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Dirty Dancers

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/30/07

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production:April 2004


Cast:Chrissy, Thony, Marlon, Gianis, Tom, Mario

Body Types:European twinks


Things to see:group sex, go-go boys

Plot:go-go boys show off their "special" dance moves

The Movie:

Dirty Dancers is not a parody of the cult 1987 Patrick Dempsey title. Instead, this film is simply a (presumably) cheaply made porno shot in a gay dance club. The film encompasses four scenes where go-go boys have sex with the patrons, and vice versa. While the go-go boys might be cute and attractive, the sex runs the gamut from average to merely okay. Therefore, I suggest that you read on to determine if this title is right for you:

Scene one:

In an industrial gay dance bar, two go-go boys dance on while several gay men watch. However, the dancers don't keep their clothes on for long and quickly progress to performing oral sex on each other. The go-go boys then invite two members from the audience to come over and give their penis a taste. At this point, the audience starts to have sex with each other, while the go-go boys and their sex partners continue on stage. At one point, all of the guys form a dick sucking chain gang on the couch. After that, two couples take turns screwing on the stage. Both couples climax, although one couple only had one guy who was able to shoot his load. After this, some of the guys masturbate on some seats, while one of the guys shoots his load.

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This was an uneven sex scene. The audience participation sex was quite hot, but the rest of the sex was average/so-so. Additionally, not every guy climaxed, so I was left wanting to see more.

Scene two:

In the same dance club, two more go-go boys make out on stage, this time involving a swing. One guy blows his fellow go-go boy while he rests on the swing. The guy on the swing then returns the oral favor. After that, the guys strip naked and start to fuck on stage. Each guy gets his chance to screw the other. Finally, one guy cums on the other's back, and one guy receives a cum facial.

This was an average sex scene. The actors were cute, but their sex wasn't very exciting. Also, the loud techno music made it impossible to be able to hear any of the actor's grunting and moaning.

Scene three:

In the back of the club, two young brunettes make out on some chairs. The guys suck on each other's dicks, including a 69 position. After that, one guy has his hole licked and rimmed and then finger probed. Next, the guys screw in a pleasant straddle position and then conclude with more fucking where they guy rests his legs on the top's shoulders. Finally, the bottom shoots his load onto the guy's shoulder and the top shoots his load onto a table.

Both of the actors appeared to be turned on by each other, which was this scene's saving grace. Also, the actor who tops was quite cute. Unfortunately, this scene also suffers from music that drowns out the actor's moans and grunts.

Scene four:

A go-go boy performs an erotic pole dance while a couple watches and makes out below. The guys suck on each other's dick while the go-go boy strips nude. The guys then screw on a bar stool. After some screwing, one of the guys climbs up on the stage to give the go-go boy a blowjob. Next, all three guys have sex by the bar countertop, ultimately forming a screwing chain gang. Finally, two of the guys cum on each other.

The actors were cute, yet the action was average. Overall, this was just another average scene.

The DVD:


This DVD features a full screen transfer. All of the scenes were shot indoors in a rather dark dance club. As a result, there are a variety of colors to be found, thanks to the multicolored disco lights. The image itself is slightly grainy and almost hazy at points. However, all of the action can easily be viewed.


The techno/dance music completely drowns out any opportunity for being able to hear the action. This will be a big deterrent for some who will be annoyed by the lack of dialog or the slightly repetitive dance soundtrack.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection, an animated photo gallery, and some trailers.

Final thoughts:

Dirty Dancers is an OK film. The European actors were cute, yet most of the sex was merely average. Additionally, the loud soundtrack made it impossible to hear most of the action. Therefore, I suggest that you rent this title to determine if these dirty dancers will dance their way into your nether-regions.

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