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Too Cute To Be Straight!

Studio: Other » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/29/07

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:1998, 1999, and 2007

Director:Steve Shay

Cast:Adam Kincaid, Blake Ashton, Jeremy West, Jereme Austin, Chase Adams, Tyler Hart, Gage Powers, Corey Stevens, Codi Sparkz, Sean Storm, Troy Timmons, Jaison Lawrence, Gavin Thomas

Body Types:twinks, bearded twinks


Things to see:threesomes, rough sex, autofellatio, solos

Plot:no plot

The Movie:

Too cute to be straight is a compilation DVD full of skinny, frisky, and attractive twinks. Most of the actors look to be around the age of 18 or 19 and they all share the same skinny, shaved chest look. Most of the sex and solos run the range of average to good. Of notable consideration is a rough sex scene where two guys aggressively fuck their protesting friend. Another scene features an attractive bearded twink (a rarity for twinks) having sex with his friend in the bathroom. Finally, this DVD features one autofellatio scene ending in a nice facial and oral cumshot. Unlike most autofallatio scenes, however, this one features two young studs, with one guy helping out the talented sucker by licking his balls and hole.

If the thought of a variety of twinks in action sounds appealing to you then you should read on:

Scene one:

Blake and Jereme take a break from painting their bathroom. The two skinny brunettes romantically make out in the large bathtub. Eventually the boys head south for some oral action, although each takes their time to suck on their cocks through the underwear first. Without a buildup, the scene shifts to the guys fucking, with the bottom's legs up in the air. The bottom stays hard throughout. After some pumping, the top pulls out to shoot an impressive load onto the guy's chest.

The oral action and cumshots were nice, although this was only a slightly good scene. Both of the actors were quite cute, fortunately.

Scene two:

Two painters passionately kiss (one blond, the other a brunette) while a third (tiny in height) blond lad watches and touches himself. The tiny blond eventually works up the courage to participate in the action, resulting in lots of erotic rubbing. The brunette is the first to take the oral plunge with his friend, while the small blond guy masturbates. The brunette then sucks on the short blond guy. Finally, while two guys kiss, the tiny blond guy shoots his load all over the couple's faces. The scene ends without the other guys cumming.

The facial at the end was nice, yet I was left wondering what happened to the climax shots for the other guys. This was a rather short scene, with no pun intended in coordination with the short actor. Yet again, all of the actors were cute.

Scene three:

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Two handsome brunettes have sex in their bathtub. One guy has a beard, which is a nice change from the typical twink look. The bearded guy spends most of his time sucking on his friend's cock, and rimming his ass. After that, the bearded stud receives some oral attention (in the tub and next to a mirror). The guys 69, then the bearded lad rims his friend's hole so that he can screw him. The guys screw in three different positions, with the best sex occurring on a countertop. The bottom then shoots his load while being screwed and the bearded guy shoots his load onto the guy's chest.

This was a nice scene due to the cute actors. Both of the actors are young and eager to please each other. Their sex was mostly average, although the countertop sex made for some pleasing action shots.

Scene four:

A brunette and a "dirty" blond make out in a hot tub. Eventually, the guys lift each other to the water's surface so that they can suck on each other's cock. The guys then emerge from the tub to have sex with their sleeping friend. They drag him out of bed and rip off his clothes. The guy protests at first and is then dumped into the tub. The guys then forcefully make him suck on their cocks, even though he tries to stop them. The protesting stud quickly develops a hard on, however, and starts to rim the blonde's ass. The guys then leave the tub to fuck the guy on the bed. The guy continues to be reluctant, so the other guys take control by sucking on his cock and forcefully kissing him. At one point the guys shove both of their cocks into his mouth at once. After that, the third guy is screwed with his legs in the air as he sucks on the blond guy's cock. The bottom moans intensely throughout. Next, the guys double penetrate their friend, making him moan even more. Finally, the blond and brunette guys shoot their loads onto his chest and face. The third guy masturbates and looks like he is about to cum, but then the scene ends.

I liked the slightly aggressive sex in this scene. The third guy was convincing as a protesting participant who soon comes to enjoy the pleasures of rough sex. The only disappointing part was the cut off ending for the third guy's cum shot.

Scene five:

A blond guy's ass is flipped up into the air (by his friend) so that he can perform autofellatio (what a blessed ability!). He is able to lick part of the head while his friend licks his balls and ass hole. The guys also share the sucking of the cock. The talented stud doesn't stroke for long until he gives himself a nice oral cumshot and facial. His blond friend then licks up and shares some of the semen.

I'm always impressed when guys can do autofellatio! These actors were young and cute, and the cum swapping might appeal to some. It should be noted, however, that the other actor doesn't ejaculate.

Scene six:

Unable to study in his college dorm, Sean Storm starts to touch himself. Sean has a shaved chest. He touches himself through his jockstrap before revealing his nice cock. He then masturbates wearing only his baseball cap. Finally, he shoots his load onto his accounting textbook (good luck reselling that at the bookstore!).

Overall this was a nice scene thanks to Sean's "boy next-door" good looks.

Scene seven:

A cute blond twink (Corey Stevens) with a lightly hairy chest touches his nipples. He then strokes on his pointy erection through his boxer briefs until he pulls out his pretty pecker for our enjoyment. Corey strokes on his cock and ultimately shoots onto the camera lens.

Corey was cute and had a nicely defined muscular chest. His cumshot looked quite wet.

Scene eight:

Troy Timmons is a skinny redhead with a plump and large cock. He quickly strips off his pants and stares into the camera as he strokes. At one point he licks up some of his pre-cum. After he lowers himself into a sauna bathtub, he dries off and heads for the nearest bed. He then plays with his hole and finishes off with a cumshot onto his chest. He even tastes some of his semen at the end.

Troy puts on quite a show as he veers away from simply stroking his cock. Except for some silly open mouth poses, he gives a good show.

Scene nine:

Adam Kincaid is a dirty blond with a nipple piercing. He touches himself through his tight underwear and then pulls out his cock for some stroking. He strokes through the underwear until he finally gets completely nude. Adam then cums on his own chest after some stroking.

This scene was short, but Adam's good looks made up for this deterrent.

Scene ten:

Jaison Lawrence has a big cock and a nice treasure trail. His masturbation technique is to cup his balls and stroke his head. He shoots out a decent load onto his chest.

Jaison's scene isn't that memorable, although he is quite cute.

The DVD:


The various scenes were shot with good lighting. As a result, all of the action can be clearly seen and I didn't detect noticeable grain. The only problem occurred during the Sean Storm scene, which I thought was too overexposed at certain moments.


The sound ranged from average to OK. One scene had a humming sound, which might have been caused by a fan. However, the strangest part of the soundtrack is that there is a delay in the audio during some of the scenes. This results in the actors mouthing words, when their dialogue occurs a few seconds too late. I didn't find this to be too distracting but it might annoy some people.


Extras are slim, only including scene selection (according to "action" scenes or solo scenes) and animated menus.

Final thoughts:

Too cute to be straight features a lot of attractive young actors in solo and action scenes. Some of the sex is average, while some scenes are exciting such as the autofellatio and the aggressive sex scene. If you admire the beauty of young flesh and shaved chests, then there are more than enough cute twinks to satisfy your fancy. Therefore, this title comes with a recommended rating for twink fans.

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