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Liberator, The

Studio: Other » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 8/31/07

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

When you think of the term 'adult toy' the first thing which probably pops into your head is an image of something that either vibrates, looks like either the male or female sex parts or both. The last thing you probably think of is 'love furniture'. On a search for things to help spice up our love life it's easy to overlook the obvious - a toy that helps optimize and enable many good and new positions. I'll admit I had been curious about The Liberator for quite some time. Ads for The Liberator appear in just about every mens magazine on the planet. Also, the photo gallery of what you can do with these thing looked... fun. So I decided to take the plunge and place my order for the wedge/ ramp combo.

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The Liberator isn't inexpensive and when I placed my order I could hear echoes of furniture salesmen as they referred to tables and chairs as "investment furniture". It's hard to think of anything more fun to invest in than furniture for sex, and so I figured it I was going to take the plunge, why not do it right.

When it first arrives The Liberator comes packed in a fairly large box. Unpacking the box I had flashbacks to childhood gymnastics equipment. One of the great things about The Liberator is the fact that unless someone knows what they are, no one would really KNOW what they are. In a closet they could easily be confused for a yoga set or some sort of pilates gear. They come with black nylon slip covers that conceal the soft velvety goodness inside.

Little really prepared me for the 'bed test' of The Liberator. When having sex it's easy to overlook just how much repositioning you do and just how much energy you expend to maintain positions - especially if you and your mate are at fairly different heights or sizes. We tested The Liberator in a number of positions, from the straight forward missionary, to the more balanced doggy style, to a number of positions not even the most athletic of person could pull off without support (many of which you can figure out with their handy position guide and DVD). I was blown away at the difference. The Liberator positions everything as optimally as it can be, enhancing the experience for both parties. The support and resistance it provides is simply phenomenal. Energy which otherwise would be put towards balancing or maintaining the right position can be redirected into actually having sex, and the results were simply amazing.

After giving it our full and complete bed test we can say without any reservation that The Liberator is simply the single best investment you can possibly make on your sex life. It also might be the ultimate anniversary gift to give your loved one. We'd also recommend getting the Ramp and the Wedge. The two work extremely well together and it would be hard to imagine owning one without the other. Get more info on The Liberator and their complete product line.

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