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Massage Parlor Twinks

Studio: Other » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:March 2007

Director:Keith Miller

Cast:Bradin Niel, Will Forbes, Joshua Cartier, Kyle Martin, Joshua, Dave Heydon, Carl Johnson, Alex Russian, Dave, Will, Ricky,

Body Types:twinks


Things to see:erotic massage, facial and oral cumshots, threesomes

Plot:These guys want to massage every muscle on your body.

The Movie:

I have heard that some countries (outside of the US) offer massages with "happy endings." For those of you in the dark, the happy ending refers to massaging the customer to an orgasm. In some countries, this is as common as finding a street vendor who sells fish. In the US, however, this activity is generally illegal. Therefore, Massage Parlor Twinks will allow you to legally fulfill your erotic massage parlor fantasies without legal repercussions.

In the film, several British twinks take their massaging to the next level by making out with their customers. The actors are in their late teens to early twenties, and all of them have smooth chests, and mostly smooth ass cheeks. The sex itself can be quite erotic thanks to some consistently hard actors who are also quite versatile. Additionally, there are some outstanding facial cumshots during some of the scenes. Therefore, I suggest you read on to determine if these masseur twinks will tickle your fancy (or anything else you need tickled and massaged).

Scene one:

A shirtless masseur gently glides his hands up a client's back. Once the masseur heads near the client's face, however, his dick is pulled out and the guy starts to give him a wet blowjob. Using some massage oil, the masseur then rubs the guy's chest and cock, as well as providing him with some oral attention. Next, the masseur buries his face into the guy's ass. The masseur then fucks the guy with his legs up in the air. After that, the guy is screwed from behind as he rests his arms on the massage table and makes sound like a rabid dog in heat. Next, the guy screws the masseur in a nice straddle position and concludes with a doggy style position (ironic given his rabid dog impersonation). Finally, the masseur jacks off his load onto the guy's face and onto his tongue. The guy then shoots cum onto the masseur's chest.

The client receiving the massage was very vocal. Fortunately, he didn't appear to be faking it, since he had an erection throughout the scene. I loved the wet oral cumshot at the end, and I'm sure you will too!

Scene two:

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A skinny brunette masseur massages a tall and muscular guy with spiky hair. As his fingers glide farther down the client's body, he decides to start fingering the guy's hole. The guy enjoys the attention so he returns the favor by sucking on the masseur's cock. Next, the masseur sucks on the guy's cock and rims his hairless hole. Once the love channel is all lubed up, he fucks the guy on the massage table, in several positions. When the client finally lies on his back, you get a full view of his impressive rock hard erection. It was a huge turn-on to see his hard cock bopping around while he is fucked. Finally, the bottom cums on his own chest, only to have some of his semen lapped up by the masseur. The masseur then dumps his load onto the guy's chest.

The sex was pretty good in this scene. I loved the rock hard bottom boy and the surprising semen eating at the end.

Scene three:

Perhaps due to his positive experience in the last scene, the client returns for some more "special massages." This time, a clothed brunette enters the room and greets him with a handshake. It doesn't take long for the masseur to get turned on from rubbing the guy's naked body. He first takes his shirt off and then casually shoves his crotch into the guy's face. The masseur then whips out his hard cock and shoves it into the guy's mouth (very hot!). The guys switch between sucking on each other and then form a 69 position. Next, the guys take turns rimming each others' ass. The masseur then shoves in his dick and fucks away. Yet again, the actor is rock hard while being fucked. The guys finally screw in a sexy straddle position where the masseur jams his penis in and out of the hole. The client then gives this masseur some semen on his face and into his mouth. The masseur then gives the guy a chest facial.

This was yet another nice scene. Both of the actors were attractive and the sex was erotic.

Scene four:

A rosy-cheeked masseur rubs down his twinky customer. Before he can finish his massaging, the guys start to make out. The guys share lots of oral sex positions before they head into the realm of ass rimming. Next, the customer screws the young masseur, in several compromising positions. Their sex concludes when the young masseur jacks off his cock onto the customer's chest. After that, the guy reciprocates and shoots his load onto the masseur's hairless chest.

Both of these actors appeared to be quite young. Therefore, this scene will be appealing to those of you who prefer young, cute guys with little body hair.

Scene five:

The masseur from scene three returns as a customer. This time, he has two masseurs take care of his every need. One of the masseurs starts to go to far with rubbing the client, making the other masseur nervous. However, the other masseur quickly finds that he is turned on so he shoves his cock into the customer's mouth. The masseurs then take turns sucking on the young customer's pretty cock. After that, the guys alternate between rimming and sucking on each other. Next, the lighter haired masseur offers up his hole for everyone's enjoyment. The guys screw him all over the massage table. After that, the guys screw the other masseur in a variety of positions. Finally, the guys deliver a spectacular bukaki-lite cum shot facial all over the guy's face and mouth. The guy wisely avoids opening up his eyes due to the large amount of cum on his face.

This was a very nice threesome. All three brunette actors were cute and handsome. There is a lot of switching between positions and who gets fucked. This made me wish that they had spent less time on the acrobatics of staging sex, and more time with simply showing good close-ups. However, this is a minor gripe because the fantastic cum shot made up for all problems.

The DVD:


This DVD features a full screen transfer. The image was clear, detailed, and appropriately lit.


The sound wasn't as good as the transfer because the volume level was rather low and the dialogue was difficult to hear (from time to time). At one point I had to significantly raise the volume to hear the action. However, after doing so, I was startled by very loud moaning from one of the actors. Therefore, the sound is somewhat inconsistent and could have been better.


There are several extras included on this DVD. First there is a scene selection option, where you can also select the oral, anal, or cumshots portion of each scene. Additionally, there is a safe sex announcement as well as some previews for other titles.

Final thoughts:

Massage Parlor Twinks is a good title for fans of twinks, fans of English blokes, or people looking for naughty massage parlor fantasies. All of the scenes are good, and some are quite hot. Additionally, there are a number of attractive actors and a fantastic bukaki like facial cumshot at the end. Therefore, this title easily receives a recommended rating.

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