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Cocked and Ready

Studio: Other » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/28/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:unknown

Director:AJ Braden

Cast:Skyler De Voss, Brooke Daniels, Jake Jensen, Jayden Halliwell, Zack Bryce, Jake Morgan, Nicholas Hines, Aaron Collins, Christopher Lang, Christian Fox, Sean McAllyn, Lance Milian, Mathew Evans, Frankie Jay

Body Types:twinks, young guys with smooth chests, guys wearing jewelry


Things to see:orgies, butt play using toys

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Cocked and Ready presented me with an interesting dilemma; are cute actors enough to justify the film being good? I asked myself as I watched this film that is littered with several cute twinks. Unfortunately, taken as a whole experience, the film's scenes largely disappoint due to the sex not being very exciting. One scene features two guys who have some difficulties with staying hard. Another scene has four guys forming a rather boring "fourgy" in a small and cramped media room. Some of the other scenes are decent, yet I kept wishing that the film had more erotic sex, especially given some of the sexy and attractive twinks.

Despite my qualms, the film has one highly exciting solo scene. The scene features an attractive college age twink sitting on some outdoor steps. As the director asks the guy questions about his turn-ons, the actor reveals that he loves to masturbate (and have sex) in the outdoors, with the possibility of being caught. While this would be a standard set up for most solo scenes, the cameraman pans around to reveal that the actor is actually masturbating outside, and very close to a highway where people could possibly catch a glimpse of him in action. This dose of excitement enhances the scene because you can literally watch the actor getting off at the thought of all of the people watching him. This was the first outdoor sex scene that I have scene where an actor was placed so close to being seen by the local population.

To determine if mostly average twink sex is your cup of tea, read on:

Scene one:

After several glasses of wine, a couple starts to make out on a couch. Both of the guys are skinny blond twinks without much body hair. The guys suck on each other's dicks, although each has trouble maintaining a firm erection. After some dull 69'ing, one guy is bent over so that he can have his ass finger-probed. Finally, the guys take turns shooting their loads onto each other.

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While both of these actors may have looked gay, they certainly didn't act gay when it came to having sex with each other. Both actors had difficulties maintaining their erections. Additionally, this scene doesn't feature anal sex, leaving us only with mediocre oral sex.

Scene two:

A femme blond lad and two handsome brunette twinks form a threesome in this scene. The director asks the guys some questions before they all form into a sucking triangle, followed by a rimming triangle. The guys then screw each other in a chain gang. Finally, the guys shoot their loads while lying down.

The angles during the screwing weren't that great. While some of the sex was erotic, the scene lacked chemistry between each of the actors.

Scene three:

Jason, a cute brunette with just a hint of facial hair, starts out the scene by shoving a ribbed purple dildo up his ass. While he screws himself, he is able to consistently maintain a hard erection. He then shoves in a larger purple dildo for more action but then switches back to using the smaller ribbed dildo. Jason ultimately shoots out some of his load and oozes out some more.

Jason clearly gets off from having his ass probed with large items. It was very nice to see him maintain a large erection throughout most of the scene.

Scene four:

Jason sucks on his friend's cock, and then is briefly screwed up the ass. However, the action quickly changes so that the couple separates to make out with two other guys in the room. Jason heads over to a brunette sitting on the couch and climbs onto his dick. Fortunately, Jason rides the dick like he was riding a wild horse. The guys then suck on each other's cocks for a while. After that, another guy screws Jason some more. Finally, Jason receives some nice facial loads, although one of the guys curiously disappears!

This scene was shot in a messy and claustrophobic media room. Perhaps the messy room foreshadowed the disappointing experience to be had with this foursome. Jason is the only guy to be screwed, so the additional 4th guy doesn't really even do much in the scene. Also, as previously stated, one guy suddenly disappeared at the end, which was strange and annoying.

Scene five:

The director interviews a cute brunette named Lance. He chats about how he is an exhibitionist and all of the moments where he was caught being watched by people. As he does this, the director pans over to his left, revealing that they are shooting the scene pretty close to a highway. Fortunately, this really excites Lance, who occasionally looks over to see if anyone is peeking at him. He ultimately pulls down his pants (leaving his shirt on for a quick getaway) and starts to stroke. He strokes for a while until he shoots his load all over his shirt.

This scene worked well because we get to watch the voyeuristic pleasure that the actor experiences when he masturbates outdoors. There was one moment in particular where I thought I caught someone driving by slower to take a peek. Regardless, the actor is cute and he puts on a nice show.

Scene six:

A group of guys play a game of twister. However, the guys change the rules by making this a game of strip twister. The guys eventually lose all of their clothes and start to suck on each others' dicks. In between the sucking, some of the guys fuck, while other continue to suck dick and rim each other's ass. After a while, a new twink joins the action, only to have his virgin hole screwed. At the end of the scene the guys cum all over each other.

This was another example where the actors were cute, yet the sex was fairly average. The buildup with the naked twister game was a nice set up, yet the effect is wasted because the actors suddenly jump into the action, as opposed to some tantalizing foreplay.

The DVD:


All of the scenes are presented in full screen. The image is clear and colorful.


The sound quality and volume was inconsistent. The outdoor scene was loud and slightly distorted, while the indoor scenes were recorded at a really low volume level. At several moments I had difficulty understanding what the actors were saying.


This DVD has several special features. There is a candid and lengthy interview with Skyler, Brooke, and Matt from the second scene. The director asks them questions about the fears/questions they had before starting porn, what its like to have a boyfriend who works in porn, where the actors were born, and each of the guy's first time. There is also a lightly humorous blooper reel, an animated photo gallery, several previews, and a cumshot compilation from the film.

Final thoughts:

While several of the twinks were cute, the sex is merely average and sometimes unexciting. Adding to the problem is some quick editing that shifts from the actors starting to make out in their clothes, to the actors already naked and having oral sex. Despite these problems the DVD has several special features and the exhibitionist solo scene was quite nice. Therefore, I would recommend that you rent this title first to determine if these frisky twinks will appeal to you.

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