious stranger and then kill him. The sex is pretty tame in comparison to the other scenes because there's no anal, but there is good chemistry throughout. After fucking both of the lovely ladies, he unloads his "holy cum" on them, which results in them vanishing into thin air!

When he enters the corridor, he's met by the newly-christened Evil Geisha Lady May. At first, he looks like he's about to succumb to Lady May's newly acquired powers, but he's able to get ahold of her from behind and shape-shift the scenery turning the corridor into a bed where he's about to exorcise the demon out of her with some "holy sex!"

Scene Six: Lady May

He takes her from behind and starts pumping away initiate exercising the demon out of her. Like the previous scene, this is purely a vaginal scene, but there's a lot intense moments. This leads to fucking in the cowgirl position before the sex returns to the doggie position. It doesn't take too long until the mysterious man cums on her body thereby exorcising the evil spirits that have occupied Lady May. The mysterious hero shapeshifts and reveals her real identity as Mierkoles, Lady May's lover who started all this talk about going to the hotel.

When the two ladies walk out of the haunted hotel, they are welcomed by Lady May's manager and henchmen. He asks her to choose whether she wants to be the star that she's been waiting for or whether she'll stay with Mierkoles. Lady May, the astute business lady, decides easily to stick with her manager because she wants the moolah and the glory. Mierkoles does not like this one bit and tells them to leave!

Audio/Visual: There were moments during low-level lighting where it was grainy, but I think that was intended. Other than that, the colors are vibrant and the visual effects, especially for the porno are outstanding.

Extras: The extras include a BTS-video, an interview with Claudia Rossi, an interview with Suzie Diamond, cast info, and trailers. The BTS is what it is and it's definitely worth a look. The welcomed 2 minute interviews should be an example of how to do an interview because the lighting and the audio is on target unlike other interviews where there's too much environmental noise muffling the interview.

Final Thoughts: I was really impressed with X-Off's work. The good acting and the great sex combined with the pleasant special effects resulted in a well-executed movie production. The story kept me involved, which is an oddity in the world of porn . . . but it's happened recently with this flick as well as in Tom Herold's "Fucker Takes All." I like what X-Off brings to PRIVATE and I expect to see more high-quality productions in the future. The pretty Filipina, Lady May, is a little firecracker and she equals or surpasses the sexual arsenal of Priva. I have no qualms giving this a HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Is it still early to say that PRIVATE is experiencing a new golden age with the likes of X-Off and Tom Herold at the helm along with PRIVATE's established directors?

~Ich mache mich jetzt auf die Socken!

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