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U.K. Fratboys

Studio: Other » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:October 2006

Director:Keith Miller

Cast:Danny Long, Rico Knight, Will Forbes, John Gadsby, Jak Williams, Alex Russian, Jonathan James, Darren Roberts, Aiden Bonini

Body Types:British twinks, smooth chests, uncut penises


Things to see:threesomes, shower sex, oral cumshots

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Except for their accent and foreskin, British guys aren't really that different from American men. Their accents might give them away, but in the bedroom all nationalities of gay men generally fuck the same. In this DVD, the couples (and one threesome) screw each other in scenarios reminiscent of several other gay titles. However, one noticeable difference was how many of the actors are versatile in their bottoming and topping abilities. In several of the scenes, the actors both topped and bottomed at various points throughout the scene. This made for so much switching that it felt like I was watching some sort of musical chairs game. Additionally, these actors are more prone to taking cum facials, which doesn't always happen in many American gay porn titles.

Despite our cultural differences, you need not worry about these boys not being able to portray hot sex. They put on quite a show as they screw and suck each other to climax. Ultimately, your decision to purchase or rent this title may simply depend on your like or dislike for British blokes. After watching this film, of course, I'm ready to pack my bags for "Big Ben."

Scene one:

Two spiky haired blokes lie in bed, chatting about sex. All of the dirty talk turns on the two lads so they decide to remove their clothes and share some oral action. Next, the guys form a 69 position, followed by some riming. After that, one of the guys is fucked from behind, on his side, and in a straddle position. Eventually, the bottom shoots an impressive load onto the guy's chest, while being screwed. The bottom then asks for a facial cumshot, and the bottom almost delivers one, although most of it lands on his neck.

This scene was average/good. Nothing exciting happened, but the sex was still decent.

Scene two:

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A blond twink and a brunette talk about some past sex experiences. The talking turns on the brunette so they start to make out. The guys share some blowjobs before they take off all of their clothing, and then continue sucking when they are both nude. They also form a 69 position before the blond lad has his ass rimmed and finger probed. While the blond guy lies on his back, the brunette fucks him royally. After that, the boys switch so that the brunette guy is fucked up the ass. The blond guy rides him with glee until the pair switches again, with the blond guy being the bottom. Finally, the blond bloke cums while being screwed, and the brunette shoots a load onto his chest. The blond guy tries a smidgen of the cum that was spurted onto his chest.

Both guys were eager to please the other, which was a turn-on. All of the top/bottom switching proves that these actors are quite versatile.

Scene three:

Three brunettes lounge about in bed, and gently touch each other's cocks as they share past sexual histories. This quickly leads to some oral action and erotic kissing. At one moment, two guys focus on one guy's cock, with one guy tackling his balls while the other one sucks on his shaft. All of the guys eventually form a sucking chain. One guy is then fucked while the other watches and masturbates. However, the masturbator then joins in the action by fucking the guy who is screwing the other guy. The guys then form a variety of fucking positions, and change every few minutes so that everyone gets a chance to fuck or be fucked. The scene ends with some oral and facial cumshots. Additionally, one guy wants to be fucked some more so that he can shoot his load while the dick is inside him.

Overall this was a sexy threesome. The guys make sure that everyone is taken care of, such as sucking on the bottom's cock while he is being screwed. The cumshots at the end are also very nice.

Scene four:

One of the actors from scene three makes out with a brunette who wears a baseball cap. The guys erotically kiss before they start to suck each other's cock. More sucking and licking continues until the dark brunette has his hole rimmed. The dark brunette the straddles the guy's cock in a romantic position and then they shift so that the brunette is screwed on his back. The guys then switch so that the dark brunette gets to screw a hole. The guys fuck in a straddle position and then with the guy lying on his back. After that, the dark brunette is fucked again in a straddle position and from behind. Even more switching continues for the couple, finally climaxing in an explosive cumshot on the dark brunette's face and upper torso.

These two actors are very versatile. I lost track with how many times they switched to screw the other. This was a nice scene, especially due to the cumshot at the end!

Scene five:

A sexy brunette with a large uncut cock showers alone in a locker room setting. However, a shaggy haired brunette (think of a young Dudley Moore, yet with a raging hard-on) joins him for some wet action. The guys make out in the warm shower stream and stroke on each other's soapy cocks. The guys then share some wet oral action, culminating in a 69 position on the floor. After that, the guys fuck on the slippery shower floor and against the tiled wall. Both guys screw each other in a variety of sexy positions, although both of the actors tend to slip a lot on the wet floor. Finally, both guys receive cum facials, with one guy being the recipient of some cum in his mouth and in his eye.

This was a very nice scene. Both of the actors fuck each other and give each other facials, which is a nice way to give "equal treatment." In addition to the hot shower sex, I was very impressed with the tall brunette's lovely uncut penis. It was such a pleasure to see him use that weapon to shoot all over the guy's face and mouth.

The DVD:


This DVD features a full screen transfer. Generally, the image is colorful and bright. One scene was a little bit darker, resulting in a slight lack of detail. However, all of the action could be easily viewed.


The sound was average. I had some difficulties with understanding the actors, thanks to the volume being recorded lower. Of course, I sometimes have difficulties with understanding what is said spoken in British films.


There are several extras included on this DVD. First there is a scene selection option, although you can also select the oral, anal, or cumshots portion of each scene. Additionally, there is a safe sex announcement as well as some previews for other titles.

Final thoughts:

While there was no mention of these actors being college age fratboys, it is clear that these actors are in their 20's. I also couldn't hear all of the dialogue, but (as far as I could tell) these actors were all British. Overall this is a good title for fans of British boys. Almost all of the sex was exciting, including some nice cum facials in some of the scenes. Additionally, the guys are attractive and cute. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating.

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